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Status: Past model

Condition: New

Klimber P is the first lightweight high-performance EN D Niviuk wing. Fully certified, this new model is intended for those pilots who want more: more performance, more aerodynamics, more adrenaline. Ideal for those who want to exceed their current limits, expert pilots who are insatiable for adventure flights, hike & fly and vol-biv aficionados who are looking for a tool to match their highest expectations.

Technical data

cells - number 66 66 66
cells - closed 14 14 14
cells - box 31 31 31
flat - area (m2) 21 22,5 24,5
flat - span (m) 12,08 12,5 13,05
flat - aspect ratio 6,95 6,95 6,95
projected - area (m2) 17,95 19,24 20,95
projected - span (m) 9,74 10,08 10,52
projected - aspect ratio 5,28 5,28 5,28
flattening (%) 15 15 15
cord - maximum (m) 2,18 2,26 2,36
cord - minimum (m) 0,45 0,47 0,49
cord - average (m) 1,7 1,8 1,9
lines - total meters (m) 227,1 235,4 246,1
lines - height (m) 7,3 7,56 7,9
lines - number 216 216 216
lines - main 3+1/2/2/ 3+1/2/2 3+1/2/2
risers (3) A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C
trims (mm) NO NO NO
accelerator (mm) 150 150 150
total weight in flight (min-max (kg)) 65-85 70-90 85-110
glider weight (kg) 3,25 3,4 3,56
certification (EN/LTF) D D D


Standard colours: Sour, Spider


  • Glider
  • Backpack*
  • Inner bag
  • Compression straps
  • Riser covers
  • Repair kit

*Glider size 20 & 22: Kargo 85. Glider size 24: Kargo 85 or Kargo 150.


Discover the potential of a wing capable of accompanying you on unprecedented adventures. Forge new possibilities and wave goodbye to old limitations.


The result of our obsession to create the perfect balance between super-lightness and unrelenting performance.


An extremely light and compact wing with the capacity to offer immediate, direct and precise responses at any point and during any conditions.


Feel the comfort and availability of pure performance. A wing with competition genes, adapted for your extraordinary adventures.

More about Klimber P

The main objective of the R&D team was to find the perfect compromise between maximum performance and the least possible weight and volume. The result is that packing, carrying and flying the Klimber P is not only comfortable, it is an extraordinary experience. And all this, of course, meets the maximum safety standards and guarantees that are the hallmark of our company.

The Klimber P features a surprisingly short and fast take off, is totally consistent and without the tendency to over-shoot. For this reason the pilot is able to take off from the steepest slope, the narrowest ridge or the most irregular terrain, even in the most complex weather conditions.

Fundamental in the design and construction of this model has been the combination of technologies and materials which are light but extremely high quality: the upper cascade is made from unsheathed Dyneema and the lower cascade and main lines are made from unsheathed Edelrid; 5.5 mm Dyneema risers, Interlock System (IKS) instead of the classic maillons, the upper and lower surface is made from ultra-light 27g Porcher cloth; the reinforced leading edge uses 32g cloth and Nitinol rods have allowed us to reduce weight and they permit better airflow into the sail thanks to their ability to keep the shape of the cell openings intact. Finally, the internal wing architecture has been optimised to reduce the weight of the diagonal and profile ribs, which always maintain an optimum load capacity.

The performance factor is noticeable from first flight. The Klimber P has an incredible climb capacity thanks to its profile and trimming, designed to quickly take advantage of any rising thermal.

With a top speed approaching 60 km/h, the pilot will be able to maintain the perfect line through the effective glide offered by the wing. The effective glide is due to the ultra-lightness of the wing and its efficient aerodynamic profile.

However, all the potential and performance that this wing is capable of is only useful under one simple condition: that the pilot knows how to handle it. The manoeuvrability of this new model is a factor that merits special attention. The result: the Klimber P is a 3-liner that feels like a 2-liner; piloting it with the C-risers provides more performance while not deforming the profile, thereby gaining the speed and glide previously achieved. It is a super precise and responsive wing, with a brake cascade that allows the pilot to have a maximum control of the glider even in strong turbulence.

With an aspect ratio of 7, the wing never feels unstable and remains compact and solid at all times. Also, the reduced weight of the Klimber P, far from resulting in violent or inert reactions, gives it a totally predictable character which provides excellent, useful feedback.

Finally, the long and smooth brake travel provides a wide range of speeds and allows absolute control, an essential advantage especially when landing in narrow or complicated places. With the Klimber P the pilot can study their options and select the landing spot without the risk of stalling and after a precise landing, can complete or continue their epic adventure.

Like all P series gliders, the Klimber P comes with IKS 1300 kg (a connecting system to join the lines to the risers) as standard. Being 25 times lighter (0.2 g), the IKS system has a load-bearing break point of 1300 kg, compared to the 800 kg of the classic maillons. IKS is an ultralight connection system specially designed for mountain and lightweight equipment.


Kilmber P paraglider technologies:

Niviuk Klimber P reviews

German magazine Thermik and Free Aero coincided in their veredicts on Niviuk’s glider: "… In terms of climb and glide performance, the Klimber P is amongst the top current vol-biv gliders".

The extensive review of the German magazine focussed heavily on the Klimber P’s take off characteristics, stating that in nil wind, and even with a tailwind, the wing is amazingly easy to launch. They also identify three main advantages of the wind when taking off in strong/cross winds: "The glider does not overshoot and its pitch control is sensational. Despite its light weight, the wing is perfectly behaved when laid out - even at 20km/h. Even in cross wind, the wing will climb straight overhead and is easily correctable. Collapses are extremely rare".

Free Aero highlights the following about the take-off: "On the ground, the Klimber P behaves well and, despite its aspect ratio, the wing tips remain docile. The inflation is easy in all conditions. This is a real advantage for a wing which will often be used in difficult, narrow, rocky, steep take-offs…"

In the air, the magazines found the Klimber P to be precise, direct and with short brake travel. Thermik wrote: "The Klimber P is a ‘well-rounded’ wing; its well-balanced overall design concept in many ways could be described as the ‘golden mean’. Its balanced wing characteristics (not too hard or soft) should appeal to many pilots. Good sail tension, multiple turning possibilities and precise responsiveness result in a harmonious handling. One immediately feels good under the wing".  Free Aero is not far behind: "… the big advantage of this wing, is more, over and above the pure performance, its capacity to fly without flinching, accelerate as if on a rail, in a moving, even turbulent, air flow, whilst being amazingly comfortable for the pilot. The wing is certified EN D, but it feels like flying an easy C. Amazing!"

Free Aero also highlights the implementation of Nitinol technology: "Nitinol? Niviuk is currently the only manufacturer to integrate into most of its wings Nitinol, which reinforce the leading edges. This Nickel/Titanium alloy is heavily used in medicine and offers obvious advantages: great elasticity, shape memory, very small diameter, very light and unbreakable. The rods tension the leading edge, and above all, allow it to be folded without any constraints, unlike nylon leading edge rods. The friction surface in contact with the ground has been minimised and the ageing of the wing is much better, compared to plastic rods".

Read the original Thermik article here. (English Translation here)

Read the original Free Aero article here.

The new Klimber P is exactly what I’ve been looking for in an extremely light weight high performance glider that is perfect for hike and fly adventures. This high aspect wing weighs just 3.36 kg (size 22), is a breeze to launch and though active to fly. Has a very strong leading edge that is extremely resistant to collapse (I’ve yet to have one), turns very easily, is lovely to manage on the ground in windy conditions and is excellent at sniffing out light thermals. For experienced vol-biv pilots who desire to fly big distances, it is the perfect XC tool!

- Gavin McClurg - USA

In my opinion the Klimber P is an efficient and easy to use wing in all conditions, whether it is its inflation, acceleration or its behaviour in very turbulent air. Even with an aspect ratio of 6.95, it remains damped, active and precise in turn. It's a great cross-country wing to take everywhere. I love its reduced weight and volume!
In short, a great glider with no faults, it will triumph!

- Julien Irilli - France

It is a beautiful wing. I flew it in difficult conditions, in strong and gusty winds with thermals of +7/8 m/s. It takes off perfectly. We took off from a very small area where our feet could hardly fit. It is exceptional, providing excellent clear feedback. It is efficient, safe, fast in a headwind and spectacular when landing. I landed in Agordo with a 30 km/h wind and I had no problems. As I said, an amazing wing.

- Mirco de Col - Italy


Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Past model
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D

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