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Model Status: Past model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B

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Superseded by the PHI MAESTRO 2

The new 'high B' XC wing from Hannes Papesh and team, MAESTRO!

Technical data

Size (number)

S (19)*

M (21)

ML (22)

L (23)

XL (25)

standard weight range (kg) 65-85 75-95 83-103 90-110 105-130
extended weight range (kg) 85-90 95-100 103-108 110-115 130-135
certified weight range (kg) 65-90 75-100 83-108 90-115 105-135
flat area (m²) 22.56 24.91 26.1 27.27 29.68
projected area (m²) 19.21 21.21 22.22 23.21 25.27
flat aspect ratio 5.56 5.56 5.56 5.56 5.56
projected aspect ratio 4.01 4.01 4.01 4.01 4.01
number of cells 60 / 120 60 / 120 60 / 120 60 / 120 60 / 120
weight (kg) 4.3 4.6 4.75 4.9 5.2
flat span (m) 11.2 11.77 12.05 12.31 12.85
projected span (m) 8.78 9.22 9.44 9.65 10.07
line length (m) 6.66 6.99 7.16 7.32 7.63
total line length (m) 221.4 232.5 237.9 243.2 253.8
maximum chord (m) 2.51 2.64 2.7 2.76 2.88
minimum chord (m) 0.56 0.59 0.61 0.62 0.65
certification (EN/LTF) B B B B (B)
riser length (mm) 540 540 540 540 540
speedway (mm) 180 180 180 180 200

*If the MAESTRO size S (19) is too large then Phi offer sizes XS (17) and XSS (18) of the MAESTRO X-alps.

Weight ranges

Phi MAESTRO weight ranges


Standard colours: CC1 (Blue-Orange); CC2 (Orange-Blue); CC3 (Lime-Blue); CC4 (Red-White)

Phi MAESTRO colours (CC3 and CC4 colours are not yet finalised, to be confirmed)

Custom colours (extra cost, longer delivery)

This wing can be ordered in custom colours. Colours can be chosen from the available serial colours. There is an extra cost and longer delivery time for this; see product options. Full payment is required in advance for all custom colour orders, and one placed these orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Quoted delivery times are estimates, and may take longer. Email us your desired custom colours with your order, ideally with both text and a screenshot.


Wing, concertina bag, repair material.

Phi MAESTRO: a NEW AGE in High B!

MAESTRO: the comeback!

The MAESTRO is the long awaited comeback of Hannes Papesh in the High B class. This wing exceeds the very high expectations.

Designer's note

The High B class is very important to me. It is my special discipline: over a long period of time, in collaboration with my test pilots, I have succeeded in developing outstanding wings in this class.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I could not build a glider in this class for 6 years (MENTOR 3). The MAESTRO is our comeback. Many have been waiting for this wing. We took our time to calmly develop a glider that is continuing our tradition.

Hannes Papesh

Phi MAESTRO: a NEW AGE in High B!


The secrets of the MAESTRO are the extremely low line drag in combination with a clean, optimized sail, amongst other things.

Phi MAESTRO: a NEW AGE in High B!


Porcher Skytex 32 / 27


Standard: Comfort R01

Optional: Semilight C Handle R07

See Phi risers

MAESTRO reviews

"What I like most about the MAESTRO is its exceptionally well-balanced all-round behaviour, and big fun factor. The semi-light construction and low pack volume is appreciated. Light and compact yet still durable enough for playing around on the ground. Superbly well-balanced behaviour in inflation and launch. It is a real joy to kite around the hill."

"Pilots looking for an all-round top performing XC Class wing who like nippy, responsive handling, the ability to turn on a sixpence yet climb very efficiently at the same time, excellent energy conversion, crisp feedback and a big fun factor are likely to LOVE the MAESTRO. It’s a wing that’s been designed for those with a bit more sensitivity, who like to know what’s going on in the air around them... "

"Tight, broken and weak areas of lift is where the MAESTRO really shines, pilots will find themselves often able to turn tighter than most other wings, honing in more on a small core. As well as the responsive handling and excellent energy retention, I am sure that the moderate aspect ratio of the wing contributes to its tight turning ability. ... a very pleasing increase in climb rate, more akin to what you might expect from a higher-rated wing."

"The MAESTRO gives a relatively high level of feedback for its class, similar to the Gin Explorer, but with a lower pilot demands–most likely related to the MAESTRO’s much lower aspect ratio–especially on the ground. ... it is exceptionally well behaved for its class."

"The exceptional performance of the MAESTRO combined with the undemanding nature in turbulence hits the sweet spot for me. The feeling of being connected with the air generates pilot happiness: it puts me in the moment and makes me smile."

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble (full feedback)

"Exceptional, joyful manoeuvrability, great precision in turns. Superb sink rate, climbs like a dream! In my opinion it's the highest performing true 'High B' (XC class) wing available. Most of all, my MAESTRO makes me smile!"

- Nancy Elliott, Flybubble (full feedback)

"I found the MAESTRO has the right level of agility and active flying comfort to offer the right progression for me. The wing gives me more feedback on what the air is doing. The risers, line layout and colours are clear and easy to manage, which makes ground-handling a doddle."

"Overall I love the dynamic handling of the wing and the fun feeling I get when flying it. Since this is the most important factor to me, I chose the MAESTRO over all the other wings I tried."

- Boris Tyszko, Flybubble (full feedback)

"... it’s at the top of the class when gliding, and it has an efficient thermaling turn. I expect during XC flying you’ll only start pulling away from a good pilot on a MAESTRO by stepping up to a two-liner and attempting long into-wind transitions. This means that for most pilots, it’s all you’ll ever need."

"... there's something special about this wing. It's absolutely worth testing if you are in the market for a high B wing for XC flying."

- Greg Hamerton, Flybubble (full review)

"The finish details and construction are excellent!" "... the launching of the Maestro is super easy and well behaved"

"... the brake pressure that feels ‘perfect’. Not hard at all, nor too light!" "The response on the brakes are immediate!" "... with a high degree of precision, that is rare to find on a high B glider! Pure pleasure for the pros!"

"I can flawlessly confirm the excellent climbing abilities of the Maestro! This glider behaves and delivers exactly like a competition glider... in its climbing properties in strong air as it converts thermals into efficient lift."

"The Maestro surges forward in a good climb, without any pitch back at all. I mean it moves forward very quickly in climbing mode and coring the well built thermal."

"In windy and challenging conditions or facing the valley breeze, the Maestro will deliver good climbing when encountering strong thermals! Those characteristics are rare to be found on a B glider!" "I can confirm that it climbs very close... as the higher certified gliders in strong thermals." "I have to mention that keeping it flying is very rewarding... Just like flying some high rated gliders. A delight!"

"Doing some long glides with the Maestro at trim and at full bar showed me a super competitive glide angle... putting the Maestro on the top regarding gliding power. It’s gliding in moving air and difficult conditions that the Maestro could be quite rewarding."

"The Maestro is definitely ‘not’ your first B glider. Not even after one small season on your first low B glider… The Maestro has some super fine qualities, and delivers impressive and valuable information for the keen pilot. It takes an experienced pilot to appreciate it, and to use it at its full potential."

"Talking for the B category, the Maestro is like a Samurai sword if you know what i mean. It can cut swiftly and cleanly, if you seek it or know how to use it. Pilots flying some C’s and even D’s wanting a great weapon for XC with B certification, will cherish the Maestro feel and qualities.

Pilots flying high B gliders for a season, will find in the B certified Maestro, the educative feedback that will allow them to understand and fly later higher rated gliders." "Trim speed is slightly faster than the Rush 5, Swift 5. Top speed is around 2 km/h more than the Swift 5 similarly loaded."

"Conclusion: The best impressions you get is immediately after landing. Right? This is one of the few times I enjoy test flying a B glider. It’s like driving an “everyday” Sports car! Comfortable enough but pleasurable to drive."

"The Maestro has a complete package of top overall performance, agile feel of a dynamic but “balanced” high B glider. Flying pleasure awaits you with spices for the refined gastronomist ! :-) For those flying qualities, test flying it is a must."

- Ziad Bassil, Dust of the universe (full review)

Watch Flybubble's video review of the Phi MAESTRO below.

MAESTRO pilot feedback

"It's like a box of chocolates, with only the good ones left!"

- Simon Steel, Flybubble

"The inflation and launch were easy... " "... I was very impressed by how efficient the glider was and how little height I lost on glides." "The glider provides a lot of feedback about the air it’s travelling through."

"One of the reasons I’m looking for a higher spec wing is because I feel that I fly through light lift sometimes without feeling it. The Maestro seemed to point out every little bit of lift and seems to get lift even on small bubbles that my Golden would just fly through. This gets even better on bar — it is difficult to feel the air on the Golden while on speed bar. On the Maestro I had a better feeling of the air while accelerated."

"The efficiency of the wing was highlighted by the sound it made. I can hear the whistling lines on the Golden when at speed. On the Maestro, a few times I thought I heard the faint sound of a jet before realising it was the wing! The fewer lines on the Maestro make very little noise... "

"The air got quite rough near the mountains and I had two asymmetric 30% collapses on both sides of the wing. In both asymmetric collapses, I didn’t notice any change in direction or pitch." "A 50% asymmetric collapse encouraged me to get out of there. The Maestro behaved very well again and didn’t change direction or pitch in this collapse."

"Overall, I am very impressed by the Maestro. I felt very comfortable and safe flying it even in rough conditions and despite providing more feedback than my Golden, the workload isn’t any greater. I was also super impressed by the glide..."

- Hammed Malik, XC pilot

Phi Promise Guarantee

All PHI wings are covered by the Phi Promise Guarantee. All damages repaired in the first year of use.

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PHI Promise Guarantee

All PHI wings are covered by the PHI Promise Guarantee. All damages repaired in the first year of use.

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More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Model Status Past model