Naviter Blade FANET+

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Blade is the ultimate flight instrument for hang gliding. Developed in cooperation with some of the best hang glider pilots worldwide, including multiple World and European Hang Gliding Champion Alex Ploner, the Blade provides all of the functionality required to win competitions and enjoy safe cross-country flights.


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Blade accessories

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Speed bar mounts for Blade

Hang glider speed bar mounts for Aeros, Icaro, Moyes and Wills Wing.

  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 5 cm

Upright mounts for Blade

Blade mounts for round and aerofoil shaped uprights

  • Weight: 0.06 kg
  • Dimensions: 18 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm

International Wall Charger

Wall charger featuring interchangeable plugs for UK (type G), Europe (type c), North America (type A/B) and Australia (type I).

  • Weight: approx 0.2 kg
  • Dimensions: approx 11.5 x 7.5 x 6 cm

Blade — your expert co-pilot

Blade presents all relevant information on a colour moving map, with airspeed and total energy compensation. For pilots who want all of the functionality to win competitions and enjoy safe cross-country flights.


  • Exceptionally accurate Total Energy compensated Vario for the quickest climb rate
  • Measured airspeed indicator with speed to fly
  • Very loud speaker
  • Individually configurable colour moving map
  • Touchscreen optimized for use with gloves
  • Incredibly slim and aerodynamic housing
  • Integrated Flarm/FANET+ module
  • Preloaded worldwide maps and airspace is easy to use works right out of the box
  • Colour screen which remains easy to read even in bright sunlight
  • Helps you find lift with the thermal assistant
  • Everything you need to fly far and win competitions!

Blade keeps you flying - for longer, further and faster...

The Blade difference

As most experienced pilots will testify, the cost of using a "cheap" flight instrument is the loss of many flying hours, miles flown and tasks won. The sooner you start flying with an instrument that truly assists you in making the right decisions, the better and longer your flights will become.

  • Teaching piloting excellence – let Blade be your expert co-pilot
  • Saves time – on and off the hill
  • Works when you need it – long autonomy, robust and best in class reliability
  • Exceptional customer support – we move mountains to keep you flying!

All of which combines to enable better, more skilful piloting, higher performance and the greatest chance of achieving your flight plan, however ambitious a goal you set for yourself.

The complete package

Every good pilot knows the value of having the right flight plan, the right navigation instrument and the insights gained from reviewing a flight.

When used in combination with SeeYou software, developed for the gliding and free flight community over nearly 20 years, the Blade is the complete package offering:

  • Pre-flight planning
  • In-flight navigation
  • Post-flight analysis

The choice of Champions

Blade has been developed in cooperation with some of the best hang glider pilots worldwide, including Alex Ploner, Tom Weissenberger, Matjaz Klemencic, France Peternelj and others!

When will you join them?

Blade - The Choice of Champions


  • Total Energy compensated vario
  • Airspeed sensor
  • Sunlight readable colour LCD
  • FANET+ to see other free-flight pilots around
  • FLARM transmit to be seen by some glider pilots and general aviation
  • Gloves friendly touchscreen
  • Slim and Aerodynamic
  • Thermal assistant
  • Wind assistant
  • Ready to fly - no setup
  • 12-hour autonomy (battery life)
  • XC Tasks created on moving map terrain with touch
  • Internet connection through Oudie Live for flight uploading
  • XC and FAI Triangles
  • 3D Airspace assistant
  • Immediate flight uploads and goal declaration
  • Easy and free software updates

Built on the proven Oudie platform

Blade runs the same software as the proven and tested Oudie models from Naviter. It adds hang-gliding specific sensors built into an aerodynamic pod.

Naviter Blade - built on the proven Oudie platform

Technical Specification


Size 435 x 105 x 20 mm
Weight 600 g
Airspeed Yes, measured by sensor
Vario Yes, Total Energy compensated vario
Pressure altitude Yes, high precision
Loudspeaker Yes, loud enough at 100 km/h
Built-in Flash 8GB
Battery autonomy > 12 h
Time to fully charge max. 6 h
Flight recorder Yes
Flight storage Practically unlimited
Operating temperature -15°c to +50°c


Display Sunlight readable 5″ TFT LCD
Resolution 480×272
Aspect ratio 16:9
Portrait Yes
Landscape Yes
Touchscreen Yes, optimized for use with gloves


Built-in GPS Yes, aviation-grade
FANET/Flarm Yes
External Flash Yes, Micro  SDHC
Bluetooth Yes


Languages 17
Moving map Yes
Preinstalled maps World-wide
Airspace data Yes, preinstalled
Software Updates Free
3D Airspace warning Yes
Final glide calculator Yes
Max. Altitude warning Yes
Thermal assistant Yes
OLC optimization Yes
FAI Triangle optimization Yes
Profiles Unlimited
Navboxes 66+
Flight statistics Yes
Task statistics Yes
60′ statistics Yes
Race to Goal Yes, automatic navigation
Task route optimization Yes, automatic
Assigned Area Tasks Yes
Wind calculator Yes
Units Metric/Imperial
File Replay Yes

Blade — your expert co-pilot

Naviter Blade pilot feedback

"... thanks for having built such a beautiful instrument for the hang gliding community"

- Alex Ploner, multiple World and European Hang Gliding Champion

"Blade is the answer to all of my flying needs. Whether I use it for a planned XC flight or an exciting competition task, it is my helpful friend who always shows me the right data to succeed in my goal of the day. I was often able to fly the optimum route because I saw the situation better with the data provided from the Blade."

- Matjaz Klemencic, hang glider pilot, Red Bull Athlete

"I am enjoying a lot flying using the best electronic for hang gliding ever made! Last month I have learned how to use the radar from the Blade, that is really awesome to fly together."

- Fabio Thomaz, hang glider pilot, hang gliding instructor

"I have been so impressed with everything to do with Naviter: The Oudie is head and shoulders the best instrument for XC and comps, the after sales support is faultless and they are the nicest people to deal with... perfect! Anyone serious about flying paragliders should have one of these."

- Guy Anderson, top XC & competition pilot

Naviter Blade flight instrument reviews

"... paragliding instruments have developed at a pace, leaving hang glider pilots feeling a bit left behind. No longer! Enter the new Naviter Blade, a dedicated hang gliding instrument encased in a beautiful aerodynamic pod, with a variety of different mounts to clip straight on to your hang glider and all the functions you could possibly need."

"Naviter have put a huge amount of time and effort into making sure the Blade is perfect before releasing it to the public."

"A very loud speaker... a lot louder than anything else I have used. A simple but big problem finally solved."

"This is the first hang gliding instrument I have used with a colour screen. It really helps with maps and airspace... It was very easy to see in the bright sunlight..."

"The Blade pairs this brilliant colour moving map to an overlaid airspace map, so you can fly closer to the airspace without accidentally crossing into it. The map uses the same software as the Oudie, which is what paraglider pilots have been using in competitions and XC for the last few years. You will love it!"

"Going back to an older instrument feels like swapping your new smartphone for a pager."

"The whole instrument was built for this teardrop shaped pod, which is also the slimmest on the market. It feels expensive and high quality." "It’s really well designed and I feel it’s the most aerodynamic choice on the market."

"Many top pilots are now flying with the Blade."

"In conclusion: The Blade is ideal for the competition or XC pilot. It is probably too much for the weekend pilot, but it is by far the most advanced hang gliding instrument I’ve ever flown. It’s high end, great build and very well thought-out. Everything you could want, finished in one sleek aerodynamic design."

- Luke Nicol, Cross Country Magazine (full review)

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Condition New
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model
Feature FANET+, Flarm Beacon