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The Classic Intermediate EPSILON has now become a DLS product. This opens a complete spectrum of new possibilities for the very well-proven EPSILON Fun-All rounder, now in its 10th generation. The EPSILON DLS has better performance, is even safer, and offers a noticeably rounder flying experience. The EPSILON DLS is a Basic-Intermediate certified EN/LTF B.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B



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Technical data

SIZE 22 24 26 28 30
Certified takeoff weight kg 55–77 67–90 79–103 91–118 105–135
Ideal weight range kg 60–73 73–86 86–99 99–113 113–130
Flat surface m2 22 23.7 25.7 27.6 29.6
Projected surface m2 18.5 20 21.7 23.3 24.9
Weight kg 3.65 3.85 4.10 4.35 4.60
Weight with light risers kg 3.45 3.70 3.90 4.15 4.40
Span m 10.63 11.05 11.50 11.92 12.34
Projected span m 8.23 8.56 8.91 9.23 9.56
Aspect ratio 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14
Projected aspect ratio 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67
Max. chord m 2.59 2.70 2.81 2.91 3.01
Number of cells 47 47 47 47 47

Seamless Weight Ranges

The EPSILON DLS was designed with Seamless Weight Ranges in mind. This provides a continuous choice from one size to another for any pilot weight, taking into account preference of use. In the relevant ideal take-off weight range, the EPSILON DLS delivers the best balance of flying speed and climb performance for all flight conditions.


Standard colours: Spectra, Royal, Gold, Fire

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Optional extras

  • Backpack
  • Concertina bag
  • Light risers
  • Paramotor risers

EPSILON DLS: Discover your potential 

Intermediate paraglider

Progress, flight after flight: With the EPSILON DLS you can discover the whole spectrum of paragliding. Already in its 10th generation, the proven EPSILON is now available as a light glider in DLS quality. Just as perfect for starting cross-country flying as it is for hike-to-fly and travel.

Intuitive: Simple and intuitive

The EPSILON DLS is even simpler and more intuitive. The redesigned canopy tension provides damped canopy feedback and improved turbulence absorption. In addition, the EPSILON DLS delivers noticeably smooth flying behaviour, especially in turbulent air. This results in significantly improved directional and roll stability.

Light & durable: Light and useful everyday 

Thanks to its DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE, the EPSILON DLS is available from a mere 3.45 kg weight*. It is not only very light, but also 100% suitable for everyday use. Durability and robustness correspond to semi-light products, so even as a light glider the EPSILON DLS does not require special care for daily use.

Durable Lightweight Structure (DLS) meets the needs of the times. Many pilots want lightweight, but still robust products. They deliberately don't want ultra-light gliders because they don't completely fulfil their desired level of durability and require special care in handling.

Explorative: Discover the complete spectrum

You can explore the whole paragliding spectrum with the EPSILON DLS. As a light glider it presents even more versatility. It is not only ideal for classic cross-country flights, but also for hike to fly and travel. An extremely compact packing volume enables the EPSILON DLS to fit perfectly in light reversible harnesses.


Epsilon DLS Paramotor Certification

It's exceptional take off character and pronounced damping in all aces make the EPSILON DLS ideally suited to paramotor flying. Probably all 5 sizes will have DGAC paramotor certification. Paramotor risers with trimmers will then be available as an option, and the trimmers can be stowed away in the main carabiners for free flight.


Wing materials

Leading edge Porcher Sports Skytex 38 universal, 39 g/m2
Upper surface Porcher Sports Skytex 38 universal, 39 g/m2
Lower surface Porcher Sports Skytex 27 classic, 29 g/m2
Designstripe Porcher Sports Skytex 32 universal, 32 g/m2
Profiles Skytex 40 hard finish, 40 g/m2, x 32 hard finish, 33 g/m2
Unsuspended profiles Skytex 40 hard finish, 40 g/m2, x 32 hard finish, 33 g/m2
Diagonals Skytex 40 hard finish, 40 g/m2, x 32 hard finish, 33 g/m2

Line and riser materials

Main lines PPSLS 260, 200, 125
Galery lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-130, -090, -070, -050
Brake lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-070, -050
Steering lines Edelrid Pro Dry A-8001-190, A-7850-240
Quick links Maillon Rapide Delta 3.5mm / S12
Risers PES/Technora 12mm

Flybubble review

“The Epsilon DLS is a dream to fly, both on the ground and in the air. Starting with ground handling, it excels at building walls and is incredibly responsive. The wing sits nicely and remains stable, requiring minimal pilot input without any frantic movements.

Inflation is a breeze, with the glider filling up smoothly. The process feels intuitive, allowing for easy control and clear communication between pilot and wing. The ground handling is forgiving yet responsive, making it a joy to maneuver.

When it comes to takeoff, the Epsilon DLS lifts off gracefully. The glider maintains a stable position above your head, providing a nice glide and lift as you run off. The pitch stability is excellent, ensuring a smooth and controlled launch.

In flight, the glider demonstrates superb handling characteristics. It turns flatly and progressively without excessive rolling, striking a perfect balance between playfulness and stability. The handling feels direct, precise, and agile, allowing pilots to easily feel and control the glider's movements.

Thermal flying with the Epsilon DLS is a pleasure. The glider climbs exceptionally well and offers good feedback, enabling pilots to sense lift accurately. Its glide performance is impressive for its class, keeping up with mid B gliders and maintaining efficiency even at full speed.

The speed bar provides a noticeable increase in speed, and the glider maintains its glide effectively. The leading edge remains solid without fluttering, thanks to its clean and well-designed structure. The Epsilon DLS handles collapses, both frontal and asymmetrical, with ease, showcasing its stability and predictability.

Brake pressure is on the lighter side but remains precise and informative. The glider communicates with the pilot effectively, allowing for confident and controlled maneuvers. Big ears are easy to deploy and stable, and the glider recovers smoothly when released.

Overall, the Epsilon DLS is a low B glider that combines excellent handling, stability, and performance. Its light brake pressure, coupled with precise control, enhances the flying experience. Whether soaring, thermaling, or engaging in playful maneuvers, the Epsilon DLS shines as a delightful wing that pilots will thoroughly enjoy.”

- Nancy and Carlo, Flybubble

Watch the Flybubble full video review:


What requirements does the EPSILON DLS impose on the pilot?

The EPSILON DLS is a basic intermediate with an EN/LTF B certification, which fits perfectly between the entry-level glider ALPHA and the high-B glider IOTA. After training, a direct change from the ALPHA to the EPSILON is possible without any problems.

EPSILON pilots will already have initial experience of flying in thermals and will have acquired a well-practised active flying style. They can recognise the onset of a collapse and resist this without overreaction.

The EPSILON series has been supporting improvers for 30 years; helping them develop their flying skills in the process. Climb higher, stay in the air longer, fly further: the EPSILON is the wing for the so many who have left their home site for the first time, and set out on the rewarding journey that is cross country flying.

Why does the EPSILON 10 become the EPSILON DLS?

Although pilots and dealers like products to be as light as possible, their feedback tells us that they are becoming increasingly reluctant to accept the degree of compromise in robustness and glider life that can go with light gliders. This demand has taken its time to become evident because pilots only become aware of the weaknesses of ultra-light products after using them for a while. Unless given special care, ultra-light gliders can suffer subtle but permanent airfoil deformation which may have a lasting effect on flight behaviour and performance. Porosity of lightweight fabrics might also become an issue associated with intensive use.

So we decided to confront this problem with our DLS concept, and develop a product that meets this wide spectrum of demands. Our many years experience of developing X-Alps equipment has helped us with this set of subjects. Computer-aided analysis enabled us to focus, in great detail, on those areas of a paraglider which are exposed to high stress, and therefore deserve specific attention. This allows us to selectively decide on the mix of lightweight and conventional materials to use, but, above all, design the best geometric shapes of individual components such as diagonals, tension bands or rib crossports in an economic way that also eliminates weaknesses in durability and robustness.

Is THE ESPILON DLS not just an ESPILON 10 with a light undersurface?

No: the 27gm fabric for the wing undersurface only saves around 150 gms, depending on glider size. Total weight saving subtracts more than five times this figure. Because the EPSILON DLS is up to 850 g lighter than its predecessor when using the optional light-risers.

The sum of many small but important details means that the new EPSILON DLS is a lightweight glider. Nevertheless, components that are important for durability, such as the ribs, are made of particularly low-stretch materials. The DLS difference comes from an intelligent material mix, fabric weight saving at less stressed areas, a re-analysis of sliced diagonal shapes, and geometrically optimized tension straps

What is the difference between the standard and light risers?

On request, the EPSILON DLS can be ordered with light risers. These are ~180 gm lighter and, as well as their specific materials differ from standard risers as follows:

  • Softlinks replace quick links
  • Poppers instead of magnets
  • Ceramic rings replace pulleys
  • A3 runners instead of Quick-Snap

What is the difference between hike to fly and hike & fly?

Hike to Fly focuses on the flight after the ascent on foot, as opposed to Hike & Fly or Climb & Fly where the ascent is the real challenge and the paraglider is used as a descent aid or fun mini-voile. A Hike to Fly equipment is a light and compact cross-country flight equipment with which, after the ascent on foot to a remote take-off place, also longer cross-country flights can be started.

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EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
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Model Status Current model