Kortel Kanibal Race II

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Full-race harness with full rear faring, unique back support and special features specially developed for demanding competition and cross country pilots.


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Technical data






Total weight (kg) 7.2 7.5 7.8 8.1
Harness weight (kg) 6.8 7.1 7.4 7.7
Kockpit weight (kg) 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Certification CE / EN 1651/1249

Sizing guide













PW 50 S S S                
PW 55 S S S S              
PW 60 S S S S S            
PW 65 S S S S M M          
PW 70 S S S M M M M        
PW 75   S M M M M M L      
PW 80   M M M M M M L L    
PW 85     M M M M L L L L  
PW 90       M M L L L L L XL
PW 95         L L L L L XL XL
PW 100           L L L XL XL XL
PW 105             L XL XL XL XL
PW 110               XL XL XL XL

Top row - PH: Pilot height in centimetres (cm).

Left column - PW: Pilot weight in kilograms (kg).

Recommended harness sizes in grid, based on average pilot physique.


  • Harness
  • Speedbag
  • Back protector
  • Cockpit
  • Speed system
  • Variable stabilization system
  • Dorsal (rear) batons
  • Seat plate
  • Foot plate
  • Karabiners
  • Reserve handles


Kanibal Race II, to beat them all!

The Kanibal Race II was designed with only one idea in mind: performance.

  • Raw performance by optimizing aerodynamic drag
  • Pilot's energy saving with exceptional comfort

Optimisation of the wing's dynamic behaviour through the unique dynamic stabilization system.

The double reserve container (one reserve per side, right and left) fulfils FAI competition regulations.

The new aerodynamic rear faring has been developed for an optimized tolerance to airflow variation and better yaw stability.

Type of practice

  • Competition 100%
  • Cross country 90%
  • Local flying 30%

User level

  • Experienced to expert


Kortel Kanibal Race II - Aerodynamic


Full-race harness with optimized aerodynamic profiling and overall shape studied to achieve the most tolerant polar curve performance possible in real life situations.

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Comfortable


Improved leg support system (carbon tube) for even more comfort in the air.

Rigid internal structure for better back support


Kortel Kanibal Race II - Double reserve container

Double reserve container, right and left. One reserve per side.

Combi foam/airbag back protector.


Kortel Kanibal Race II - foam back protector

Front part of foam protector that serves as a glider ribs protection.

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Left shoulder strap

Left shoulder strap with loop fastener material for mounting mini-vario or tracking device

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Ballast container


Ballast pocket (8L max) under the seat plate and emptying opening on the side of the pod. Ballast not included.

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Drag parachute pocket

Drag parachute pocket

Drag parachute pocket, accessible from both sides (left and right), with centred attachment point for better sensation while using the drag 'chute.

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Hydration


Drinks system hole and routing on the right shoulder strap for drinks system tube, easily accessible in flight.

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Dynamic stabilization system

Dynamic stabilization system

Adjust the stability to the flight phase in a blink of eye using the dynamic stabilization system.

Kortel Kanibal Race II - Cockpit


Generous size cockpit (flight deck), big enough for multiple top flight instruments or tablet.

Removable cockpit with external battery storage and a size adapted to tablet

Other features

  • Variable seat plate angle
  • Attachment point height adjustment
  • Speedbag (leg faring) auto-closing system with integrated anti-fall system
  • Three-step speed bar
  • Ratchet pulleys
  • Pin-lock carabineers

Built to last

Normal period of use: 10 years. Caution: This duration of use is indicative. A harness can be destroyed the first time it is used. A check every 2 years will determine whether the product should be disposed of more quickly. Between uses, proper storage is essential. The operating time should never exceed 10 years.

The life of your harness depends on how often and how it is used. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. U.V. rays and humidity can also lead to accelerated ageing.


Kortel Kanibal Race II tips and settings video

Kortel Kanibal Race II dorsal battens assembly video

It's possible to remove the battens, to save storage space and avoid marking them e.g. when traveling.

Kortel Kanibal Race II harness review

"The Kanibal Race II is aimed at all competition pilots who are looking for every bit of performance they can get out of their harness. It is also great for serious cross country pilots who don’t mind the extra weight and bulk compared to a lightweight pod harness. You get more performance and more safety without needing to step up to a hotter glider. It is very well made in every detail, yet one of the lightest in this class.

Overall, the Kanibal Race II is supremely comfortable with excellent aerodynamics and absolutely superb build quality."

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble (full review)

Watch our accompanying Kortel Kanibal Race II review video:


The life span of your harness depends on the frequency and type of use. Mechanical stress and friction gradually degrade the properties. UV rays and humidity can also cause accelerated ageing.

Normal duration of use: 10 years.
Warning: This period of use is indicative. A fifth wheel can be destroyed at its first use. A check every 2 years will determine if the product should be disposed of sooner. Between uses, proper storage is essential.

The time of use should never exceed 10 years.

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