Woody Valley Crest

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Crest is a lightweight reversible split leg paragliding harness with integrated underseat reserve container, pretensioned airbag and detachable light paraglider backpack.

All sizes come with with karabiners, two-step light speed bar with foot elastic, dedicated reserve container with attached handle and built-in RECCO safety system. Sizes S and M come with a 55 litre backpack, sizes L and XL with a 70 litre backpack.


Harness size





Harness weight ¹

1.4 Kg

1.47 Kg

1.55 Kg

1.60 Kg

Rucksack weight

460 gr

460 gr

495 gr

495 gr

Total weight

1.90 Kg

1.98 Kg



Rucksack size (l)

55 litres

55 litres

70 litres 70 litres

Distance between karabiner and seat

45 cm

47.5 cm

50 cm

52 cm

Distance between karabiners

36-44 cm


36-46 cm

36-46 cm

Parachute compartment

5.2 litres

5.2 litres

5.2 litres

5.2 litres

¹ Total weight including reserve parachute handles and karabiners

Sizing guide

Woody Valley Crest sizing guide

If between sizes based only on pilot height and weight, taking back and leg length is usually enough to choose the right size.


  • Harness
  • Backpack (detachable) ²
  • Karabiners
  • Two-step light speed bar with foot elastic
  • Dedicated reserve container with attached handle
  • 2 reserve elastic loops for closing the reserve parachute
  • V reserve bridle (red and white)
  • Built-in RECCO safety system

² Crest sizes S and M come with a 55 litre backpack, sizes L and XL with a 70 litre backpack.

Crest: Compact, light, dynamic

The Crest is a new harness weighing only 1.98 kg (size M). It is a reversible harness with a completely detachable rucksack.

Sizes S and M come complete with a 55 litre rucksack, while the Crest sizes L and XL with a 70 litre rucksack.

General features

  • No seat board
  • Leg strap loops hook-in to the main carabiners
  • Self-inflating airbag protection pretensioned with Nitinol wires
  • Completely detachable reversible rucksack included
  • Standard two-step light speed bar with foot elastic
  • Built-in RECCO safety system
  • Side pockets with zip
  • New colour combination anthracite-orange
  • 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL

Woody Valley Crest

Harness features

  • Separate leg support without seat board
  • Self-inflating airbag
  • Leg strap loops in the main carabiners
  • two-step light speed bar with foot elastic included
  • Exclusive Woody Valley adjustment system with anti-slip lock.
  • Spacious rear pocket
  • Side pockets with zip
  • Dinks system pocket

RECCO reflector

  1. The RECCO detector emits a directional radar signal, like the beam of a flashlight
  2. When the radar signal hits the RECCO reflector, it is echoed back to the detector and points the rescuer in the direction of the pilot.
  3. The closer the detector gets to the reflector, the stronger the returned-signal, ultimately allowing the rescuer to pinpoint the pilot's location.

Discover RECCO


A new rucksack that will take you anywhere!

Rucksack features

This rucksack is designed for maximum compactness without losing precious room or comfort!

  • Volume reduction system
  • Compression side zips
  • Holder for ice axe and trekking poles
  • Cell phone Velcro holder on the shoulder
  • Dinks system pocket
  • Elastic rear pocket
  • Elastic side pockets
  • Outside pocket with zip

Cutting-edge safety systems

The emergency parachute container under the seat is designed for a maximum 5.2 litre volume, suitable for most emergency chutes.

The Crest comes complete with its rescue handle attached to its deployment bag

More details

  • Certification: EN – LTF
  • Type of protection: Self-inflating airbag
  • Type of closing strap system: Get-Up
  • Number of certification: PH_347.2021
  • Max peak of impact: 19.23g
  • Speed bar included: 47 gr


Crest manual video

Crest reserve installation video

Woody Valley product registration

Register your Woody Valley product online to validate the warranty.


How does the harness-rucksack connection work?

The rucksack is attached to the Crest with 4 buckles in the harness rear pocket. You can either keep it attached like in a classic reversible harness or use it as a separate item

How do I attach the leg straps?

The leg straps have a green right loop and a red left loop and you simply have to wear your Crest and then secure each loop to the main carabiner of the same color. Once the loops are in, the words LEFT and RIGHT must be facing inwards.

What is the elastic of the speed bar for?

The speed bar is very light and the wind would push it back during flight. The foot elastic enables you to have the speed bar always at reach.


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Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model