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IOTA 2 – Efficient Performance

What is your cross country dream? To manage your first 200 kms? To land in front of your house after a long day's flying, or just set off and see how far you can get? The IOTA 2 offers you all of the most important ingredients for these achievements: efficient performance and relaxed piloting in all conditions. The latest technology gives the wing an outstanding polar curve for its class.

Advance IOTA 2

Available Performance | Balanced Strength

In terms of performance together with safety the die IOTA series is the most balanced of the ADVANCE glider selection. The IOTA 2 is especially impressive in accelerated flight with its outstanding glide, high degree of turbulence absorption and manageable extreme flight characteristics. Concern-free accelerated flying becomes the rule, with no exception – not least because of the C-Handle provision: flight control by C/B-risers ...

High Efficiency | Optimized in every respect

IOTA 2 shows its high level of efficiency not only when gliding through bumpy air. Its pitch and directional stability also benefits the pilot when thermalling. The canopy stays in the centre of rising air almost as if by itself – without requiring large corrections. Brake line inputs are directly and precisely answered; response is smooth, progressive and logical over the whole control range. This not only saves energy, but makes thermal flying particularly straightforward.

Advanced Technology | State-of-the-art all round

The IOTA 2 merges SIGMA 10 development performance-enhancing technologies with B-Class safety requirements. The Performance-Intermediate boasts a state-of-the-art profile, and perfectly distributed canopy tensioning to go with it. Mini-Ribs, C-Wires, double-3D Diamond-Shaping and Sliced Diagonals are further ingredients of this hi-tec cocktail.

Advance IOTA 2

The climb rate is exceptional. It was really good in both light and strong lift. - Nancy Elliott, Flybubble

The wing is light to control, gives frank feedback, inclines immediately and has visibly very good output across the whole speed range. - Philippe Lami,

Very competitive with the high B's, very good climb, easy for a high B. - Ziad Bassil, Facebook

This glider is oriented to cross country with comfort, but high performance. - Daniel Crespo, Ojovolador

I think it's going to be the reference glider in the B class for a while. - Greg Hamerton, Flybubble

Technology & Features

Double 3D-Diamond Shaping

Double 3D-Diamond Shaping

A diagonal perspective in the two-fold 3D shaping computations works to counteract seam-gathering (ruching) and the effects of the vertical forces across the profile. This achieves an even smoother canopy surface at the leading edge.

State-of-the-art all round

State-of-the-art all round

The IOTA 2 merges SIGMA 10 development performance-enhancing technologies with B-Class safety requirements. The Performance-Intermediate boasts a state-of-the-art profile, and perfectly distributed canopy tensioning to go with it. Mini-Ribs, C-Wires, double-3D Diamond-Shaping and Sliced Diagonals are further ingredients of this hi-tec cocktail.

Invisible Essentials

Invisible Essentials

In the IOTA 2 the invisible performance factors – such as profile and canopy tension distribution – have been radically reengineered. Higher levels of pitch and directional stability result.

Pitch Control Handles

Pitch Control Handles

The IOTA 2 introduces so-called C-Handles on an IOTA’s risers. This allows the accelerated glider to be actively controlled and steered by C and B levels instead of by speedbar and weight shift.

Riser Features

Riser Features

Line Features

Colour coding

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Colour coding

To make line sorting easier the IOTA 2 A and brake lines are identified by different colours (grey and red) at the risers. Big ear lines, stabilo lines and the much-handled brake lines have a section of coloured cover running up from the riser end.

Twice coated

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Twice coated

Edelrid Magix Pro lines differ from other uncovered versions because they undergo a detailed Thermo Shield treatment and have an additional UV-Protec-Coating, which filters out the sun’s damaging UV light. These finishing processes prolong life, provide resistance to dust and water, and, at the same time, minimise the loss of strength caused by UV radiation.

Very stable length

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Very stable length

Compared with Dyneema, Aramid lines, in general, change their lengths very little. Edelrid “Magix Pro” demonstrates minimal stretching and shrinking – within a maximum 0.2 % - and this line has excellent return-to-original properties. Experience shows that paragliders, fully lined with Edelrid “Magix Pro”, do not require retrimming for very long periods. Original flying characteristics are retained even after much intensive use.

Robust dimensions

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Robust dimensions

The use of “Magix Pro” for the IOTA 2 does not put performance alone at the forefront. Line thickness is similar to that of traditional covereds. This measurement results in considerably higher strength for the same diameter, because the whole cross section shares the load – not just the core. The broad gauge of “Magix Pro” lines delivers longer life compared to similar thickness covered lines.

Inner loop reinforcement

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Inner loop reinforcement

Every IOTA 2 line has internal loop reinforcement. To achieve this a length of the same line is spliced inside a loop, increasing its line diameter, and thus the surface area of loop to loop contact. This reduces pressure where thin line meets thicker, and avoids the problem of the thin line cutting into the other.

Outer loop reinforcement

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Outer loop reinforcement

Base line loops also have external covers to minimise wear where they meet their quicklink.

Technical Data







Flat surface (m2) 21.8 23.7 25.7 27.7 29.7
Projected surface (m2) 18.8 20.4 22.2 23.9 25.6
Recommended takeoff weight (kg) 65 - 75 75 - 85 85 - 97 97 - 110 110 - 125
Certified takeoff weight (kg) 60 - 77 70 - 88 80 - 100 92 - 114 105 - 128
Glider weight (kg) 4.3 4.6 4.85 5.15 5.4
Span (m) 11.1 11.5 12 12.5 12.9
Projected span (m) 8.9 9.3 9.7 10 10.4
Aspect ratio 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Projected aspect ratio 4.23 4.23 4.23 4.23 4.23
Max. chord (m) 2.42 2.53 2.63 2.73 2.83
Number of cells 59 59 59 59 59
Number of risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
Certification EN B EN B EN B EN B EN B
Other adjustable / removable / variable devices No No No No No


Lime, Spectra, Red, Blue.

Advance IOTA 2 Colours | Lime, Spectra, Red, Blue


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Advance IOTA 2 Reviews

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"The Iota 2 was conceived for the best possible performance in cross country flights, and for that they have endowed it with the best climbing features and the best possible glide ratio for the EN B class." "The Iota 2 is a XC machine, and not only for intermediate pilots or those in progression. The feel, turn, glide and comfort of stress-free flying make the new Iota greatly attractive to more experienced pilots who wish to have top level performance, without sacrificing a great compromise in security." "The highlights of the Iota 2 are an excellent glide throughout the speed range and its ability to turn efficiently." - Daniel Crespo - Ojo Volador (full review)

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