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Everything you want in a tandem wing!

Phi CONCERTO: for the best shared performance in the air

CONCERTO: for the best shared performance in the air

Our team has many years of experience in the construction of tandem paragliders. As a result the CONCERTO offers safety, reliability, robustness and extraordinary usability to best support the professional pilot and make daily tandem flying enjoyable.

Designer's Note

Only 3 line sets (ABC), indestructible PPSL for the heavily loaded A and B lines, double zigzag technology, finger diagonals, flexible reinforcements in the leading edge and aerofoil, high quality cloth, a removable bigear tool, very efficient trimmers and a huge weight range. Everything you want in a tandem wing.

Hannes Papesh

Technical Data

name (size)

L (38)

number of cells
projected span (m) 11.42
projected area (m²) 35.52
projected aspect ratio
flat span (m) 14.68
flat area (m²) 41.95
flat aspect ratio
line length (m) 8.75
total line length (m) 379
maximum chord (m) 3.55
minimum chord (m) 0.84
weight (kg) 7.6
recommend weight range 120-240kg
certification  (EN/LTF)
Porcher Skytex 38, Easyfly
risers 3+1
riser length (mm) 350
trim travel (mm) 70


Classification report.


Standard colours: CC1 (Orange-Dark Red-White), CC2 (Royal Blue-Sangria-White)

Phi CONCERTO standard colours: CC1 (Orange-Dark Red-White), CC2 (Royal Blue-Sangria-White)

Custom colours (extra cost, longer delivery)

This wing can be ordered in custom colours. Colours can be chosen from the available serial colours. There is an extra cost and longer delivery time for this; see product options. Full payment is required in advance for all custom colour orders, and one placed these orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Quoted delivery times are estimates, and may take longer. Email us your desired custom colours with your order, ideally with both text and a screenshot.


The CONCERTO has only 3 main risers (ABC), with an A2 line to faciliate bigears. The bigear system is removable.


The main secret of the CONCERTO are his genes. Even with a max weight of 240kg and open trimmers, it is still an A rated wing! The outstanding genes of the SYMPHONIA made this possible. But the CONCERTO is not just an upscaled SYMPHONIA! There have been important changes to adapt the SYMPHONIA concept to the demands of a tandem glider.

Scope of Delivery

Glider, backpack, compression strap, inner bag.

Phi backpack and inner bag

The PHI rucksack is designed to be reduced and light, but still robust and convenient to carry. It can be packed very small, to minimize storage space in the harness.

Concerto reviews & pilot feedback

I am genuinely loving this Tandem. Now, I have as much fun when working flying the Tandem, as I do when I fly solo. Impeccable behavior on all points of flight. So easy to launch, so easy to land. The most benign takeoff and landing behavior of any tandem I have yet flown. Amazing glide. But most of all, this glider loves to Thermal :-) Stunning behavior in thermals!

- Nick Bamber, CFI of Pembrokeshire Paragliding (video review below)

"Just flew my Concerto again. So easy to launch, thermal and the speed and glide is amazing...I am impressed!"

- David Hanning

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN A
LTF Certification LTF A
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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