Kortel Kuik II Kocon Module (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

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Transform your Kuik II into a lightweight pod harness, for bivouac-flights to competition.

The Kuik II becomes a cross country weapon. This module is in fact composed of two parts:

  • A profiled upper part, with a storage pocket and a combined mousse bag/airbag back protection system covering the entire surface of the back.
  • A pod which takes two minutes to attach*, with an innovative front reserve parachute pocket, that completes the aerodynamic shape of the harness and improves its comfort and precision.

Flybubble note: It might take some Kortel staff two minutes to attach the pod (!) but will mostly likely take most others much longer than this, especially to begin with. As with all of the the modules for the Kuik II, fitting the Kocon Module is not quick and easy and takes some practice and patience."

The Kocon module has two storage pockets. One in the back, and an other one under the seat of the pilot, in front of the dorsal protection.

Of this fact the volume of storage is important, and especially, balanced. The flying position is not affected by a load too much mattering in the back.

Even more hardly, the compartment in which is it foam bag is accessible by a zipper, and during crash-test, we replaced it by various models of sleeping bags: all the tests widely stayed within the limits of the ratification LTF !

Kuik II so equipped thus becomes a very good harness of bivouac flight.

Note: This only includes the module. It does not include the Kuik II (Core) harness.


  • Removable Kocon (comfort).
  • Integrated cockpit and rescue container on the Kocon.
  • Packets far bivouac equipment.
  • Protection 1: 17cm bump-air (420g) or sleeping-bag (LTF certified).
  • Protection 2: Integral back airbag.
  • Dorsal pocket, which can increase the airbag capacity (if empty).

Sizes & weights


Pilot height



< 160 cm



< 180 cm



< 195 cm



  • EN 1651 & 12491
  • LTF 

User level: Intermediate - Expert 

Field of use: Cross country, competition, local flight, mountain.


  • Kuik II Kocon Module (speedbag) quick guide download
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Model Status Past model