Supair Retractable Foot Rest (Foot Stirrup)



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Sup'Air foot-rest designed for Sup'Air harnesses pre-equipped with rescue container under the seat plate. Fits following Sup'Air harnesses: ALTIX², XP² (without Speedbag), ALTIRANDO² RS, QUO VADIS, EVO XC2, EVO XC3, EVO LITE.

Flybubble note: This isn't a universal foot stirrup; i.e. it's not compatible with other harnesses. No attachments provided.


  • Integrated elastic foot-rest recoil system. Will keep the foot-rest in retracted position when not in use.
  • 25 cm sleeve protected aluminum bar.
  • Additional elastic recoil system to be connected to the main harness strap ( beneath the carabiners ) for the foot-rest to retract when not in use ( does not interfere with the reserve parachute extraction from under the seat ).
  • Weight 150 g

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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