Supair SKYPPER 2 paragliding pod harness reviews

Is it a competition harness, or an XC harness? It doesn’t have a huge aerodynamic tailfin that you’ll find on the likes of the Gin Genie Race 4 and Kortel Kanibal Race 2 and Ozone Exoceat. But the Supair SKYPPER 2 has everything else you’d expect from a top of the range harness: two reserve containers, thick 18cm back protection, generous storage pockets, a wide instrument cockpit and removable panel, and drogue chute pockets on both sides. It is a slightly different take on the competition harness that makes it more appealing to a broad range of experienced XC pilots.

Supair SKYPPER 2: Construction

Supair SKYPPER 2 review: shape

The new Supair styling is evident in the Skypper 2, and it places it in a clear alignment with the recently released Supair EVO Lite and Delight 3. It shares a comfortable stability, but has slightly more freedom than the Delight 3, offering more feedback and information. This translates into great control for wing-overs and high angle manoeuvres, which suits its target of experienced XC pilots. If you’re looking to control the energy of your newly-acquired high aspect wing, this harness will help you with a balanced and direct feeling provided by a solid seatplate and good geometry. 

The structure in the back and sides is really evident during thermic flying, and especially when accelerated, where the contact with the harness and the lack of flex means you don’t get an arch in your back and can remain focused on piloting the wing during high G situations.

Supair SKYPPER 2 review: rumpled stiltskin
The straps and connection system are well designed and easy to engage, with a bit of practice. If you opt to use the second reserve pouch you’ll need to clip the reserve onto the carabiner webbing loop before launch. Both the standard pocket/panel or pouch/panel are included with your purchase. This flexibility is unique: for CIVL Cat 1 competitions, two reserves are mandatory, which limits pilots to adding a non-proprietary external reserve mount to their basic one-reserve harness, or upgrading to a full-fat competition harness.

Supair SKYPPER 2 review: top shot
By offering both options, the Skypper 2 offers a great solution for someone who might progress into international competitions, but doesn’t necessarily want the extra weight of a second reserve for most of their social XC flying.

Supair SKYPPER 2: Storage

Supair SKYPPER 2 review: ample storage

The rear storage pocket is large and easily accessed. There is an underseat ballast pocket which is rather small (3.5 litres?) and seems a bit of an afterthought, but you could possibly add more ballast beneath your instrument cockpit panel if you’re flying with a single reserve.

The solo-reserve instrument panel has a good sized pocket with a nifty area for your USB battery pack, with a cable exit hole which makes powering your phone and instrument on the fly really easy. There’s a small radio pocket (which I used for my mobile phone), a side pocket (with lanyard) and another horizontal pocket (great for camera poles and water pistols).

Supair SKYPPER 2: Critique

Supair SKYPPER 2 review: criticisms

Like the Delight 3, the pod suffers from an array of loose webbing straps, which would be better tidied up against the sides to prevent the possibility of tangling up with your feet on entry. I found the narrow elasticated skirt a little tricky to get into, and this harness would benefit from a simple ‘ball and bungee’ system

The main underseat reserve pouch is in a good position and has an effective closure system. Unfortunately the zippered reserve gusset closure tends to open slightly, but this is merely an irritation not a safety concern: easily fixed by running the zip down and back again. The shoulder point loops are wide enough to fit your own maillons for steerable reserve systems.

The skin of the pod could be slightly cleaner: we found the setup quite critical to avoid producing an unrumpled outer surface. The pod aerodynamics are not as impressive as the heavier competitors, but it seems an adequate compromise when you consider the reduction in weight and bulk.

Supair SKYPPER 2: Who is it for?

Supair SKYPPER 2 review: who is it for

Pilots who upgrade to a high performance wing often find that their lightweight seatboardless harness offers inadequate control for their new purchase. They usually have two options: go for the full-fat competition harness and suffer the bulk of the aerodynamic fin, structural reinforcement and plush features; or ‘make do’ with a harness that makes them tire early and doesn’t truly ‘connect’ with the wing.

The SKYPPER 2 offers a third choice: limited bulk, top-of-the-range features, and a focus on safety and comfort that means you won’t tire in extreme tasks or distance attempts. It might be slightly more weight than your average weekend XC pilot wants to carry from the back-country bomb-out, but it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking at flying tasks and need good protection, competition flexibility, and comfort in flight.


The SKYPPER 2 offers top-of-range features with a focus on safety and comfort for ambitious XC pilots who don't want the high weight, bulk or cost of full competition harnesses.

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Supair SKYPPER 2 video review

Carlo tests the harness in sunny Tenerife matched up with a modern high C wing.

Nancy's SKYPPER 2 pilot feedback

Flybubble Nancy adds: I found the SKYPPER 2 very comfortable, really supportive on the back, hips and legs. It sports many great features, and a generally well thought out design.

The SKYPPER 2 offers great in-flight comfort and control, what you want for long XC flights in challenging conditions! Its details are well-optimised for ambitious XC hounds, rather than high-end competition pilots, which seems right.

The flight deck is excellent. Large enough for a modern high-end instrument or two and a large smartphone. It sits at just the right angle. The protective rim around the front, to prevent lines getting caught under your instruments, is clearly a very good idea. I'm not sure why all cockpits don't have this! 

With features you'd usually only expect to see on a full competition harness—provision for two reserves; large cockpit; ambidextrous drag chute pocket; high stability and control; etc—the SKYPPER 2 is actually pretty light for what you get, at only around 5.7 kg total weight for the M size.

In summary, the SKYPPER 2 is well-suited to ambitious yet safety-conscious XC pilots who prioritise comfort, handling, safety and functionality over skimping on weight and out-and-out performance.

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