Syride SYS'GPS V3

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SYS'GPS V3 is an easy to use, lightweight alti-vario-GPS, perfect for fun flying.


  • SYS'GPS V3 alti-vario-GPS
  • Semi-rigid protective case
  • USB cable
  • Hook and loop fastener strips
  • User manual
  • Syride stickers
  • Online flight book
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Note: Colours may vary.

SYS'GPS V3: entry-level alti-vario-GPS

This compact, user-friendly flight instrument was specially developed for freeflight by Syride, with a high resolution pressure sensor and all the expected features of an altimeter-variometer plus basic GPS features and G-meter, at a reasonable price.


  • Easy to use
  • Easily attached to the wing risers for easy reading
  • Customizable screen
  • Online flightbook


  • Lightweight, compact alti-vario-GPS
  • Only 83 grams


  • Ultra fast response (10cm)
  • Thermal-sniffer feature*
  • GPS (ground speed, glide ratio)
  • AGL (topography)
  • Wind speed and direction

*The thermal sniffer makes a special "bip" sound when your sink rate is between -0.1m/s and +0.1m/s, indicating there might be some lift nearby.


  • 3 buttons
  • User-friendly


Technical details

Function Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter
Size 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm
Weight 83 gr including battery
Rising threshold from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s
Falling threshold from -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s
Thermal sniffer activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Height above ground with topography
Backlit display Backlight 100% customizable
Volume 3 levels plus 'OFF' position
Autonomy 40h
Memory 75h of flight
Output files IGC, GPX and KML
Online flightbook included
Risers fixing included
Cockpit fixing with hook and loop fastener (included)
USB cable included
Warranty 2 years

SYS'GPS V3 3D view

Note: Colours may vary.

SYS'GPS V3 vario reviews

If you’re buying your first flying instrument, the SYS’GPS is a great choice; a small, high-quality vario with the safety bonus of ground speed always on display. If you’re a fly-hiker, you’ve got everything you need in one small box.

The serious XC hound will, of course, want something more, probably with an airspace map and perhaps competition functions. But, since it records your flights, as a backup instrument for XC and comps, or for keeping your flying simple, the SYS’GPS is close to ideal.

- Skywings magazine (full review)

Syride SYS'Nav V3 Tips by Flybubble

See our Syride SYS'Nav V3 Tips, meant to compliment the user manual, some of which are also relevant to the SYS'Alti V3.

Syride Tools (including manual)

Syride have gathered some useful Tools on their website:

  • Manuals (all models): Read to better understand your instrument.
  • Software, SYS PC Tool (SYS'Alti, GPS, Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Required for downloading flights, customising screens, upgrading instrument, and more.
  • Syride Screen Configuration (SSC) Tool (SYS'Alti, GPS, Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Customise the screens on your instrument.
  • Airspace (SYS'Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Avoid flying into forbidden airspaces by uploading OpenAir files into your instrument.
  • Topography (SYS'GPS & Nav V2): Gives access to height above ground level (AGL) information, airspaces with AGL and greyscale topography on the MAP screen of SYS'Nav.
  • Route maker (SYS'Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Build your route or waypoints list in a few clicks. A piece of cake!
  • Sound config - vario sound setup (SYS'Alti, GPS, Nav, Nav XL & Evo): Customise the sound of your vario infinitely with a simple graphic table.

Syride questions & support

For any questions about Syride products:

  1. Read the user manual.
  2. Contact Syride support directly.
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