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Fitting between the EONA 3 and LEAF 2 / LEAF 2 LIGHT, the BIRDY is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of the Supair paraglider range.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN A

LTF Certification: LTF A



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Technical data

Size XS S M M-L L
Flying weight range (kg) 50-70 65-85 80-105 90-115 105-130
Flat area (m²) 21.25 23.6 26.5 28.3 30.5
Projected area (m²) 18.03 20.2 22.48 24.01 25.88
Flat aspect ratio 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95
Projected Aspect Ratio 3.68 3.68 3.68 3.68 3.68
Number of cells 44 44 44 44 44
Span (m) 10.25 10.81 11.45 11.83 12.28
Projected span (m) 8.11 8.55 9.06 9.36 9.72
Chord (m) 2.54 2.68 2.84 2.93 3.05
Glider weight (kg) 3.30 3.84 4.20 4.40 4.60
Certification EN/LTF A A A A A
Number of risers 3 3 3 3 3


Colours: Lilac (purple-pink), Honey (orange-yellow), Topaz (blue-green), Rainbow 


  • BIRDY (wing)
  • Trek Backpack
  • Compact Case (concertina bag)
  • Speed bar (basic)
  • Repair kit

BIRDY: the Swiss army knife

A versatile, fun and safe glider.

  • Category: EN A
  • Weight (size M): 4.2 kg

The key word during the design of the Birdy was "versatility". Intended primarily to be the first acquisition of a pilot leaving school, its program is not limited to that.

Thanks to an assembly of different materials – depending on the areas of the wing – the Birdy is both light and compact without compromising its hold over time. High unsheathed lines and a "performance oriented" design "make the Birdy a top wing in its class.

An intuitive and fun turn will allow the pilot to progress quickly and have fun in the air.



  • Beginners and leisure pilots
  • Foot launch or tow launch


  • Ergonomic risers
  • Sharknose
  • Nitinol on big openings
  • Low-friction rings
  • Smart mini-ribs
  • Big-ears kit
  • Wingtip cleaning system
  • Removable C-steering kit



  • Outer surface fabric: Dominico D30 soft, Dominico D20 soft
  • Inner surface fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m² soft
  • Walls fabric: MJTec 32 g/m² hard finish, Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m² hard finish
  • Reinforcements fabric: Porcher Sport


  • Upper and intermediate lines: Edelrid
  • Lower lines: Edelrid


  • Norme EN 926 – 1 et 2 et LTF 91/09 – Class A

Pilot feedback

"I had the chance to try out this magnificent wing for a short two-day bivouac flight from Annecy to Les Bauges. The Birdy really blew me away.

There is little wind and yet the glider rises on its own and does not overfly me. Three steps and I'm already in the air.

I'm used to flying more technical gliders. Now I feel like I'm rediscovering the paragliding of my early days with the performance and the speed… it's crazy!

The conditions are quite strong but the glider remains ultra calm, I am super serene. I spend most of the early part of the flight taking photos and videos. I am not in active flight mode and yet the glider is doing its job.

My friends have taken off a few minutes before me and I have to catch up with them. I push the speedbar and I'm surprised to see that the glide doesn't degrade too much. It's really not bad.

In thermals it's very easy. The glider doesn't pitch too much, the turn is very intuitive and the brakes are really light. In the very small cores I am unbeatable with this new toy. It turns in place and I can really centre the lift.

We cross the lake and head for the Roc des Boeufs. I can compare my glide with the guns around me and frankly the Birdy has nothing to be ashamed of. It's just crazy to have such an easy glider with really good performance.

We spend the afternoon touring around the massif and decide to land on a summit at the end of the day. The approach is easy and the low speeds very safe. I landed like a flower on a tiny piece of grass. It would have been much more technical with my competition glider.

In the evening I fall asleep by the fire and we fly back the next day in the first thermals that come out on the East faces.

This wing seems to me to be ideal for pilots who are looking for a safe compromise but who want to have some great flights. It’s a great machine, with great potential for great adventures and offers unprecedented passive safety and tranquillity."

- Tom De Dorlodot

Flybubble review

"On the launch the Birdy popped up very nicely, and progressively, wanted to fly. Handed out and “sniffed out” the thermal. Testing the speed bar and putting in big ears and a few “wobble unders”, it's got lovely energy and it's definitely as a high A, you felt like I had the reassurance. That give you confidence. I would say that Birdy is really great for somebody who is a new pilot, so the fresh out the school and they're wanting that reassurance of having an A - rated wing. But they're not going to feel bored with it. It's got the feeling of a low B glider. It is easy as it launches and the way that you can feel it in the air, with it's light to moderate brake pressure, the glider responds well. It giving you that communication, energy, bit more feedback. Fun as well. Big ears popped in nicely and also popped out on their own as well. Without any input required."

— Nancy Elliott, Flybubble

"I was really impressed the glider inflated so easily and it just inflated right across the glider. Nice and even. Came up, I could feel positive pressure in the wing. The brake pressure would say is moderate. It is not heavy. The speed acceleration felt better than average A glider, the quite similar to the low B category of wings. I did quite a few different manoeuvres as well, stalls, spins, collapses, spiralled dives, .... I did a few stalls. I was very impressed how the gliders stabilised. And then just by easing my brakes back up. I could get the glider quite easily into a nice stable backflow position. I only did really more search for spin, but very well behaved. The recovery was a non-event. To me that I really felt like I'm seeing Birdy as an A glider. How it behaved in the collapses too. I pulled full frontal, symmetrical and all of them were a non-event. Spiral dive as well. Very impressive. "

Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

Watch the Flybubble video review

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Flight test report XS
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Condition New
Product Info
EN Certification EN A
LTF Certification LTF A
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model