Supair Hybrid 2009 (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

Reversible backpack harness, with an integrated reserve container and high comfort.

The Hybrid 2009 is the only harness you will ever need! This is a full-featured performance harness with integrated stirrup, superb weight-shift geometry, an all-new underseat reserve system and slick styling. What's more, it reverses into a full-size glider rucksack which is great looking and very comfortable to carry.

The 2009 model has been completely overhauled and incorporates the new Sup'Air designed 'cable-system' airbag and a new design of reserve pocket which makes reversing the harness neater and improves deployment. It also has a cut-away system on the stirrup in the event of a reserve deployment. There is also has an optional, lightweight, removable speed-bag (leg fairing) to keep you cosy on long XC's.

This must be the way harnesses will go; why carry 1.5kg of glider rucksack when you can combine it into the harness for an overall weight of only 4.6 Kg (M size including airbag)?


  • New 'cable-system' Airbag (Sup'Air patent) for fast Airbag inflation
  • New back adjustment system with light 30mm buckles and mylar load distributor
  • New seat depth adjustment system
  • New reserve container on the right side with lateral extraction. Cable made reserve handle.
  • Reserve Position: Underseat mounted (Right only)
  • Auto buckles Safe-T-Bar light
  • Anti Balance System
  • Sleeved chest trim adjuster
  • Rigid / Stiff supportive back of the harness and rucksack gives a high level confort when flying or hiking.
  • 3D ergonomic wicking mesh on back
  • Large volume rucksack will carry normal glider plus usual accessories
  • Load adjusters, reinforced waist belt with pocket, front volume adjustment
  • 2 mesh side pockets
  • Full Airbag
  • Light foot rest

Weight for M size (including airbag): approx 4.6 Kg

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Colours: Black-Grey; Black-Blue; Black-Red

Note: Reserve parachute is not included.


  • Cordura
  • Ripstop
  • Snow dia

What's included?

  • Foot stirrup
  • Full airbag with new 'cable-system' Airbag (Sup'Air patent) for fast Airbag inflation
  • New reserve container on the right side with lateral extraction. Cable made reserve handle.

Optional extras

  • Karabiners / connectors (can take 30 mm karabiners)
  • Speed Systems
  • Flight Decks
  • Supair Leg Faring (speed bag / leg cover)
  • Supair Lite Pack: Special removable light storage pack for reversible harnesses, to stow away gear between the backrest and the airbag e.g. helmet bag, gloves, fast pack, hydration system, jacket, etc
  • Supair Removable Hood: 30 litre removable rucksack topper for AltiRando, Escape, XP, Hybrid
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Condition New
Model Status Past model