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The Woody Valley Haska2 is an improvement from the Haska in comfort, weight and security.

Even more comfortable, even lighter, even more secure, even more Haska.

With Haska2, we have taken a successful design and reinvented its potential. We listened to your advice, perfecting Haska down to the smallest details. To do that, we made it lighter, we made it more secure and more comfortable, making it into the no-compromise harness.

Unique protection

The Haska2 consolidates the spring airbag system developed on the original Haska.

The internal spring does not cushion the impact but allows the airbag to inflate and remain inflated, both on the ground and in flight.

The reserve parachute container

The container's volume can be adjusted by means of an inside zipper.

The container's closing sequence is facilitated thanks to the new numbered labels.

A safe harness. Now even more secure.

We wanted to increase safety, so we replaced the plastic buckles on the shoulder straps with a more resistant metal buckle.

Pure invention

We have seen the longstanding problem of buckles loosing their setting in flight, so we redesigned our adjustment buckle, which now can be configured using two positions:

  1. Adjustable both on the ground and in flight.
  2. Fixed to keep the chosen adjustment constant.

The details that make the difference

  • New magnet system to hold all types of speed-bars.
  • Right and left sides are identified by different colour loops and karibiners.
  • The harness base is highly resistant to abrasion in Cordura®300.
  • Side pockets with zip closures.
  • You can stow all of your items easily in the spacious rear pocket.
  • There is space for a Camel-bag in an internal pocket.
  • SOS label to enter all your personal data.
  • Available with T-Lock strap certified in accordance with LTF regulations.

Made for each other: LIGHTSHIELD & single-block side protection

The new LIGHTSHIELD protection provides further upper back protection. It is made of materials that have been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, in accordance with standard EU 89/686/EEC Category 2. Furthermore, the protection is TÜV/GS certified.

The single-block side protection creates absolute continuity between the part underneath and the sides, enveloping the pelvis in a protective shell.

The combination of the self-inflating air bags, single-block side protection and LIGHTSHIELD protection create a protective shell for the pilot’s body - made for each other.

LIGHTSHIELD protection and side protection sold separately.

Left-hand extraction

We have always been attentive to the needs of our left-handed customers and on request, at no extra cost, you can order your harness with left-hand parachute extraction.

During busy periods, it may take up to 5 months for the left-handed version of the harness to be made to order. Please contact Flybubble to get an up-to-date manufacturing time or to let us know if you want the left-handed version.







Total weight* 3.65 Kg 3.87 Kg 4.09 Kg 4.22 Kg
Distance between karabiner and seat 43 cm 45 cm 47 cm 48 cm
Distance between karabiners (min – max) 37.5 – 48 cm 37.5 – 51.5 cm
Polypropylene seat width rear 33 cm 35 cm 37 cm 38 cm
Polypropylene seat width front 30 cm 32 cm 34 cm 34.5 cm
Polypropylene seat depth 34.5 cm 36.5 cm 39 cm 39.5 cm
Certification LTF
Type of straps T-Lock
Type of protection Self-inflating airbag
Certification number for T-Lock system DHV GS-03-0383-13
Reserve parachute housing Under the seat, with lateral handle

*total weight of size L, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners and protection.


Size chart indicating which size of harness is best suited to height and weight of pilot.

Manual (video)

Parachute installation (video)


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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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