Niviuk Artik 6

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The Artik 6 hails the dawn of a new era of XC flying where countless possible routes are waiting for you. A fusion of outstanding performance and accessibility to sate your hunger for kilometres.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN C

LTF Certification: LTF C



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Technical data

Size     21 23 25 27
CELLS NUMBER   66 66 66 66
ASPECT RATIO FLAT   6,3 6,3 6,3 6,3
AREA FLAT m2 21,5 23 24,5 27
  PROJECTED m2 18,33 19,61 20,89 23,02
SPAN FLAT m 11,64 12,04 12,42 13,04
CHORD MAX m 2,27 2,35 2,43 2,55
LINES TOTAL m 248 257 266 279
  MAIN   2-1/4/2 2-1/4/2 2-1/4/2 2-1/4/2
  ACCELERATOR mm 200 200 200 200
WEIGHT IN FLIGHT MIN-MAX kg 58 - 75 70 - 90 85 - 105 100 - 122
GLIDER WEIGHT   kg 4,3 4,4 4,7 5


Standard colours: Iceberg, Wasp, Volcano, Daiki.

Niviuk Artik 6 standard colours: Iceberg, Wasp, Volcano, Daiki

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the custom colour reference with your order.


  • Inner bag
  • Compression straps
  • Risers cover
  • Kit repair

Note: bag not included

Optional extras

Niviuk Artik 6 sports paraglider

Niviuk Artik 6: welcome to the revolution

Cross Country. EN/LTF C.

Revolutionising the EN C class

The incredibly high performance results from the incorporation of the Niviuk technologies: designed to provide an unparalleled flight experience.

We prioritise your safety, you achieve your goals

Greater damping and stability keep the wing solid in turbulence and in the different phases of a flight, thus increasing the enjoyment of flying.

Experience top level flying

An agile and intuitive wing guarantees fun in every flight. Glide performance similar to a high performance wing.


Targets & advantages

Cross country

Prepare to do some serious kilometres on a high-performance wing with excellent glide. Outstanding damping guarantees stability and comfort.


You will notice the high efficiency in thermals. Its high speed will take you to the top in the sport category.


A communicative wing that will allow you to continue learning safely but with added maneuverability and performance.

Niviuk Artik 6 sports wing

Non-stop performance

An improved profile and a tauter, more efficient leading edge give this wing greater speed and better climb rate in thermals compared to its predecessor.

Safety as a priority

The stabilo line is separate to assist the pilot in case of a small cravat. Greater turbulence damping.

Unprecedented stability

Its 3 liner condition has been chosen with the aim of having a more compact wing and with more cohesion in all the wingspan. This way, the wing is even more stable when big ears are applied.

A moderate aspect ratio benefits the wing in terms of solidity and uniformity, making it more compact.

Intuitive handling

Integrating the new C2B system into the risers allows to pilot the wing as a 2-liner. The C2B permits direct action from pilot on the airfoil without deformations. It also makes flying more comfortable and efficient when using the speed-bar.

The wing is docile in nature, simple to fly and its reactions easy to predict.

Niviuk Artik 6 sports wing

Artik 6 in detail

The perfect finish

High-quality workmanship for a cleaner finish and thus avoiding creases to reduce aerodynamic drag to the minimum.

New profile & internal structure based on X-One

The Artik 6 has a new profile and internal structure based on the know-how gained from the X-One.

A new airfoil better able to generate lift. Our investigations in computational simulation of fluid dynamics have allowed us to obtain the best compromise.

Leading edge

The Nitinol rods in this area are notable for their small diameter and the unmatched ease of use. This facilitates easier folding of the wing without having to worry about bending the rods.

Use of semi-light materials

Dokdo 40 g/m2 was used to make the leading edge more solid, and the remainder of the upper surface is in Dokdo 36 g/m2 to ensure durability. The undersurface is made from Dokdo 32 g/m2 to ensure its lightness. Together, this provides a lightweight but durable wing.

Improved C2B system with double pulley

New risers featuring an optimised C2B system for a more smooth and comfortable control of B and C attachments, achieving a greater efficiency when flying with speed-bar applied.

Optimised line plan

An optimised three-liner which minimises parasitic drag, compared to other hybrid models.

New attachment points distribution

The reorganisation of the attachment points results in a better force distribution and, therefore, an increase in the strength of the wing.



  • RSD
  • 3DL
  • 3DP
  • DRS
  • RAM
  • SLE
  • STE
  • TNT

Learn about Niviuk Paraglider Technologies

Niviuk Artik 6 & Artik 5 comparison

Niviuk Artik 6 & Artik 5 comparison

Artik 6 reviews

The Artik 6 feels to me like a mid C version of Niviuk's outstanding high B, XC class wing, the Ikuma 2, with a similarly very refined, smooth and comfortable feeling—with excellent performance and a superb sink/climb rate—for the class.

The Artik 6's handling is more sporty—more direct and dynamic/energetic—than its predecessor, the Artik 5, which I think is right for the class. It seems to me that most pilots who move up to the sports class wing do so for more dynamic handling, and more feeling—as well as more performance, of course!

In summary, I think the Artik 6 is a superb sports wing with well-balanced behaviour throughout, excellent all-round performance—especially an excellent climb-rate—and a very smooth, comfortable feel. I'm sure that many keen XC pilots looking for a comfortable yet sporty mid-C sports wing are going to dig this!

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

"The Artik 6 has a nice construction. Every detail is very well finished… slightly lighter than the Delta 4. Taking off… is really easy. No hardpoint, no surge, just good-mannered inflation.

After some hours, it seems that the Artik 6 is as comfortable as the Delta 4… the Artik 6 enters gently the rising air in moderate conditions. In stronger cores, the Artik 6 pulls you slightly toward the thermal, which is a really nice feature to my taste!

The Artik 6 with a 6.3 aspect ratio is not a busy glider to fly. On the contrary, it's a very accessible C glider. What I really liked is the ability to cut through the airmass and move forward quite efficiently! The Artik 6 slides through the airmass with very good efficiency in gliding power. For overall comfort the Artik 6 is much more comfortable to fly than the Cure 2, and similar to the Delta 4.

The Artik 6 can be turned in a very narrow core! The agility is exquisite! I really liked the way it turns into thermals. Overall I can say that the Artik 6 handling and thermal ability are very subtle and pleasurable.

The climb in weak stuff is very efficient... it is clear that the Artik 6 has a very good float ability that puts it at the top of that category. Really efficient… also impressive gliding capabilities at trim and also full bar! At half to the full bar, a pilot will have the performance of the best C’s of today. It seems that the Artik 6 performs better in moving air, when it can dig through the airmass move forward, and climb. A very good gliding machine for XC.

The speed system has a C2B pulley system, that you can use while on bar… The speed bar got me +16 km/h over the trim with a very good solid structure. The Artik 6 matches the top speed of the Delta 4 with probably even a tiny edge (both gliders exactly similarly loaded)! Finally inducing ears on the Artik 6 is easy and stable. I like that feature as it is also efficient to use.

What can I say… that I’m still trying to find any lesser than good points but in vain… Just because pilots would say… We only read positive comments! how boring it is!!!! Sorry to disappoint… That Artik 6 is just 'perfect'!! *Try it for yourselves at the right loads!!!*

Conclusion: Test flying new machines will always result in good or lesser good comments and I really hope that one day "some" manufacturers will understand that outcome and move forward without shooting the messenger. This time I got a special and complete product, rare to find.

The Artik 6 is definitely the best Artik ever produced. Why??? Just because it scores 9 over 10 in everything. Climb, glide, speed, stable ears, easy take-off, easy landing, high comfort, great usability, a pleasure to fly, superb agility, relatively light to carry… the truth has to be said clearly. The Niviuk R&D department has outdone itself… [they've] managed to deliver the most complete C glider…

I strongly suggest test flying the Artik 6… not to miss that beautiful and efficient machine."

- Ziad Bassil, Dustoftheuniverse (full review)

More reviews of this sports class dream machine to follow...




More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
Shipping Details 4-6 weeks
Model Status Current model