Maillon Rapide Special Narrow Square Stainless Steel 6.0mm

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This is a special narrower version of the standard 6mm square maillon suitable for narrower loops on reserves and bridles.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Special Narrow Square
  • Steel diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Total length: 55 mm
  • Internal length: 43 mm
  • Internal width: 25 mm
  • WLL: 450 kg
  • BL: 2250 kg
  • Weight: 44 g

Use as single point, master connection between your parachute bridle loop (which generally comes with your parachute) and a Y-bridle (which normally comes with your harness, or is purchased as an accessory). Suitable for attaching single point reserves to bridles, mostly used for 10 – 20 mm flat webbing. Ideally use a neoprene cover (Flybubble recommends the Gin Maillon Rapide Cover), elastic bands or heat shrink to stop movement and rotation once fitted.

The best strength/weight connector on the market, manufactured in France by Peguet.

Ideal for any application calling for reliable strength, smallest size and lightest weight.

NOTE: Steel maillons are stamped with a "working load limit" (WLL) corresponding to 20% of their minimum breaking strength (BL). The WLL is the maximum load the manufacturer guarantees will not deform the maillons, allowing opening of the screw closure with fingers.

WARNING: When using steel maillons, double-check and triple-check that they are screwed shut properly as part of every pre-flight check. Tightening should be done with fingers. A spanner may be used carefully, just give them a ‘nip’. Threadlock compound or liquid is not recommended.

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