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The SYMPHONIA is a super-high A wing, bringing entirely new levels of performance to it's class. Never before has this kind of performance been combined with such a high level of safety and comfort, expanding the horizons for safety-conscious pilots.

Phi SYMPHONIA super-high A wing

Phi: there's no stopping revolution

The SYMPHONIA is a super-high A wing which benefits from highly advanced technologies: 50 cells, internally sewn mini-ribs, double 3D shaping, brake reef system across the wingspan, 32g high quality Porcher cloth, diagonal finger straps, highly reduced rigging, unsheathed lines, and wrinkle-reducing reinforcements.

These complex techniques in combination with a very clean surface finish widen the performance frame in the A class by a significant margin.

Never before has this kind of performance and speed been combined with such a high level of safety and comfort.

Never before has this kind of performance been safely flyable for so many pilots.

Phi SYMPHONIA bordeaux-white

Designer's note

Our PHI SYMPHONIA is opening the door to a new era: high performance wings have reached A class safety. A pilot can develop himself and choose to fly a simple training hill wing, a classical beginner wing or finally a high performance wing without taking more risks by leaving the A class.

The idea to expand the usual one dimensional relation between gliders classification and complexity, however, is not new. Traditionally, A wings are technically very simple, as D wings are very complex. Building technically complex wings in the A class is extruding the scale to a two dimensional field: the relationship between classification and complexity is not linear any more.

Some years ago, I was able to push the limits by a revolution in the B class with the Mentor 2 and 3. These low aspect ratio wings were found on the top of the XC rankings and impressed many high-performance pilots who normally flew more demanding wings.

Through progress in technology and knowledge it is now possible to repeat the same in the A class. The SYMPHONIA is resuming the revolution of safe, low aspect ratio wings!

As the B class got wider and wider in recent years, the next logical step was to raise a new standard by presenting a high-performance wing in the A class. Enjoy!

Hannes Papesh

Phi SYMPHONIA petrol-white

Technical data

name (size)18 (XS)20 (S)22 (M)24 (L)26 (XL)
number of cells 50 50 50 50 50
projected span (m) 8.18 8.59 8.99 9.40 9.76
projected area (m²) 18.24 20.08 22.02 24.05 25.93
projected aspect ratio 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67
flat span (m) 11.52 11.04 11.56 12.08 12.54
flat area (m²) 21.54 23.72 26.00 28.40 30.62
flat aspect ratio 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14 5.14
line length (m) 6.27 6.58 6.89 7.20 7.48
total line length (m) 218.30 229.10 239.90 250.70 260.30
maximum chord (m) 2.55 2.67 2.80 2.93 3.04
minimum chord (m) 0.60 0.63 0.66 0.69 0.72
weight (kg) 4.10 4.30 4.50 4.70 4.95
weight range (kg) 55-75 65-85 75-95 90-110 105-130
certification (EN/LTF) A A A A A
material top-, buttomsail, inside Porcher 32, Porcher 38 Porcher 32, Porcher 38 Porcher 32, Porcher 38 Porcher 32, Porcher 38 Porcher 32, Porcher 38
risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1
speedway (mm) 150 150 150 170 170

Phi SYMPHONIA revolutionary EN A wing

Weight ranges

Phi SYMPHONIA weight ranges

Serial Colours (standard)

Standard 'serial' colours: CC2 Red-Petrol; CC4 Bordeaux-White; CC9 Orange-Petrol; CC13 Blue-Sun.

Serial Colours (standard)

Custom colours (extra cost, longer delivery)

This wing can be ordered in custom colours. There is an extra cost and longer delivery time for this; see product options. Full payment is required in advance for all custom colour orders, and once placed these orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Quoted delivery times are estimates, and may take longer. Email us your desired custom colours with your order, ideally with both text and a screenshot.

Many colour combinations in different designs are possible!

First, choose the design you prefer:

  • Standard full stripes
  • 6 stripes (3 per side, like TENOR)
  • 3 stripes (one side)
  • Two-tone (2/3 one colour, 1/3 another colour)
  • Mono-colour

Next, choose your colours from the Porcher colours table below.

For inspiration, see some examples below.

Custom colours (extra cost, longer delivery)

Porcher colours table

Choose from the cloth manufacturer Porcher's colour table below.

Porcher colours table


After the first comparison flights, pilots usually ask about the secrets of the SYMPHONIA. Since it has the technical complexity of a modern high level B-wing, the performance is surprisingly high. Especially against the wind the SYMPHONIA shows its performance potential impressively by pulling forward, when it picks up the energy of a gust, instead of banking up and getting slower.

Phi SYMPHONIA ground handling

The airfoil shows a very high level of stability and form stiffness, but collapses softly and reacts harmlessly in case of a deflation. We also love the clean surface finish. The outstanding technical skills and craftmanship of our factory (Aerodynamics in Sri Lanka) have made it possible to make the 3D shaping canopy seams and colour design cleaner than ever before. In combination with a new, optimized 3D shaping concept, the airfoil smoothness has reached a new level.

Some secrets we will keep to ourselves, but an important factor for this success is time: the time that the development team took to improve the prototypes and to reach the target of A rating safety without restraining performance and speed.

Phi SYMPHONIA joyful flying

Phi SYMPHONIA reviews

"The Symphonia offers the performance, more responsive handling and good feeling of a mid B wing with true EN A safety. A real game-changer in the EN A category. Hats off to Hannes!"

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble (full review)

The SYMPHONIA is designed as a ‘high-performance wing in the A class’ which makes it a bit of a genre-buster. It’s not a school training wing (although I’d be happy to let a friend play on a sand dune with it), it’s not necessarily a First wing either (although talented beginners in mild climates could handle it) where it is similar to the Advance Alpha 6 in its ability to provide both safe handling and excess performance. Such a wing would normally fit into our Progression Class (mid EN B) along with Nova Ions and Skywalk Tequilas. However, the speed, responsive handling and promised performance could make it achieve similarly to the XC class, which has many wings of a high EN B certification (by ‘high’ we mean ‘only just in the class’ – any hotter and they’d be EN C). The SYMPHONIA straddles all three groups while delivering EN A safety levels. As Hannes Papesh promises, “Expanding the horizons for safety-conscious pilots.”

- Greg Hamerton, Flybubble (first impressions)

"Hannes set about creating a wing that has good performance and feeling with EN-A safety. The Symphonia certainly delivers on this.

When I reviewed the Mentor 2 there was much talk of its performance but in my view the handling was just as special. With the Symphonia Hannes has repeated the same trick, providing great performance but also refined and agile handling for the class.

But who is the wing for? On the one hand it feels very easy to fly and some may think as it is an EN-A it is a first wing. I’m not sure. Of course a talented beginner could fly it quite happily, but personally I think it fits more into second wing cross-country beginner territory. It has all the flyability of the best Mid-B wings and the performance to match with added passive safety.

I think this is a wing for cross-country flying and extending your skill set; it will reward your flying. It’s a wing that goes beyond the simple single letter of its certification, a wing that fits what the designer set out to create.

In fact it’s a wing that has made me really think about what I actually need to enjoy my flying. Unless I am flying comps do I really need anything more?"

- Marcus King, XC mag (full review)

"A pilot flying a more dynamic hot B or C rated wing is going to notice a difference in the way it handles and gives feedback, but if you’re looking for high safety and reassurance while keeping close to ‘high B’ performance, you’ll be happy with the Phi Symphonia."

- Nancy Elliott, Flybubble (full review)

Greg's first impressions video review of the Phi SYMPHONIA...

Carlo and Nancy's full video review of the Phi SYMPHONIA...

Symphonia pilot feedback

"It's not often I'm driven to write a review of anything but I absolutely love this wing! I also can't fault the Flybubble service - they've always been generous with part exchanging old gear, and giving their time. I don't buy anything from anyone else now." -  Mungo Morris, Flybubble customer

"The Symphonia is an awesome wing. It glides amazingly well. It climbs effortlessly. What is most amazing is the way it stays over your head, effortless pitch control. I'm really enjoying flying XC with it." - Rolf Schatzmann

"Every now and then a new wing comes along that is so unique and extraordinary that it totally blows away its class, setting a new, much higher standard. In my opinion, the PHI Symphonia is that wing, and it has shattered what we think of as the EN A class." PHI Symphonia: in a nutshell: "I am extremely, extremely impressed. It launches very easily in light winds and can be controlled well with A’s and C’s in strong winds. But its strong point is the handling which is absolutely SUPERB. It just is a delight in the air. The wing is responsive and the brakes are light and linear. You can turn it easily either flat or banked up. I haven’t liked a wing this much in a long, long time. I immediately felt at home on it – I absolutely LOVE this glider." - Susan Kent, USA (full feedback at the bottom of our review)

"I fly the SYMPHONIA almost every flyable day and am thoroughly impressed. Always in the last many years when I test fly a new model A or B, its been the same experience - I fly it one day - get impressions of its very average and to me quite boring qualities - and put it aside to sell to pilots needing that class of safety - and would not feel any desire to fly it again.The SYMPHONIA is very different - I have been surprised and delighted with its balance, lovely light agile feel & handling, and a fun factor way above its safety class!! - And look forward to flying it each day and in different conditions. So this is very different to other A’s and I congratulate Hannes and the team for bringing top levels of fun and a new & nice performance to this class." - Alan & Belinda, New Zealand

"Safe. Fun. Performance. What more could a person ask for?" - Rob Chisholm, UK

Scope of Delivery

Glider, backpack, compression strap, inner bag.

Phi backpack and inner bag

The PHI rucksack is designed to be reduced and light, but still robust and convenient to carry. It can be packed very small, to minimize storage space in the harness.


Certification Documents English
Gütesiegel Unterlagen Deutsch

Phi SYMPHONIA pilot feedback

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN A
LTF Certification LTF A
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model


Absolutely love this wing! on 02/07/2019
  • Star Rating
It's not often I'm driven to write a review of anything but I absolutely love this wing!

I've just got back from a week-long SIV course in Annecy where it kept me safe from my own mistakes, then allowed me to fly far and high and keep up with the higher performance wings on XC. One day, setting out on glide in still air, I arrived at the valley opposite higher than our instructor on an Ozone Delta (although he did get there significantly faster, can't have everything).

The colour scheme takes a bit of getting used to but now I love it - people certainly know when I'm flying.

I also can't fault the Flybubble service - they've always been generous with part exchanging old gear, and giving their time. I don't buy anything from anyone else now.

Thanks guys, and Hannes!

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