Woody Valley Haska (PAST MODEL)

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HASKA is the new intermediate harness for all recreational pilots. It's safe, comfortable and has plenty of features. Thanks to the new geometry of the belts system derived from the X-RATED6 harness, we have obtained an excellent balance between manoeuvrability and stability.

Steel Spring Self-Inflating Airbag System 

With this new harness we have launched a new concept in spinal protection which we define as a self-inflating airbag. The innovation of this self-inflating system lies in the use of a steel spring which does not serve the purpose of protecting from impact but generates the force needed to expand the airbag and make it immediately ready for potential impact. This means that your protective capacities are at 100% before you even start your take-off run, and that they remain as such for the entire flight, until you fold up the harness to stow it in the rucksack. The steel spring also guarantees a consistent form for the airbag and therefore performance over long periods of time, in any humidity, temperature or prolonged storage in the rucksack. Light weight and reduced volume (once the harness is folded) are two more advantages provided by the self-inflating spring system. This system combines the best characteristics of current protection systems (airbag and foam protection). 

The new self-inflating system is not the only improvement of the HASKA, here are the other ones: 

  • Comfort: new design of the back support and the seat, new positions for the strap attachment points to the main frame.
  • Handling/stability: new webbing system born out of the X-RATED6 and definitely improving handling, stability and, ultimately, fun during flight.
  • Ball-bearing pulleys to reduce the friction of the speed system line.
  • Carefully calculated and fixed settings of the reclining seat and the seat depth.
  • Attention for every detail to improve overall functionality. 

Side protection is available as an option to protect the pelvis. The two side protection pieces are connected to one another and made in a single piece which prevents shifting during impact. 

In order to prevent the pilot from coming out of the harness if he forgets to fasten the leg-straps, the HASKA harness is equipped with the two most effective safety systems currently available - your choice of Get-Up or T-Lock. 

Sizes: M, L, XL (like UK S, M, L) 

Colours: Blue, Green, Red 

Leg & Waist Strap System Options 

  • Get-Up (combined leg and waist strap buckles)
  • T-Lock (separate leg and waist straps with safe-T buckle) 

Choose which leg and waist strap option you want when you place your order. 

Left-Handed Reserve Extraction Option 

We have always been attentive to the needs of our left-handed customers and on request at no extra cost you can order your harness with left-handed reserve parachute extraction.

Optional Extras 

  • Side protection
  • Leg cover (speed bag): pure comfort and protection against the cold
  • Quick Out karabiners
  • Relax Bar
  • Cockpit instrument panel with container for a second front reserve parachute
  • Cockpit instrument panel with container for a second front lightweight reserve parachute
  • Cockpit instrument panel with or without front ballast
  • Various speed systems

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Model Status Past model