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The ITSY BITSY TOUCH is High Adventure's 3-season glove for spring temperatures or high-Alpine situations above freezing level.

The Itsy Bitsy Touch Glove

The gloves feature wind and water-resistant weather protection, maximum dexterity and are made from durable GORE® WINDSTOPPER®/leather.

The streamlined design, with its long neoprene sleeve which fits under your jacket cuff, guards effectively against the cold. Warm hands are guaranteed by the BAMBOO lining in the pulse area which is manufactured using merino wool and bamboo fibres. The leather reinforcements protect areas exposed to stress and improve grip. The dynamic shaping and the precise cut maximise freedom of movement and dexterity.

Genuine Flying Feeling

The gloves are suitable for groundhandling, adjusting buckles, operating instruments and brake handles. They are soft, light and feel extremely comfortable. And they are named Itsy Bitsy Touch for a reason… the gloves are fitted with a reliable touch feature for smartphones and flight instruments.

Genuine GORE® Windstopper®

The outer glove combines durable, hydrophobic leather with a GORE® WINDSTOPPER® membrane. The GORE® WINDSTOPPER® antibacterial and odour restricting Plus Warm Technology lining provides complete and lasting warmth from the cuff to the fingertips.

ESKA® and High Adventure

If passion meets sensitivity, it must be ESKA®. For over 100 years, the ESKA® name has been synonymous with innovative craftsmanship. Years ago the “Gut Stuff” product was a great success for Eska and High Adventure. With our most recent glove collection we are setting new standards in the free flying world.

Product Features

  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight lining
  • Made in Europe


From XS (6) to 3XL (12).

To help you choose the correct size, download High Adventure's Itsy & Itsy Bitsy Glove Size Guide (PDF).

Technical Details

  • 0.14 kg
  • Special tear-resistant thread secured with backstitching
  • Tight-fitting sleeve
  • BAMBOO lining. All the body’s blood flows through the pulse and it is important to keep the pulse area warm
  • Wrist strap*
  • Ergonomic fit for brake handles
  • All areas exposed to stress are leather-reinforced
  • Outer shell GORE®WINDSTOPPER®/Special Hydro Silicon Leather
  • Membrane and inner layer GORE®WINDSTOPPER® Plus Warm Technology
  • BAMBOO lining (merino wool with bamboo fibres)

  • Washable

* Flybubble: Each glove has a built-in elasticated wrist strap which you can easily slide over your wrist, so you can take the glove off in-flight without losing it.

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

High Adventure Itsy Bitsy Touch Reviews

Great for paragliding, maybe not for outer space.. on 27/10/2017
  • Star Rating
I fly (badly) in Norway, and after melting my fingers flying in various gloves, I decided to go all in and spend the money on the Touch.

As usual, the Flybubble service was excellent, their place is a big kids toy shop so if you do get to Ringmer, you will get biscuits with your tea and a bigger hit on your card as they have so much cool stuff. All the team are interested and know about the products they sell. When I eventually upgrade / need more stuff I will go back to them - enough said.

The gloves! I bought the size 10, which was a good fit for me and if you are a flight instrument / screen junkie, then you will get on with these gloves. Touch your screen and stuff happens.

I was flying in +2 deg for about 1.5 hours in an Artic climate and after that my fingertips were no longer feeling the love, hence my comment. I think that maybe a size up and silk liners would be the answer to making this an awesome glove for flying. Either that or be prepared to spend $$$$ on heated gloves with all the associated hassle of batteries, wires, bursting into flames etc.

I would buy these again, though based on my usage they will last forever because of their quality. Another nice thing was that I felt I always had the dexterity for feeling the risers and brakes. So anything below Red Bull outer space crazy stuff, these are for you and in summary, worth the money.

Thanks again guys.

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