Supair Shamane (PAST MODEL)


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Status: Past model

Condition: New

A Cross-Country and competition streamlined harness / backpack. Bump'Air protector beneath the seat and Airbag for a high degree of passive safety. Stiffened dorsal support for added comfort during long flights.
  • Accessible to all pilot levels. 
  • Great comfort
  • Speed bag option
  • The reversible streamlined XC harness
  • Made in Europe
  • Weight 5650 g (for M size)
  • Colours: Black/Red
  • Sizes: S, M, L & XL 



  • Cross and competition.
  • 3/4 reclined seating posture. 


  • A 15 cm Bump'Air back protector under the seat combined with a dorsal Airbag.
  • New under the seat, right sided reserve parachute pocket.
  • Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar™ locking mechanism.
  • 30 mm Self-locking aluminium buckles.
  • 45 mm Self-Locking karabiners.
  • Anti Balance System. 

Gear / comfort 

  • Double stage speed-bar.
  • Hydration system.
  • Short self-retracting foot-rest.
  • Speed-Bar pulleys.
  • Pre-equipped to accept the "Speed-Bag" and the hydration pack.
  • Backpack: adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps, chest strap, hydration system and compression straps. 


  • Removable "Light-Pack" container to be connected inside the Air-Bag during flights.
  • Left side pocket.
  • Lateral radio pocket with lanyard.
  • Ballast compartment beneath the seat with dump valve outllet.
  • Backpack: will accept competition wing sizes + accessories + helmet + compressed side pockets and inner pocket-belt. 


  • Shoulder straps adjustments.
  • Adjustable leg-straps length.
  • Adjustable backrest support incline.
  • Adjustable seat depth.
  • Pitch adjustable seat-plate. 


  • Lycra soft shell.
  • Cordura light.
  • Cordura 500D.
  • Polyamide 420D Diamond Ripstop.
  • Nylon 210D Ripstop.
  • Ergonomic carbon fibre seat plate. 


  • EN 1651.
  • LTF.



The Sup'Air Shamane is delivered with the following items:

  • Integrated full airbag back protection + 15cm Shamane Bump'Air
  • Integrated under seat reserve container
  • A3 Reserve handle
  • Sup'Air foot stirrup
  • Sup'Air speed system
  • Sup'Air Lite Pack (storage container for reversible harnesses)
  • Sup'Air karabiners
  • Sup'Air ergonomic carbon fibre seat plate:
    • Shamane S & M: carbon fibre seat plate C-3336SH
    • Shamane L & XL: carbon fibre seat plate C-3536SH

Optional Extras

Optional extras and accessories available for the Sup'Air Shamane:

Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Past model

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