Woody Valley GTO light 2 with Foam Protection

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GTO light 2 with Foam Protection. Best for hike & fly and cross country, GTO light 2 is even safer and more versatile with adjustable ABS, detachable windshield, more resistant elastic materials and choice of foam or inflatable protection.

Technical data

*Weight with inflatable protection (kg) 3.106 3.235 3.444 3.51
*Weight with foam protection (kg) 3.182 3.345 3.591 3.657
Distance between karabiner and seat (cm) 46 48 50.5 52
Karabiner-to-karabiner (min-max cm) 37.5 – 48 37.5 – 51.5
Upper ballast capacity (l) 1 litre
Lower ballast capacity (l) 3.8 4.5 5.3 5.7
Reserve container volume (min-max l) 3 – 5
Foam protection weight (g) 411 449 531
Inflatable protection weight (g) 335 384

*Total harness weight, including reserve parachute handle, karabiners, protection, speed-bar.

Sizing guide chart

Woody Valley GTO light 2 sizes


  • Harness
  • Foam or inflatable protection
  • Footrest board in carbon
  • Snap-hook
  • Handle with built-in deployment bag for reserve parachute deployment
  • 2 reserve elastic loops for closing the reserve parachute
  • Three-step light speed-bar
  • Lightshield protection
  • Dorsal protection
  • Leg cover with zip closure
  • 2 mylars for air inlets

Optional extras

Woody Valley GTO light 2

GTO light 2: comfort and lightness

The highest expression of comfort and lightness. The GTO light 2 is the best you can find for hike & fly and cross country, now even safer and more versatile thanks to the adjustable ABS, the detachable windshield, More resistant elastic materials and the possibility to choose between the foam protection and the new inflatable protection.

  • Revolutionised design
  • New sturdier materials
  • New closing system of the harness
  • Three-step speed bar included
  • New low-volume inflatable protection
  • New and safer rescue handle
  • New ABS system with harness stability control
  • Optional windshield
  • Lightshield back protection


  • Back protection: foam 16 cm or Inflatable and LIGHTSHIELD
  • Closing strap system type: Get-Up with anti-forget system
  • Reserve container underseat, with lateral handle
  • Certification: EN – LTF
  • Working load: 120 daN
  • Certification number: EAPR-GZ-0831/18

The leg cover

  • Removable zip-off leg cover
  • Large side pockets
  • Leg cover closing magnet
  • The cockpit is secured to the chest strap with a buckle enabling its angle adjustment
  • New sturdier materials
  • Streamlined pocket for the radio/camera
  • Foot sliding protection(optional)
  • Front pocket also suitable for G drogue chute

Main frame

  • Safe and functional pee tube
  • New leg cover closing system
  • Camel bag set-up
  • Edelrid carabiners
  • Rescue handle with magnet
  • Lightshield back protection
  • Optional speed bar pulley
  • Shoulder straps in new material and with S.O.S. label
  • As with its predecessor, the GTO Light 2 is equipped with two fibreglass side battens instead of the seat board to reduce weight preserving comfort and stability
  • Spacious rear pocket with dedicated telescopic poles container
  • New ABS system with harness stability control
  • Spacious lower pocket also suitable for the ballast bag

The inflatable protection (option)

The new inflatable protection masterfully succeeds in making your GTO Light 2 lighter and your Rucksack Light more spacious inside and compact outside. It only weighs 335 grams and can be easily inflated using its strategic inflation tube located along the shoulder strap.

You can easily zip the inflatable protection into both the GTO Light 2 and its predecessor GTO Light 1.

The windshield (optional extra)

Our new removable windshield provides better aerodynamics and protects your face from the wind making your flying experience more pleasant than ever. Attaching and removing your windshield is really easy with the three strategic buttons on the cockpit.

*The windshield is sold as an optional extra.


GTO light 2 - Features

GTO light 2 - Manual

GTO light 2 - Parachute Installation

GTO light 2 - Leg cover assembly


"Ten-second review: The new GTO Light 2 is definitely more of an evolution than a revolution, but it brings some welcome extras to the original design that we were already impressed with.

Verdict: This is a great evolution of the popular original. In flight it is now possible to dial in a bit more stability, which should especially please those flying high-aspect wings. There’s a reason this harness is used by several companies’ test pilots when preparing their cross-country wings*: it manages to blend the comfort of a hammock harness with most of the precision of a seat-boarded one. The changes and additions have made a great product even more tempting, more versatile and even easier to fly with daily."

- Marcus King, XC mag (full review)

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