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Always higher and always further, the 4th generation of the DELIGHT in its sport version reinvents the cross country harness according to Supair. If the DELIGHT 4 SPORT inherits the comfort and the simplicity of use which made the success of the three first DELIGHTs, its aerodynamic fairing and its precision in piloting make it a pod harness of performance designed for ambitious cross country flights.


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Technical data

Size S M L XL
Pilot height guide (cm) 155-170 165-180 180-190 >190
Pilot weight guide (min-max) (kg) 50-75 70-85 80-100 95-120
Flying weight range max excluding glider and Carabiners 130 dNa (approx. 130 kg) 130 dNa (approx. 130 kg) 130 dNa (approx. 130 kg) 130 dNa (approx. 130 kg)
Weight of the harness (kg) 3.62 3.77 4.09 4.17
Practice paraglider only paraglider only paraglider only paraglider only
A - Back height (cm) 58 65 72 76
B - Height of the backrest tilt adjustment (cm) 35 36.5 41 43
C - Length of seat (cm) 45 45 45 49
D - Width of seat (cm) 33 33 35 37
E - Height of attachment points (cm) 45 45 46 47
F - Distance between points (cm) 38-46 38-46 40-48 42-48
G - Length speedbag (cm) 77 81 86 98
Litrage pocket of storage dorsal (L) 21 22 27 -
Ballast bag capacity (L) 5 5 5.5 -
Certification Yes: EN 1651+A1, LTF and CE PPE Yes: EN 1651+A1, LTF and CE PPE Yes: EN 1651+A1, LTF and CE PPE Yes: EN 1651+A1, LTF and CE PPE
Tandem (pilot or passenger) No No No No
Winching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility with Quick-Out carabiners No No No No
Parachute bag volume 2.9 to 5.5 Liters 2.9 to 5.5 Liters 2.9 to 5.5 Liters 2.9 to 5.5 Liters

Supair DELIGHT measurements diagram

Size Chart


  • Harness
  • BUMPAIR DELIGHT 4 protector
  • 2 EDELRID FORAS automatic karabiners
  • Back protection plate
  • 3B speed system (with 3 steps/bars)
  • Integrated speedbag
  • Carbon mini seat plate (same as DELIGHT 3)
  • Polypro speedbag foot plate
  • DELIGHT 4 reserve handle with integrated inner container
  • Dyneema solo reserve parachute bridles (pair)
  • Harken pulleys (speed system)
  • Safety lanyard (aka in case of tree landing, same as DELIGHT 3)
  • Repair kit


Optional extras

  • Supair Cockpit Extensio
  • Carbon feetboard
  • Wedge Speedbag

DELIGHT 4 SPORT: performance made simple

Fly high, fly far. This is the goal that motivates many pilots and pushes them to surpass themselves in the air. Cross-country flying is above all an endurance discipline, where mental and physical conditions play a key role in performance. One thing is sure: the equipment should not be a source of additional mental strain. 

The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is the fourth generation of pod harnesses designed and developed specifically for distance flight with comfort.

Throughout its design, the objective was to make the use of the harness simple so that you only have to concentrate on the essential: flight. To do this, our designers kept in mind three fundamental notions: comfort, performance and safety.

The structure of its seat, more rigid than that of the DELIGHT3, allows to chain the hours of flight without ever losing comfort. The use board avoids lateral compression points while filtering the air mass to communicate only the information necessary for a precise piloting. In turbulent conditions, the stable and reassuring behaviourof the DELIGHT 4 SPORT allows you to stay focused on your piloting  with confidencewithout unnecessary turbulence.

The safety is at the heart of the development of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT. Equipped with a new, lighter BUMPAIR than the DELIGHT 3, the harness provides high performance protection for maximum safetyDivided into two parts, a zipper allows the protection to be unfolded flat for a simple and compact storage in the rucksak. In this same idea of maximum passive safety, an anti-fall system approved to the new standards (450 kg) is used for a double belay of the belly strap.

The comfort and simplicity are necessary in every action. The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is therefore a highly accessorized harness which provides you with everything you need during the flight: large capacity rigid cockpit, USB cable passage, pockets , various passages for the flask pipes, ballast drain or penilex... In the same way, the adjustments of the harness remain accessible in the airwhich allows you to to adapt your position at any time on flight.

The fairing of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT improves the line of the harness. Its more aerodynamic airfoil increases the performance in cross country and stabilizes the whole on the yaw axis. This sport version of the DELIGHT 4 is aimed at cross country pilots looking for a high performance harness without compromising on comfort and safety.

The 4th generation of the DELIGHT comes in two versions. If you are looking for a first pod harness or a harness allowing you to progress towards performance, discover the "standard" version of the DELIGHT 4.



  • Cross and competition
  • Position: from sitting to semi-recumbent
  • Stable behavior that filters out air mass turbulence 
  • Adjustable belly strap to adapt the level of stability


  • New generation foldable BUMPAIR with better performance
  • Stronger structure approved to 130 kg
  • Anti-fall approved to 450kg
  • Back comfort plate
  • Assembly of the rescue parachute without tools
  • Improved fixation of the handle 
  • More ergonomic parachute pocket
  • Safety lanyard with GRIVEL carabiner to secure in case of tree landing


  • More rigid seat structure which improves comfort on flight, especially accelerated flight
  • Settings accessible in flight and lockable 
  • Foldable protection for compact and comfortable storage in the rucksack.
  • Better foot support 
  • Passage for the pipe of the flask
  • Passage for the ballast drain hose
  • Passage for the penilex pipe


  • Large back pocket with a specific location for the flask
  • Large rigid cockpit to accommodate any instrument
  • Large capacity cockpit pocket
  • 2 zipped side pockets


All settings are available in flight:

  • Adjustment of the length of the speedbag: heels and toes
  • Adjustment of the lumbar vertebrae
  • Adjustment of the backrest inclination
  • Adjustment of the ventral
  • Adjustment shoulder straps

Spare parts

For a better durability of the product, the eco-design of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT allows the replacement of the following parts:

  • Anti-puncture Mylar
  • Scoop Mylar
  • Carbon seatplate
  • Dedicated rescue pod and handle
  • Speed bar 3 bars
  • Polypro feetplate
  • Bottom of the speedbag


A - Back pocket storage
B - Back comfort plate
C - Rescue parachute pocket
E - Ballast pocket

Bumpair DELIGHT 4: A hight-performance foldable protection

The BUMPAIR specific to the DELIGHT 4 SPORT is divided into 2 parts. Superimposed in flight, the double thickness of the BUMPAIR DELIGHT4 offers a very effective protection in case of impact. Once on the ground, these two compartments can be unfolded to facilitate the storage and obtain a compact folding of the harness.

A seat designed for long flights

More than providing additional protection for the pilot, the use of a back comfort plate stiffens the seat of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT, making the harness more comfortable throughout the flight. It also ensures a better support of the back in accelerated flight. The structure of the seat is cut in several pieces to perfectly fit different morphologies. This assembly avoids the folds of fabric which can create irregularities along the back. The use of a seat board prevents any lateral compression point in addition to stabilizing the whole harness to transmit only the essential information for a precise piloting.

The best conditions for flight at all times

To meet your needs throughout a cross-country race, the DELIGHT 4 SPORT settings remain accessible even in flight. Whether you want to straighten the seat , change the length of the speedbag or adjust the setting of the chest strap, you are always able to adapt your position according to the different aerological conditions encountered during the flight.

Comfort at your fingertips

Numerous storage compartments accessible in flight allow you to access your belongings at all times. The cockpit offers a large storage capacity as well as a large surface to attach all the instruments needed for navigation. It is equipped with a USB cable passage to allow you to recharge your devices in flight. Two zipped pockets on both sides of the harness provide additional storage. You will also find a leash to secure the radio in flight. A passage provided at the level of the right shoulder allows you to install the hose of your hydration system for an easy use. This passage is designed to pass under the pocket of the rescue risers, so the hose does not interfere with the deployment of the rescue parachute. The flask is installed in the back pocket thanks to a compartment specifically designed for this purpose. Two other passages are present on both sides of the harness: one for the passage of the penilex pipe, the other to empty the ballast in flight.

Safety at all times

In addition to the comfort of the seat , the back plate is made of the same material as the subcutaneous protection. Combined with the BUMPAIR, it participates in an almost integral protection by extending from the seat to the upper back. In the same spirit, the parachute pocket has been designed to better hold the parachute in its compartment. The rescue assembly requires no tools and can be easily done anywhere.

KIT ANTI-FALL: security goes to the next level

The DELIGHT 4 i SPORT s equipped with a new anti-fall system, offering the harness a maximum level of passive safety. Attached to the harness structure, the anti-fall kit allows you to close the cockpit. Therefore, if you do not close the anti-fall, then you will not be able to attach your cockpit, which makes this attachment impossible to forget! The anti-fall is approved for 450 kg and is connected to the harness structure. Once closed, it ensures the pilot's safety, even in case of problems or if the COBRA buckles are forgotten.

Safety kit DELIGHT 4 SPORT

Accessorization and passive safety are two key elements in the development of the DELIGHT4 Sport. The integration of a safety kit at harness is in line with this spirit of design. This accessory consists of a Dyneema Strap and a carabiner that allows you, after a tree landing, to secure yourself to a branch to protect you from a possible fall, in order to wait for help in complete safety. This accessory is derived from the universal safety lanyard and functions in the same way, except that it is directly integrated into the harness by means of an internal pocket located on the left side of the Seat.

To learn more about how it works, you can watch the explanatory video:

A performance design

The line of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT has been completely reworked. Tested in wind tunnel, its aerodynamic fairing reduces the drag and improves the performance in flight compared to the DELIGHT 3 and the DELIGHT 4 "standard". The use of a rear fairing also stabilizes the harness on the yaw axis and especially in accelerated flight, making the piloting particularly comfortable even after several hours of flight.

A compact banding

Thanks to its foldable BUMPAIR, the Bending of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT is simple and compact for a space-saving Storage. Once folded, the flattened geometry of the harness allows you to easily store it in your rucksak with your wing and the rest of your equipment. This technique from Bending allows you, for example, to fit the DELIGHT 4 with a SAVAGE in a 90 L bag!

Flybubble review

"I recently had the opportunity to test both the Delight 4 and the Delight 4 Sport, and these semi-light pod harnesses truly live up to their name on the ground. Featuring a leg strap system that keeps the legs free, they offer an exceptionally comfortable experience. One notable feature is the vertical positioning of the seat plate, which adds to the overall comfort. When seated, the seat plate sits comfortably and unobtrusively, ensuring that you don't feel any discomfort against the back of your legs, even with a fully loaded harness. The Delight 4 manages to maintain a nice balance, feeling lightweight and comfortable, even with additional gear like water and essentials, thanks to its well-designed weight distribution.

Having flown the Delight 4 standard and the Delight 4 Sport, I found that the sizing is crucial for optimal comfort. In our case, with Nancy on the M size and myself on the L, it highlighted the importance of considering both height and body length. The medium was a perfect fit for me, while Nancy, being taller, opted for the large, emphasizing that the right fit is key to harness satisfaction.

Launching with the Delight 4 has a distinct method, involving threading the bungee through the right foot and lifting the speed bag, hooking the left foot onto the speed bag. This process ensures a smooth and easy takeoff. I did notice that using the bungee significantly improves the ease of getting into the harness, a minor inconvenience that is easily addressed. On the ground, the Delight 4 excels in providing comfort during ground handling and launch preparations. The waist strap avoids digging into the upper stomach or chest, a common issue with some harnesses. The design ensures that the straps are well-positioned, eliminating discomfort during ground handling and maintaining comfort even in dynamic conditions.

In terms of flying, the Delight 4 offers a stable and comfortable experience. The design allows for efficient weight shifting, particularly noticeable when flying in active and turbulent conditions. The harness adapts well to small adjustments during Ridge soaring, providing a sense of control and stability. The speed system on the Delight 4 stands out for its lightweight and easy operation. The Harken 29mm pulleys contribute to the smoothness of the speed bar, noticeably lighter compared to other harnesses. It's a subtle yet crucial feature, enhancing the overall flying experience. Coming in for a landing is relatively straightforward with the Delight 4, with only a minor consideration for exiting the pod. Being prepared and ready to lift your feet out early is key, and the harness design facilitates a smooth exit with a bit of practice.

In terms of storage, the Delight 4 Sport features a tube with a drawstring in the back for essentials like a rucksack, providing adequate but not overly spacious storage. On the other hand, the Delight 4 standard boasts exceptional storage space, making it an ideal choice for those emphasizing XC performance and requiring ample storage capacity. In conclusion, both the Delight 4 and the Delight 4 Sport offer impressive comfort, stability, and ease of use. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, with the Sport version catering to those seeking enhanced XC performance, while the standard version prioritizes extensive storage space."

- Carlo Borsattino and Nancy Elliott , Flybubble

Watch the Flybubble video review:

Other reviews

The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is Supair's sports version of the DELIGHT 4.
Review of the DELIGHT 4 down below

“With the Delight 4 Supair have improved what was already a great harness and added some of the small features that were previously missing. The biggest change is the option of the fairing for those who want it. The Sport is great if you are flying accelerated a lot and still has enough storage for everyday use. Both versions bring more stability and comfort in flight. Like its predecessor the Delight 4 is a great first pod and I would be happy to recommend either version, with the Sport an obvious choice if you are flying a high-B or EN C-wing.“

— Marcus King , XC Magazine (full review)



  • Aquatech light stretch
  • Skytex 38G
  • Taffeta 50D


  • Polyester 25mm
  • Polyesther 15mm
  • Polyamide 20mm


DELIGHT 4 or DELIGHT 4 SPORT, how to choose ? 

If the structure of the seat is similar on both versions, the different designs of the rear fairing are aimed at different types of pilots. 

The DELIGHT 4 is the direct evolution of the DELIGHT 3. Its structure without fairing is in the same spirit of first ideal pod harness . Simple use, easy to handle and intuitive to pilot , it puts the pilot in confidence from the first flight while offering maximum safety. The absence of aerodynamic fairing also allows to increase the space of storage in the back pocket. The DELIGHT 4 is a harness of progression towards the performance for the pilots wishing to be directed towards the discipline of the flight of distance.

The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is designed and developed for performance . It is aimed at pilots looking for an efficient harness cross country glider that does not compromise on comfort . If the harness remains simple to use, the fairing aerodynamic makes the piloting more technical in case of reversal during a stall, for example.The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is therefore more suitable for more experienced cross country pilots looking for comfort and performance .

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