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Lightweight carabiner designed specifically for paragliding use by Woody Valley in collaboration with Camp.

Main features

Main features | Skyway Carabiner | Woody Valley

  1. Thin and rounded end, for easy hooking into the paraglider riser 
  2. Slightly tilted upper side, allowing even narrow risers to slide smoothly into the right position 
  3. Blocking tooth, preventing the karabiner from turning around (oreven upside down) through the webbing loop
  4. Karabiner lifetime printed on the base, for safety
  5. Production patch code and karabiner ID number, for quality control
  6. Lower side built, to help with correct placement of the rear adjustment webbings
  7. Raised fulcrum of the opening bar, to prevent the ferrule from rubbing against the webbing and to ensure an effective opening when needed

Woody Valley: "Thanks to its variable section, the Skyway karabiner weighs only 48 grams (14 grams less than the former Camp Para Twist Lock Evolution Karabiner) and, nonetheless, its overall strength has increased in all the critical points. All tests conducted by the Polytechnic University of Turin showed a higher resistance during working cycles than our former karabiner model used since 2009."

  • Breaking load: 20 kN
  • Height inside: 50 mm
  • Weight: 48 grams (each)
  • Suitable for harnesses with 40 mm wide webbing.
  • Only for solo flying. Not suitable for tandem use
  • Replace after 2000 flying hours or 5 years.

The price is for a single carabiner. Order 2 if you want a pair.

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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