Naviter Hyper

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Perfectly configured as a stand alone instrument for everyday use, hike and fly adventures and cross-country missions. Also a great backup for your Oudie.

Hyper - Light, simple, powerful.

  • Pocket size (107 x 70 x 18 mm)
  • Lightweight (135 g)
  • Superb colour touch display (89 mm / 3.5" diagonal)
  • 12-36 hours battery autonomy
  • Excellent vario
  • Thermal assistant
  • Airspace
  • Hike and Fly mode
  • GPS task navigation
  • FAI Triangle assistant
  • OLC Optimization in flight
  • Wi-Fi for flight log and data transfer

Hyper gives you enough information to put you on track to your target, avoid airspace, accurately core and return to thermals, and make every thermal count.

Hike & Fly

Hike & Fly

For when every gram counts - we’ve kept weight down to 135 g. Despite this low weight and pocket size, battery life is between 12-36 hours. Plenty for a long weekend of Vol Biv...

In Hike & Fly mode, your ground based track log will also be recorded. You might not know where you'll end up, but your Hyper will have all the latest airspace and maps to help you.

Having contoured terrain in full colour helps you pick your way through unexplored back country.

Four Configurable Screens

Compass rose

Compass rose

The compass Rose makes direction finding a breeze. See which way you are heading and which way your track goes at a glance.

Wind direction and direction to last thermal are the other two key pieces of information presented here.

Map and Terrain #1

Map and Terrain #1

Map and terrain features are clearly seen on the customisable colour display.

Map and Terrain #2

Map and Terrain #2

Easily flip to an alternative Map screen, with for example a larger scale to make Airspace obvious, and with different Navbox information appropriate to competition flying.



Intuitive settings are accessed via the easy to read menu.

Intuitive, with a clear display and excellent touchscreen. Connected to our Wifi quickly and easily. Added my email and emailed myself a test flight, created using Hike and Fly mode. Easy peasy!


Thermal Assistant

Thermal Assistant

The Thermal Assistant automatically gives visual indication of the strongest lift areas in your present thermal.

Airspace View and warnings

Airspace View and warnings

Check your position relative to nearest airspace and view airspace to avoid down track.

A pop-up appears automatically when a potential airspace violation may occur, triggering a sound warning.

Waypoints and Go To

Waypoints and Go To

Comprehensive navigation to get you from where you are, to where you want to go.

Quickly see your track to target whilst Hyper performs advanced calculations of landing, distance, bearing and many other useful parameters.

The Go To function offers a quick way to select your current target in-flight.


Whether you fly XC, Competition or H&F, Hyper shows all you need to reach your goal.



It's surprisingly lightweight, the screen is bright and easy to read, and even with it's small size it is still easy to read from a few feet away. The combination of both touchscreen and buttons will be very nice when wearing gloves.


I find the form factor extremely sexy.


Accessories - Naviter Hyper Jacket in blue, yellow or pink!


New bright options to protect and mount your Hyper.

The silicone Hyper Jacket serves both as protection and a mounting solution for the Hyper. It has a hook fastener strip sewn into the back to make sure it doesn't go anywhere during your adventures.

More Features and Benefits

Of course, we have taken care of the basics, such as the exceptional Naviter vario, great build quality and after sales support.

Hyper – All you need, nothing you don’t.

Naviter Hyper reviews

"The Hyper is a great little unit, which works straight out of the box. It will do everything most pilots will ever want. More importantly, it is very easy to use in the air. Despite its size the screen is easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The combination of buttons and touchscreen work particularly well. It’s really an instrument that will accompany you through your flying career from soaring, using just the basic compass screen, to competition tasks." - Marcus King, Cross Country full review

"Overall it’s a bright and melodious little unit, with a lot of good things. If you value light weight and simplicity, colour screens and clear design, you’re getting some great functionality in the Naviter Hyper." - Greg Hamerton, Flybubble full review

Flybubble Naviter HYPER video review (fun)

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