Supair SORA 2

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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B

The next generation in tandem paragliding. 3 years in the making, the SORA 2 benefits from improved performance and steering precision. Just like the SORA, it is aimed at tandem professionals and was developed for intensive use.

Technical Data

Cells 54 54
Flat surface area (m²) 38 42
Span (m) 14.3 14.9
Max chord (m) 3.31 3.46
Flat aspect ratio 5.35 5.35
Number of main lines 3/3/3/2 3/3/3/2
Projected surface area (m²) 31.9 34.8
Projected span (m) 11.1 11.6
Projected aspect ratio 3.8 3.85
Glider weight (kg) 7.1 7.5
Flying weight range (kg) 110-190 120-220
Optimal flying weight range (kg) 120-170 150-190
Load factor 4.34 4.34
Scale factor 0.92 1
Certification EN / LTF B B
Number of risers 4 4


Standard colours:

  • Earth (green-blue-white)
  • Ocean (blue-light blue-white)
  • Fluor (violet-orange-white)
  • Fire (orange-red-yellow)

Package options

Available in 'Wing only', 'Essential' or 'Ready to Fly' packs. See below for details.

SORA 2 base price is for the Wing Only Pack. See Package Options for other packs.

The bigger the pack, the bigger the saving.

Wing only pack

  • Wing, inner bag, user manual, repair kit

Essential pack

  • Wing, inner bag, user manual, repair kit
  • Tandem spreader bars (pair)
  • 160L backpack
  • Steel carabiners (1 pair)

Ready to Fly pack

  • Wing, inner bag, user manual, repair kit
  • Tandem stuff-bag (large fast pack)
  • Tandem spreader bars (pair)
  • Walibi2 (tandem pilot harness)
  • Minimax 2 (tandem passenger harness)
  • Start Bi Tandem (tandem reserve)
  • Tandem reserve bridles - Y Dyneema
  • Maillons 7mm (x2)
  • Steel carabiners (1 pair)
  • Zicral 30mm carabiners (2 pairs)

Optional extras

  • Trek Backpack (paraglider rucksack, available in various sizes)
  • Pilot helmet (freeflight certified light, adjustable helmet)
  • Kinder (kid's passenger harness)
  • Loustic (small child's passenger harness)
  • Camera Sleeve (for in-flight camera storage)

The SORA 2 retains its exceptional inflation and landing characteristics and offers precise steering abilities. With very few pitch oscillations in turbulent air masses, the SORA 2 prevents the pilot from early exhaustion and provides the passenger with an even more enjoyable flying experience!

It took 3 years for the glider development team to get the SORA 2 as they watned. Key improvements: internal structure, greater landing/take-off characteristics and unwavering glider behaviour for a greater feeling of safety for the passenger.

Slightly firmer handling offers more precise steering characteristics than the SORA. The improved internal structure and the use of Sharknose technology allow less wing distortion in thermals. Nitinol reinforcements, thoroughly placed, guarantee excellent sustainability of the glider’s performance and inflation features over time. The SORA 2 also comes with improved risers.

3D view



  • Certified tandem pilots
  • Foot-launch & towing ready


  • Trims
  • Big ears blockers
  • Adjustable brake handle fasteners
  • High durability rods
  • Wingtip clean-up system


  • Upper surface: Porcher Sport Skytex Universal 38 g/m²
  • Lower surface: Porcher Sport Skytex Universal 32 g/m²
  • Ribs, line connected: Porcher Sport Skytex Hard 40 g/m²
  • Ribs, no line connected: Porcher Sport Skytex Hard 32 g/m²
  • Upper lines: Liros
  • Lower lines: Edelrid


  • EN B
  • LTF B


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Supair SORA 2 tandem paraglider reviews

“The first SORA had the reputation of being amazing as regards to inflation and launch behaviours even in light wind conditions. Now it’s even better, very easy, it inflates well… It’s perfect!

In my opinion, the main advantage we have to talk about is that you can really easily control the rate of turn and roll; much better than the first SORA. Feedback is very quick thanks to a higher steering position : turns and rolls are more precise and performance has increased. It’s true that handling is a bit stiffer, but with this stiffness comes precision. You don’t need to play with the brake travel as much and you get very good steering sensations ! The first SORA was comfortable but this one is even better and also more fun to fly with thanks to this improved steering precision.

Performance was a huge strength when we flew the first prototypes and the first confirm it. When you let the glider gain speed by using trim risers settings or when you release the handles, performance is much better than what we were used to with the first SORA. Comfort is still there for the pro tandem pilot and performance has been greatly improved.

I know I’m going to be flying this tandem glider for seasons to come. I love it! Everything works well, what could be improved has been significantly upgraded. There’s no reason to look for something else, I’m going to fly this glider for the next several years.”

- Victor Sebe, professional tandem pilot

More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model