Kortel Kolibri Evo

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The Kolibri EVO is light competition harness for Hike & Fly, or bivouac flights.

Technical data

Mass (kg) 1.44 1.54 1.64
Karbone Ring (g) 45 45 45
Links (g) 20 20 20
Foam (kg) 0.4 0.4 0.4
Total mass (kg) 1.9 2.0 2.1
Certification CE/EN 1651/1249/LTF

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Kolibri EVO: the legend lives on!

The Kolibri EVO includes all the features that have made the Kolibri so successful since 2014, and incorporates improvements and innovations that still make it the reference in the world of light cocoon harnesses.

In the niche of bivouac and expedition flights, the Kolibri remains unbeatable thanks to its unrivaled comfort and high storage capacity.


  • Front rescue pocket - Front rescue with new, easily accessible handle for safe and easy extraction.

  • Front pocket - Front elastic pocket under the emergency container for external batteries.

  • Connection of reserve risers - Connection for all types of risers (Lifts not provided).

  • Camelback Fixation - The dorsal pocket integrates a fastener for the camelback.

  • 45g Carbon Ring - A Kortel Design exclusivity. The carbon ring, is twice as light as a carbon plate and much more durable!

  • T-Bone Links - T-Bone links as standard (strength >2400 DaN) for a safe and light connection to the wing.

  • Light carabiner connection - New geometry, enabling the T-Bone links to be replaced by lightweight carabiners.

  • Secure reserve connection - The connection for the rescue is an integral part of  the cocoon closure.

  • Comfortable speed bar - The pressure of the speed bar is diffused throughout the hips to reduce hard spots.

  • Integrated Vario support - Attachment for mini-Vario integrated in the shoulder.

  • Openable thigh - Openablee thigh system, a feature borrowed from the Kolibri PRO.

  • Sliding shoulders - Sliding of the shoulder halyards for a more comfortable standing position.

  • Connect system - Connecting emergency risers using the Konnect system.

  • Lower Pocket - Large storage pocket under the legs. Preferable to the back pocket for heavy or sharp contents which may otherwise harm your back.

  • Adjustment by sliding Splice - All the settings of the harness are made by an adjustable, simple, lightweight and extremely reliable splicing system.

Optional extras

  • Karbone plate - If the feeling of the carbon ring disturbs you, it is always possible to opt for the traditional carbon plate.

  • Kolibri Backpack 80l  - The backpack is intended for the Kolibri in bivouac flight mode.

  • Kolibri Backpack 60l   - The backpack is intended for the Kolibri in Hike & Fly mode.



More Information
Condition New
Product Info www.korteldesign.com/en/produits/kolibri-evo/
Reserve Certification LTF
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model