Getting new gear? Why not just find the cheapest price online or get the equipment that caught your eye in the latest ad? Simply put, you're missing out on using our experience to guide your choices and getting the best support available.

We play with everything that comes through Flybubble, so we know the gear inside out

We play with everything that comes through Flybubble, so we know the gear inside out.

You might already have lots of airtime, but what matters when choosing new equipment is experience with the new equipment itself. You can draw on the team of reviewers, instructors and XC enthusiasts that make up the Flybubble crew. This advice is part of the deal with us, and it's what changes Flybubble from 'just another online retailer' into a dedicated equipment buying service. The value of this service is best illustrated by a case study.

Customer story: Jay

Jay arranged to come and see us. He is an English pilot living abroad who has been flying a while. He needed a full upgrade of his old equipment.

First Jay discussed with Nancy (over the phone) what he was looking for. He committed to taking up our service to help him get the correct equipment. Nancy asked him about the type of protection and harness he wanted. "My local site has the one of roughest takeoffs I've ever seen; someone being dumped or dragged along the dirt road is a daily sight, so good back protection is a must." It was clear to Nancy that he wanted the best protection and something to get back his confidence.

She narrowed it down to three harnesses with excellent protection and high safety (Supair Evo XC3+ | Gin Gingo 3 | Advance SUCCESS 3) and then arranged an appointment for Jay to have a harness fitting.

Flybubble buying service: harness shortlist

Nancy then discussed Jay's requirements to get a flavour of what was important to him in his new wing. "I'd like a wing that's responsive and handles well, but gives a great feeling of security in turbulence; confidence is absolutely key. Easy launch in strong winds would be a bonus too."

Based on the weight of one of the shortlisted harnesses Nancy calculated Jay's all up weight and looked at our range of Progression Paragliders for him.

"Listed in ascending aspect ratio:

Nova Ion 4 AR 5.14. M (90-110kg) 

Advance EPSILON 8 AR 5.15. 29 (95-125kg) 

Ozone Buzz Z5 AR 5.16. L (95-115kg) 

Skywalk TEQUILA 4 AR 5.2. M (85-110kg) 

Supair LEAF 5.4. L (100-130kg) 

Niviuk Hook 4 AR 5.4. 27 (95-115kg) 

The gliders I think you are in the best place in the weight range are Ion, Buzz, Tequila and Hook."

Flybubble matches wings to pilots

To help Jay narrow his choices down further, Nancy drew on her experience of test flying these wings, and the feedback from the Flybubble Crew. "For a glider that will give you that 'bit of chat, but not shouting' feedback, the Skywalk Tequila 4 and Niviuk Hook 4 are really good choices, you can see the Hook has the highest AR, nicely in the middle of the B class but I don't think you will find it too demanding, in fact I'd say you'll be smiling! The Nova Ion 4 and Ozone Buzz Z5 will give you a reassuring, comfortable fly at the safer end of the B class."

Nancy testing out the Flybubble demo Nova ION 4
Nancy flying the Flybubble demo Ion 4

We then further discussed the wing choice over the phone and the Nova Ion 4 was decided on, in red, because it was clear that Jay wanted 'reassuring and comfortable'. Nancy ordered the wing in plenty of time so that it would be ready for Jay to collect. We received the wing, completed our dealer checks and first test flight - it was a beauty!

Nova ION 4 in red

Jay then came to the shop and was looked after by Simon and Carlo.

He inspected the three shortlisted harnesses. He chose the Advance SUCCESS 3 because it was a perfect fit and he was very impressed by the design, build quality and attention to detail. It was adjusted and the fitting checked to make sure that Jay was as comfortable as possible. The Loft installed Jay's freshly repacked reserve into his harness and we completed a compatibility check and test deployment.

Flybubble's fitting service

Jay was good to go.

As part of his package Jay chose a Syride SYS'Nav V3 to complete his kit.

The result

"Hi Nancy, Carlo and Simon. Thanks for all your good advice in selecting the right equipment.  I had my first flight with the new wing and harness yesterday. A huge improvement in launching, handling and performance from my old wing.  Very happy."

Jay flying high above some desert

After flying with his new gear for some time, Jay gave the harness, the wing and our service 5 star reviews.

"The harness fits like a glove. It’s very well made and very comfortable."

"A superb wing, very easy to fly and a huge confidence booster! All in all a beautifully designed machine that combines a great feeling of safety with good performance. I can hardly wait to take it to the mountains!"

That's why we do what we do. 😁

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