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The SKYPPER 2 is a technically advanced design harness, aiming at the cross-country and demanding pilots engaged on a regular practice. Inspired by the first SKYPPER, this new one is outfitted with a cocoon in addition to a standard ergonomically fitting efficient top to bottom back protector with reasonable weight and size for high performance and precise harness

SKYPPER 2: Comfort & Precision, High Passive Safety & Fully Featured

  • High comfort and precise piloting
  • High passive safety
  • Fully featured for long and technical flights
  • Weight: 5700 g in size M (harness with back protection, bump, carbon seat plate and foot plate)
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Colours: Grey Onyx (black-grey), Earth (blue-green)

The SKYPPER 2 is quite different to the first Skypper harness. Key points of the development process were : better stability in rolling motions (steering without tipping), greater comfort for long technical flights, new, reliable and easy-to-use rescue parachute container under the seat, new fully integrated speedbag with straight line and the possibility to equip the harness with a second rescue parachute.

The SKYPPER 2 frame was designed to work with and be adapted to high aspect ratio wings for stable, precise buffered steering during technical flights while still benefiting from enough onboard comfort to make it an enjoyable experience.

The SKYPPER 2 is particularly comfortable for extended flights. The backrest is rigid, reinforced and well padded. The seat was precisely adjusted to distribute evenly and lessen all the pressure points.

The SKYPPER 2 is complete and fully modulable. It is delivered with 2 interchangeable cockpits : a standard cockpit with instrument support and a front reserve container cockpit.

High passive safety: thanks to its thick protection foam, the SKYPPER 2 benefits from greater shock absorption characteristics than the first Skypper. The overall geometry and structure has been re-designed to improve glider/harness compatibility, from EN-B + (such as our STEP) to EN-D or CCC wings. As a bonus, a tree landing rescue kit was integrated into the harness.

This harness has every accessory a pilot could ask for: a cockpit with great storage capacity and removable front reserve container, Drag chute pocket, multiple storage pockets, ballast container under the seat, profiled carbon fibre seat plate and so on.

The line is taut and optimised compared to the previous version and the speedbag, printed by subliation, is the witness of a daring design. Available in two colours !

The reserve parachute container is fully closed with a zipper. The locking mechanism is done by two hidden safety pins: nothing to snag, all is well-enclosed and smooth on the harness.


Safety - SKYPPER 2

A – Dorsal storage pocket
C – Reserve parachute container
D – Back protection



  • XC flying & competition
  • 3/4 reclined sitting posture
  • For active and experienced pilots


  • BUMPAIR 18 SK2
  • Plastazote reinforced back protection
  • Reserve container under the seat, with handle on the right
  • Removable front reserve container
  • ABS (Anti Balance System)
  • Safety kit for tree landing and rescue
  • 25 mm aluminium self-locking (light) buckles
  • Safe-T-Bar system
  • 30 mm Self-locking carabiners

Equipment / comfort

  • Preformed carbon fibre preformed seat plate
  • Speedbag with carbon foot rest
  • Drag chute container with right or left exit
  • Removable cockpit (volume 3L, 3 inner pockets, removable instrument support)
  • GPS pocket on the shoulder
  • Ballast container under the seat (3.5L)
  • Harken pulleys 29 mm


  • Large rear storage pocket
  • Lateral zipped pockets on the speedbag
  • Drag chute container
  • Inner radio pocket


  • Shoulder straps length adjustment
  • Chest strap width adjustment (stability)
  • Backrest tilt adjustment with additional lumbar support
  • Speedbag length and incline adjustments


  • Nylon 210D Ripstop
  • Nylon 210D Honeycomb


  • (LTF certification in process)
  • (EN certification in process)


SKYPPER 2 measurements


Pilot size (cm) 150/165  160 /183   180 /195   > 195
Pilot weight (min – max) (kg) 60 – 80 65 – 85 75 – 105 90-115
Harness weight (delivered) (g) *** 5700* *** ***
A Back length (cm) *** 65 *** ***
B Back inclination length (cm) *** 31 *** ***
C Seat length (cm) *** 41,5 *** ***
D Seat width (cm) *** 34 *** ***
E Carabiners height (cm) *** 46 *** ***
F Distance between carabiners (cm) TBA 39 – 45 TBA TBA
G Speedbag length (cm) TBA 86 TBA TBA

*includes harness, dorsal protection, bump, carbon fiber plates, pod

Product make-up

This harness is delivered with the following:

  • 2 black self-locking Supair 30 mm Zicral carabiners
  • BUMPAIR 18 SK2
  • 40 mm dorsal protection
  • Speedbag speed system 2B STD
  • Carbon fibre seat plate SKP2 (3 sizes)
  • Speedbag carbon fibre foot-plate (2 sizes)
  • User manual (CD)
  • Supair solo Dyneema reserve parachute bridles
  • 1 threaded aluminium Grivel "Plum" carabiner
  • Safety lanyard
  • Reserve parachute handle with rescue pod
  • Removable front container


  • Reserve parachute handle with rescue pod (inner container)
  • BUMPAIR 18 SK2
  • Self-locking Supair 30 mm Zicral carabiners


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Supair SKYPPER 2 reviews

“Pilots who upgrade to a high performance wing often find that their lightweight seatboardless harness offers inadequate control for their new purchase. They usually have two options: go for the full-fat competition harness and suffer the bulk of the aerodynamic fin, structural reinforcement and plush features; or ‘make do’ with a harness that makes them tire early and doesn’t truly ‘connect’ with the wing.

The SKYPPER 2 offers a third choice: limited bulk, top-of-the-range features, and a focus on safety and comfort that means you won’t tire in extreme tasks or distance attempts. It might be slightly more weight than your average weekend XC pilot wants to carry from the back-country bomb-out, but it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking at flying tasks and need good protection, competition flexibility, and comfort in flight.”

CARLO BORSATTINO, Flybubble Paragliding

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