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Kortel: "The Kuik II is in our opinion the first split leg harness that comes close to traditional harnesses in terms of feel and comfort. Its modular design makes it accessible to all. The Kuik II concept is almost an entire range of harnesses in one."

Kortel Kuik II : The All in One Koncept

The only things that the Kuik II has in common with the first Kuik are its name and its innovative nature. At the time the Kuik I was the first split leg harness that was not made exclusively for mountain flying. The Kuik II is in our opinion the first split leg harness that comes close to traditional harnesses in terms of feel and comfort. Moreover its modular design makes it accessible to all. 

The Kuik II comes in the form of a bare core to which different modules can be attached thus adapting the harness to the type of flight required. For maximum flexibility the Kuik II is designed to allow a reserve parachute to be attached to the shoulders. 

The Kuik II concept is almost an entire range of harnesses in one.

The core structure incorporates the latest innovations made by the Kortel Design R&D team in terms of ergonomics and shaping of raw materials. 

The result is astonishing: 

  • The distribution of the pilot’s mass over the largest possible surface area even in a thermalling position (laterally inclined) for maximum comfort.
  • A natural leg position, not too open.
  • Simple to adjust.
  • Leg independence limited.

The result is astonishingly precise handling for this type of geometry, which coupled with comfort worthy of the best harnesses, allowed us to consider modules tailored to uses that go well beyond the possibilities of the Kuik I.

Flybubble note: Max from Kortel Design gave us a personal demonstration of the Kuik II, including how it's modules work and how to fit them. Plus we had the opportunity to hang up in the Kuik II in it's various guises, and try them all out! Having tried many other split leg harnesses before, we really were amazed at just how comfortable the Kuik II Core felt; closer to a traditional harness than any other split leg harness we've tried, just as Kortel claim. Overall we were extremely impressed by just how well the whole Kuik II concept worked, and how clevery the modules had been thought out, although fitting the modules will certainly take some practice and patience as this did not seem to be 'idiot proof'. "Bravo!" Kortel Design.

Kortel Kuik II (Core) presentation + setup video

Kortel Kuik II Modules

Discover the modularity of the Kuik II... 

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Kuik II Core S


Kuik II Core M


Kuik II Core L


Kuik II Sak Module (One Size)


Kuik II Krashbox Module SM


Kuik II Krashbox Module ML


Kuik II Mousse Bag Module (One Size)


Kuik II Kocon Module S


Kuik II Kocon Module M


Kuik II Kocon Module L


Kortel Kuik II Technical Support & Info

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Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
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Kortel Kuik II (Core) Reviews

Great lightweight harness and service! on 11/10/2015
  • Star Rating
After struggling with the weight of my old one, the Kuik II is an absolute godsend! Before the fitting I had spoken in length with Nancy about what I did and didn't want in a harness, and her knowledge and advice about options made the whole process of choosing much easier. Nancy ordered in a couple of sizes for me to try (being on the border of S and M), and spent an unbelievable amount of time making sure that I was in the right size, and the set up was correct. As the Kuik II is modular, I had the option of switching the elements, for example a small pod and medium harness or vice versa. This is a great feature for those with short legs or long bodies!
When I flew the Kuik II for the first time I really appreciated all the effort Nancy had put in. As there is no seat plate, I experienced more feedback from the wing than previously, but being comfortable in the set up meant I thoroughly enjoyed my flight.
Thank you for your help and advice. I'm looking forward to flying without an achy back in the future!

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