Advance WEIGHTLESS harness review

After nearly two years and two full flying seasons

We are ready to share our comprehensive review of the Advance WIGHTLESS harness. This review builds on our initial impressions from May 2022, and we’ll dive into how well this harness has held up over extensive use.

General durability

The Advance WIGHTLESS harness itself has stood the test of time exceptionally well. Despite regular use and occasional exposure to dirt and mud, the harness has maintained its integrity. Key areas such as the seams and stitching have shown no signs of coming apart. We’ve flown extensively with this harness, and it remains one of our favorites due to its durability and comfort.

Material and wear

The harness is made from lightweight materials, which, while durable for their weight, require careful handling. For pilots who frequently encounter rough takeoffs or landings, or who tend to be hard on their gear, this harness might not be ideal. However, for those who manage their launches and landings well, the WIGHTLESS harness proves to be robust and long-lasting. Notably, even after significant use, including ground handling and pratting around, the harness shows minimal wear.

Comfort and handling

One of the standout features of the WIGHTLESS harness is its comfort. It’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t have a seat plate, which eliminates any discomfort from pressure points during long flights. On the ground, it’s also very comfortable, though the narrow central strap can pinch during ground handling, a common issue with ultralight harnesses. Despite this, we find it manageable and relatively better compared to other ultralight options.

In-Flight experience

In the air, the harness offers a degree of comfort and handling that closely resembles the LIGHTNESS 3. It’s a bit more active, which might not suit all pilots, especially those who prefer a more stable harness. However, for pilots who enjoy a bit of weight shift and active handling, the WIGHTLESS harness is an excellent choice. It strikes a balance between being lightweight and providing a good flying experience.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the WIGHTLESS harness involves regular cleaning and careful handling, especially considering its ultralight nature. We recommend using a bungee to assist with getting in and out of the speed bag, which also helps in maintaining the harness’s condition. The build quality is impressive, and with proper care, this harness can last a long time, as evidenced by my nearly two-year experience.

Comparison with other Harnesses

Compared to other ultralight pod harnesses, the WIGHTLESS stands out for its ease of use and comfort. While it’s not the easiest to clip in, it’s relatively straightforward compared to others in its category. The harness also handles ground handling well, though it’s not designed for extensive use in this regard due to the lightweight materials.

Advance LIGHTPACK ULS 70L - Backpack

The Advance LIGHTPACK ULS 70L, which we’ve used consistently over this period. It is included in the package of the WEIGHTLESS. Despite its white color showing mud and dirt more readily, it has proven to be remarkably durable and easy to clean with fresh water. The seams are intact, showing no signs of wear or tearing even when slightly overloaded. This backpack complements the WIGHTLESS harness perfectly, offering comfort and resilience during long treks.

Final thoughts

After nearly two years of extensive use, the Advance WIGHTLESS harness has proven to be a durable, comfortable, and reliable option for pilots who appreciate lightweight gear. It requires a bit more care than standard weight products, but the payoff in terms of performance and comfort is well worth it. If you’re a pilot who enjoys active handling and ultralight equipment, the WIGHTLESS harness is a fantastic choice that has stood up to rigorous testing and continues to perform exceptionally well.

Advance WIGHTLESS full video review - after 2 years

Advance WIGHTLESS first impression video review  - May 2022

“So first impressions of the WEIGHTLESS on my first flight, which turned into a nice little cross country flight are really, really good. It's very comfortable, feels very related to the LIGHTNESS 3 and yeah, really comfortable across the bum and the back. And I felt right at home straight away. Weight shift, I felt I had similar kind of authority to I do on the LIGHTNESS, so it's a similar kind of feeling to that. I'm gonna need to fly it some more, to really get exactly the feel of it, but put it this way. I was flying a very easy glider, the Phi SOLA, and yeah, very comfortable. Across the legs, my legs felt really supported, really comfortable, just like in the LIGHTNESS 3, so as I was pushing around, I just had a nice, it was all kind of flowing. Everything, you can tell this harness feels very related to the LIGHTNESS 3, and they've kind of just trimmed everything down. It's well, just like minimised everything. Everything's that excessive has just been removed. So it's like a minimised LIGHTNESS 3, really.

Lightpack ULS - light backpack. All my gear is fitting in there really easily, I can fit my helmet inside. I really like, the shoulder straps are a bit different. Yeah, you can see they've got this kind of pad too. It has lots of pockets and other nice details. Instead of having a normal support, to stop the ruck moving across, they've done something interesting where they've put the rucksack going acros to make triangle shape. Very lovely, like it a lot. I'm keeping it. (haha)"

– Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

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