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Robust tandem paragliding pilot harness with seatplate and foam protector.

The Evasion Bump is a robust harness designed for professional tandem paraglider pilots, in the same vein as the Minimax Bump. It features a widened seatplate at its front, a shock absorption system with Bump'Air 17 XC foam protector, a reserve parachute "W" handle, and a removable protective cover under the seat. The Evasion Bump is ideal for tandem flights from sandy areas such as dunes and helpful in case of a slide-landing.

  • One size
  • Weight: 3920 g
  • Tandem pilot harness with seat-plate
  • Bump'Air 17 XC
  • Parachute "W" handle (left or right)
  • Removable reinforcement tarpaulin



  • Tandem pilot
  • Body posture: upright


  • Bump'Air 17 XC
  • Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar locking mechanism
  • Dorsal reserve parachute container with right or left reserve parachute "W" handle location
  • 30-mm Self-locking stainless steel buckles
  • Anti-Balance System
  • 45-mm Self-locking karabiners


  • Large dorsal storage pocket
  • Lateral pocket


  • Shoulder straps adjustments
  • Adjustable leg-straps length
  • Trim buckle for chest strap adjustment
  • Backrest side trim adjustment via dual alloy buckle system


  • Nylon 210D Ripstop
  • Tarpaulin


  • Certification standard: EN 1651

Technical Specifications

SizeOne size
Passenger size (cm) 170 /195
Passenger weight (kg) 50 /120
Complete harness weight (g) 3920
Backrest height (cm)  68
Backrest tilt adjustments (cm) 34
Seat depth (cm) 47
Hooking point height (cm) 42 


"For the tandem pilot who likes the upright seating posture and shock absorption with Bump'Air foam protector. Compared to the Evasion², the Evasion Bump is a bit bigger and heavier. It's very useful in rough terrain." - Philippe Vernerey, Supair Product Manager

Product makeup

  • This harness is delivered with the following items:
  • 2 twist-lock Zicral SUPAIR karabiner 45 mm
  • EVASION wooden seat-plate, MPPL013
  • Bump'Air 17 XC
  • "W" parachute handle
  • 2 reinforcement tarpaulins


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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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