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The Shine is a high quality round Pull Down Apex (PDA) reserve parachute produced by the SUPAIR design team, offering low packing volume and weight whilst retaining maximum safety. Thanks to a sophisticated design and quality materials, it answers the needs of most paraglider pilots.

Sizes & measurements

Weight 1100 g 1250 g 1540 g
Max load 85 kg 105 kg 125 kg
Surface area 28.10 m² 31.15 m² 38.94 m²
Gore number 14 16 18
Width (L) 20 cm 21 cm 23 cm
Depth (I) 23 cm 25 cm 26 cm
Height (H) 6 cm 7 cm 8 cm
Volume 2.9 L 3.8 L 4.7 L

Supair SHINE sizing diagram


  • Reserve
  • Inner bag
  • User manual (CD)

NB: Reserve bridles are not included, to give choice. If you don't have these, you will need to purchase them - see optional extras.

Optional extras

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Shine: round PDA reserve

Shine: round PDA reserve

The SHINE is a new generation round PDA* parachute, replacing our previous Light and Xtralite models. Designed and fine-tuned by Supair's internal test team, it uses a proven 20 Decitex fabric and full Dyneema line set. The SHINE's weight and volume are close to the Xtralite and much lower than the Light (15% to 20% lighter and more compact, according to size) for almost the same price as the Light. Naturally, it's EN 12491 and LTF 9109 certified.

*PDA = Pull Down Apex, one of the main types of reserve.


  • Sink rate < 5.5 m/s
  • 20 Decitex MJ cloth
  • Dyneema lines
  • Certification: EN 12491 and LTF 91/09



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Reserve CertificationEN 12491, LTF, LTF 91/09
Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model
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