Triple Seven Compress Bag

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Ultralight compression concertina bag with anti-snag zip and packing clip, to compress the wing and so reduce pack size.

Technical data

Unpacked length 240 cm 270 cm tba
Unpacked width 67 cm 80 cm tba
Packing volume* 22.5 L 31.5 L tba
Packed size 50 x 30 x 15 cm 60 x 35 x 15 cm tba
Weight 160g 240g tba

* Theoretical packing volume.

Sizing guide

To help you pick up the right size for your wing, the list below indicates which Triple Seven wings fit best into each size of Compress Bag, according to Triple Seven. As always, the individual choice can vary according to individual preference and packing technique, so you should allow for this.

Compress Bag S:

  • P-light 2 19, 21
  • Deck S
  • D-light S
  • Knight S
  • K-light S
  • Rook 3 XS, S
  • R-light 3 XS, S

Compress Bag M:

  • Deck M
  • D-light M
  • Pawn S, M
  • Knight MS, ML
  • K-light MS, ML
  • Rook 3 MS, ML
  • R-light 3 MS, ML
  • Queen 2 S, MS
  • Q-light S, MS

Compress Bag L:

  • Pawn L
  • Knight L
  • K-light L
  • Rook 3 L
  • R-light 3 L
  • Queen 2 ML, L
  • Q-light ML, L

Compress Bag

Pilots who want their wings packed small on their way to the top, look no further. This concertina compression bag is designed to compress you wing to save space while you pack your gear for a trip to the takeoff.

Triple Seven advise using the compress bag only for the time of moving to and from flying. For storage, it's necessary to leave the bag with the glider open to avoid creating the bending points in the structure of the plastics of the wing.

  • Anti-snag zip
  • Packing clip

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Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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