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The WEIGHTLESS has been developed for X-Alps athletes and specially upgraded for weight-conscious cross country pilots. The WEIGHTLESS is therefore the perfect harness component for ambitious Hike to XC and VolBiv projects, as well as serious competition. Its special qualities include minimal weight, comprehensive usefulness and great comfort. The aerodynamically excellent XC harness also impresses by its lean and dynamic look.


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Technical data

Pilot height (cm) 155-172 165-183 178-200
Chest strap width (cm)* ~ 47  ~ 48 ~ 49
Harness weight (kg) from 1.90 from 1.98 from 2.06
Rucksack volume (l) 60 (options 52 & 70) 70 (options 52 & 60) 70 (options 52 & 60)
Rucksack weight (kg) 0.57 (60 l) 0.59 (70 l) 0.59 (70 l)
Reserve volume guide (l) 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.5 2.0-5.0
Harness load test EN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kg EN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kg EN 1651 / LTF 91/09 / 120kg
Harness certification EN / LTF EN / LTF EN / LTF

* Chest strap width varies depending on body shape.

** Harness weight includes the speed system, the inner container with handle, two carabiners, protector element with sleeve, cockpit.

*** Rucksack stowed in the compartment above the main protector.


  • LIGHTPACK ULS - light backpack
  • Rucksack back foam and protector element
  • Protector element sleeve
  • Main protector
  • Comfort foam
  • 2 Grivel Plume karabiners
  • Integrated reserve compartment
  • Reserve inner container with handle
  • Speed system
  • Speedbag
  • Windshield with protective cover
  • Hook knife
  • Shoulder strap shortener
  • Carbon Footboard 2.0
  • Ultralight cockpit
  • Ronstan Pulleys


WEIGHTLESS: less is more fun

Ultralight XC harness

Competition DNA

The new WEIGHTLESS is a further development of the 2021 harness for X-Alps athletes. It encapsulates experience gained from all nine previous ADVANCE X-Alps involvements, five of them victories. Seatshell, internal structure and strap system of the WEIGHTLESS are identical to the X-Alps athletes version. A large proportion of the materials used are also the same as the athletes harness.


This ultralight XC harness can be used from a minimum weight of 1.9 kg, and, even so, provides a high degree of comfort for long cross country flights. At its minimum possible weight the WEIGHTLESS remains robust and consistent in behaviour. This is achieved by carefully selected reinforcement areas and a careful choice of materials. The WEIGHTLESS is certified to carry a load of 120 kg – something special in this class.

Fully operational

The WEIGHTLESS accepts no compromise in the safety and comfort department! This harness has a built-in reserve and the protector has an easy handling as it needs no inflating before flight. The WEIGHTLESS has useful and practical adjustments as well as an ingenious cockpit.

Technology & features

Twin-fit protector

The two-part protector system consists of a foam protector and the rucksack incl. back foam (Protector element), which is stowed in the compartment above. The result: more compact packing of the equipment and more available storage space in the back compartment. Alternatively, the back foam can be used as an additional protector element so that the rucksack can be stowed conventionally in the back compartment.

Twin-fit protector


The LIGHTPACK ULS backpack is built in "Ultra Light Structure" and is part of the comprehensive WEIGHTLESS scope of delivery. It is also derived from the X-Alps athlete's backpack and has adapted shoulder straps and many practical details. The LIGHTPACK ULS is available in sizes 52, 60 and 70 litres.


Perfect aerodynamics

The WEIGHTLESS back fairing gives the harness perfect low-drag aerodynamic qualities. This performance advantage accompanies marked longitudinal stability. Two air scoops inflate the fairing, so that it remains permanently taut and crease-free in flight.

Advance WEIGHTLESS perfect aerodynamics

Built-in reserve compartment

The WEIGHTLESS has a built-in reserve compartment, which connects to shoulder supports. This system greatly simplifies general harness handling and reduces the chance of incorrect handling.

Advance WEIGHTLESS built-in reserve compartment

Interchangeable speedbag

Naturally a WEIGHTLESS conforms to ADVANCE quality and standards, and can be combined with a speedbag choice of all three sizes. The advantages of this convenience are clear: increased harness life and perfect pilot body fit. The speedbag also has a strong but extremely light carbon footboard of the very latest generation.

Advance WEIGHTLESS interchangeable speedbag

Ultralight cockpit

The WEIGHTLESS cockpit is highly practical and very light. It can easily be detached, has a closable pocket and a separate battery compartment. The instrument panel measures 20 x 13 cm.

Advance WEIGHTLESS ultralight cockpit

Handle with care

The WEIGHTLESS is an ultralight harness. The "Handle with Care" label is there to remind you at all times that the life of this product is highly dependent on your care. Mechanical stresses such as dragging on the ground etc. accelerate the ageing process and should be avoided. A lightweight product is much more sensitive to stress of all kinds. Read more



Why is the X-Alps athletes' harness not available as a serial product?
At 990 grams the LIGHTNESS XA is an extreme product. Each of our X-Alps athletes has their own made-to-measure LIGHTNESS XA, with virtually no provision for adjustment. In addition it must be treated with great care. Because of its special construction and materials the LIGHTNESS XA is also susceptible to misuse and damage. Our athletes also have very special needs in the toughest paragliding race in the world, for example this harness has no back fairing (strong wind takeoffs, less weight, better for very fast packing).

All the structure and the back part, the strap system and many of the materials are identical to the X-Alps 2021 harness. Both harnesses were developed together. Unlike the LIGHTNESS XA the WEIGHTLESS has a stretchy and exchangeable speedbag. The WEIGHTLESS lifespan has been massively extended by selective reinforcements. Also, adjustment options and a sophisticated closure system for the speedbag were developed. In brief: the WEIGHTLESS was thought of as for X-Alps athletes, then perfected for ambitious cross country pilots.

What are the advantages of the WEIGHTLESS back fairing?
The back fairing gives the harness marked yaw stability. Due to the better aerodynamics (less drag) the pilot benefits from noticeably improved glide performance. For the observer the fairing gives the harness a certain dynamic and sporting elegance.

What makes the WEIGHTLESS unique in the marketplace?
The WEIGHTLESS is the first serial harness in the ultralight cross country category, available with built-in reserve system (no front container). In addition, the speedbag size can be chosen to suit the individual, and can be easily changed if damaged. The harness is certified for carrying 120 kg – comparable products only offer 100 kg.

What does the declared WEIGHTLESS weight include?
Our stated product weight is a "Ready-To-Fly" figure. This includes reserve container with release handle, carabiners and cockpit, and all removable foam and protector elements.

Flybubble review

“So first impressions of the WEIGHTLESS on my first flight, which turned into a nice little cross country flight are really, really good. It's very comfortable, feels very related to the LIGHTNESS 3 and yeah, really comfortable across the bum and the back. And I felt right at home straight away. Weight shift, I felt I had similar kind of authority to I do on the LIGHTNESS, so it's a similar kind of feeling to that. I'm gonna need to fly it some more, to really get exactly the feel of it, but put it this way. I was flying a very easy glider, the Phi SOLA, and yeah, very comfortable. Across the legs, my legs felt really supported, really comfortable, just like in the LIGHTNESS 3, so as I was pushing around, I just had a nice, it was all kind of flowing. Everything, you can tell this harness feels very related to the LIGHTNESS 3, and they've kind of just trimmed everything down. It's well, just like minimised everything. Everything's that excessive has just been removed. So it's like a minimised LIGHTNESS 3, really.

Lightpack ULS - light backpack. All my gear is fitting in there really easily, I can fit my helmet inside. I really like, the shoulder straps are a bit different. Yeah, you can see they've got this kind of pad too. It has lots of pockets and other nice details. Instead of having a normal support, to stop the ruck moving across, they've done something interesting where they've put the rucksack going acros to make triangle shape. Very lovely, like it a lot. I'm keeping it. (haha)"

– Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

First impressions (Carlo had his foot too low on the foot board, causing the bump you see on the bottom on the speedbag):

Other opinions

The Weightless is based on the harness I used for the X-Alps. Now we have adopted the uncompromisingly light harness to make it more robust and user-friendly.

— Patrick Von Kanel, X-Alps Athlete, Advance test pilot

Everything for all eventualities: with the Weightless I have scored to the highest peaks in the world. With me: a perfect bivouac kit, emergency equipment and minimal alpine gear.

— Tom de Dorlodot, X-Alps Athlete, adventurer  (full story)

Video tutorials

Adjusting the harness

Closing the harness

Installing the Reserve

Installing the protector

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