Niviuk Klimber 2 P (PAST MODEL)

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Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D


Superseded by the Niviuk Klimber 3

Klimber 2 P, the second generation of the Klimber P was created to offer a balance between low weight and high performance. A powerful two-liner to go further in hike & fly and cross-country. Naturally competitive, it was designed for the X-Alps.

Technical data

ASPECT RATIO FLAT 6.95 6.95 6.95
PROJECTED 5.35 5.35 5.35
AREA FLAT m2 20.3 21.5 23
PROJECTED m2 17.3 18.3 19.6
SPAN FLAT m 11.88 12.22 12.64
CHORD MAX m 2.15 2.22 2.29
LINES TOTAL m 193 199 206
MAIN 2-1/3 2-1/3 2-1/3
ACCELERATOR mm 150 150 160
WEIGHT IN FLIGHT MIN-MAX kg 60-78 75-93 88-105
GLIDER WEIGHT kg 2.67 2.78 2.9

*Total weight can vary +/- 2% due to variations on manufacturing process of fabric.


Standard colours: Blizzard (blue-lime-black), X-Alps (white-red-black).

Niviuk Klimber 2 P standard colours: Blizzard, X-Alps

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the custom colour reference with your order.


  • Klimber 2 P wing
  • Compression strap
  • Risers cover
  • Inner bag
  • Repair kit

Note: Backpack not included

Optional extras

Niviuk Klimber 2 P: Competitive legacy

Klimber 2 P: Competitive legacy

Ultralight with top drawer performance

High performance goes hand in hand with the super-light concept to create the ideal wing for competitions. It will exceed the expectations of pilots with an insatiable appetite for adventure.

An ideal companion

Control inputs get an immediate, direct and precise response. Maximum control and efficiency in all phases of flight, even during launches and landings in difficult terrain and conditions.

Technology of the future

The application of the latest Niviuk technologies is combined with the know-how obtained during the design of the latest generation of paragliders. The result is a wing designed for the best results in the disciplines of hike & fly and cross-country.

Target & advantages

Hike & Fly

Mountain lovers will find in the Klimber 2 P the ideal partner for any challenge. Perfect for those pilots who seek to reach high peaks and then travel long XC distances with the most internally optimised wing designed by Niviuk so far.

Hike & fly in competitions

This high-performance machine is perfect for difficult launches and landings. The wing is solid and efficient even in turbulent conditions. Lightness is guaranteed with this wing from our Plume range.


Travel far with a highly evolved wing in terms of glide and thermal performance. It has a smaller packing volume thanks to the new thinner Nitinol rods, which makes the wing more compact and practical for multi-day adventures.

Most efficient performance

  • This two-liner has proven efficiency in flight. Its performance has been increased and drag reduced.
  • Excellent thermal performance due to the ease of making precise, tight turns.
  • Progressive stall: this attribute is especially beneficial for X-Alps pilots, since the wing permits tricky landings while always remaining under control.
  • The maximum speed has been increased compared to the first Klimber P due to the application of advanced two-liner technology and the new profile. The result is the perfect wing for the X-Alps, where long valley crossings or flying into a headwind is common.
  • In terms of glide, the wing resembles the Peak 5, feedback is clear and rising air and good lines are easily exploited.
  • The knowledge acquired in the X-One and Artik 6 developments has allowed us to achieve a very efficient pitch stability, the wing gliding through the air mass converting it to energy.

The most comfortable flying ever

  • New Ergo handles: ensure efficient and comfortable piloting, and which allow direct B-riser steering.
  • Due to its lightness, it is very easy to take off in all kinds of weather conditions, and even with a tail wind the wing inflates easily. It is also easily manageable in strong winds.
  • Stabilo: connected directly to the B-riser. This is the way to ensure that the wing tips stay solid during acceleration, as well as providing greater control during tricky landings.
  • The wing provides clear and useful feedback.
  • It is a user-friendly wing - compact and solid even in strong turbulent air.
  • From the first flight the pilot will feel confident and comfortable.

Even more lighter

  • New internal structure: an optimised design with improved distribution of force and tension, providing a lighter and more durable internal structure compared to its predecessor.
  • Many hours have been spent running 3D stress simulations to make the internal structure as light as possible, without compromising the robustness of the wing.
  • The wing is made from light materials to achieve the best weight possible.

Klimber 2 P in detail

New internal structure

It features a new distribution of structural cross-vents in both the ribs and diagonals. Fewer attachment points combined with complex reinforcements to ensure maximum structural strength using minimum material. The application of RSD technology improves the load distribution in the diagonals, benefiting the wing in terms of weight and reducing risk of deformation over time.

New profile

The new profile has made it possible to exponentially optimise pitch stability. The wing maintains above the pilot's head and glides effortlessly using the airmass as energy. The new profile features a centre of pressure that locates lift in the optimum area to achieve the best balance in terms of stability, speed and performance.

New Nitinol

Thinner Nitinol rods have been used, which are much lighter, while retaining the same properties as the ones previously used. This makes packing and storage easier while making the wing as light as possible.

New combination of materials used in the serial version

Skytex 27 g has been used on the upper surface and Dokdo 25 g has been applied on the undersurface to guarantee the best compromise for lightness. Skytex 27 g Hard has been used for the ribs.

Optimised leading and trailing edge

The leading edge has a very taut surface (3DL technology) and no creases due to the high quality finish, which increases performance. Combined with 3DP technology, the leading edge maintains its shape and avoids deformation. Both technologies improve the durability of the glider.

The use of DRS technology at the trailing edge also increases performance by reducing aerodynamic drag.

New orientation of the profile angles

The orientation of each profile has been optimised to the air flow. Together with STE and DRS technologies, drag is minimised and glide is improved in all flight conditions.

Niviuk technologies

  • RSD
  • 3DL
  • 3DP
  • DRS
  • IKS
  • RAM
  • SLE
  • STE
  • TNT

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Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Model Status Past model