Supair Altirando LITE

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The ALTIRANDO LITE is a light, comfortable, fully reversible harness. It was designed to live up to the expectations of hike & fly enthusiasts as well as pilots looking for a journey in the mountains. This harness is also suitable for local sites flying with minimal equipment. The ALTIRANDO LITE features all the characteristics of a harness with high passive safety, including a pre-inflated airbag.

Technical data

  Sizes S M L XL
  Pilot size guide (min–max, cm) 155-175 170-185 180-195 190-205
  Pilot weight guide (min–max, kg) 60-80 65-85 70-100 90-120
  Harness weight (as delivered, g) 2750 2800 3000 3260
A Back length (cm) 62 65 71 75
B Back inclination length (cm) 31 34 38 40
C Seat length (cm) 44 46 48 50
D Seat width (cm) 37 39 41 43
E Carabiners height (cm) 43 45 45 48
F Distance between carabiners (cm) 36-44 37-45 38-48 40-50
  Reserve container volume (min-max, L) 3-7 3-7 3-7 3-7

Measurement Guide- Supair Altirando Lite

Supair say the backpack volume is "graduated from 60L to 80L... " and that "... it's designed according to the size of each pilot and corresponded with their wing size."

Sizing guide

The pilot height/weight table below is meant to help you with your harness size choice.

Supair Altirando LITE sizing table


  • Harness
  • Polypropylene seatplate
  • 30 mm carabiners
  • "ATL" reserve handle

Optional extras



Altirando LITE: reversible harness

  • Light and durable
  • High level of passive safety thanks to its full protection
  • Pre-inflated airbag (during take-off)

The Altirando Lite harness is a great combination between toughness and lightness thanks to an efficient choice in materials as well as an optimised development. Reversible hike & fly harness: fully-equipped backpack for hiking and brand new harness design for an even more enjoyable flying experience. The perfect companion to travel light and equipped.

The Altirando Lite features a new airbag, pre-shaped straight out of the box thanks to a Nitinol hoop. This airbag is immediately reliable. The “Alti Lite” harness had great results during crash tests. Compared to the ALTIRANDO 3, the volume of the backpack has been improved and is fully suitable for light gliders in terms of capacity.

Hybrid structure with the advantages of a harness with seat plate and “split-legs” design, allowing great comfort as well as an enjoyable flying behaviour: “nice & easy”. Fastening the harness is done by two buckles (frame/passer-by). Quick, easy and safe!

The Altirando Lite is a progression harness which means a high level of passive safety. The easy and intuitive transition from running to sitting. The harness is very stable but does not withhold the glider’s performance. The speedbar is easy to use thanks to the efficient positioning of the pulleys.



  • A – Rescue Parachute Pocket
  • B – Pre-Shaped Airbag Under the Seat
  • C – Rear Storage Pocket

Download the reserve container flap safety note (pdf)


  • Hike & Fly / Sites / Mountain flying
  • Sitting / Semi-reclined flying posture


  • Pre-shaped airbag (inflates when taking off)
  • Complete protection by airbag
  • Reserve parachute pocket under the seat (7L)
  • 30mm carabiners
  • Buckles: frame/passer-by


  • Stiffened foam backrest
  • Pulleys
  • Pre-equipped for foot rest
  • Seat plate in polypropylene


  • Compression strap

When used as a harness

  • Large rear storage pocket
  • Lateral storage pocket

When used as a backpack

  • Zipped rear storage pocket
  • Zipped belt pocket
  • Lateral storage pocket
  • Trekking poles attachment points


  • Backrest tilt adjustment
  • Shoulder straps length adjustment
  • Chest strap width adjustment


  • Nylon 210D Ripstop
  • Nylon 210D Honeycomb


  • Norm LTF
  • Norm EN


The Supair ALTIRANDO LITE is aimed at Progression Class pilots (typically flying EN A or EN B) who want the security and simplicity of a traditional upright harness but are wanting to make their kit light and compact. It features a split-leg support system and a seat plate. The harness reverses to form a backpack, and it inflates in the air to give you certified airbag back protection that appears large and effective.

It’s perfect for low airtime pilots who want more security as they explore the many Alpine hike-and-fly sites, or like the idea of travelling with a smaller paraglider bag. It’s also suitable for regular pilots who want to calm down their overly agile wing somewhat, and like the convenience and durability of a well made reversible harness for recreational flying.

- Flybubble (full review)


Watch our video review of the Supair ALTIRANDO LITE harness



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