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With effortless launching and a smooth, relaxed feel, the BGD DUAL 2 performs in harmony with pilot and passenger.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B



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Technical data

Sizes  38 40 42
Linear scaling factor 0.95 0.98 1
Projected area (m²) 32.3 34 35.7
Flat area (m²) 37.8 39.8 41.8
Glider weight (kg) 7.4 7.5 7.9
Total line length (m) 416 426 436
Height (m) 9.3 9.6 9.8
Number of main lines (A/B/C) 3/4/3/3
Cells 52
Flat aspect ratio 5.5
Projected aspect ratio 4.1
Root chord (m) 3.31 3.4 3.5
Flat span (m) 14.5 14.8 15.2
Projected span (m) 11.5 11.8 12.1
Trim speed (km/h) 40
Top speed (km/h) 52
Min skin (m/s) 1
Best glide 9
EN weight range (kg) 100-200 110-210 120-220
Certification TANDEM


For versatility, the DUAL 2 is available in three sizes, 38, 40 and 42, with a total weight range of 100 to 220 kilos.

BGD DUAL 2 sizing guide


Standard colours: Iris, Poppy, Orchid

DUAL 2: Iris, Orchid, Poppy

Package Includes

  • Paraglider
  • Rucksack
  • Replacement trimmers
  • Repair kit
  • Stuff sack
  • Riser bag
  • Compression strap
  • BGD T-shirt
  • USB stick with manuals
  • BGD stickers


DUAL 2 tandem: two steps and away

  • Effortless two-step launch
  • Essential big ears blocker
  • Replaceable trimmers
  • Smooth relaxed feel

The DUAL 2 is an entirely new design. It took BGD years of development and many prototypes to perfect, but they believe it is a significant leap forward from the original Dual, which itself was a benchmark EN-B tandem. It’s a pleasure to launch and to fly, with light, intuitive BGD handling and an outstanding sink rate, making it a 'top of the stack' performer. Big ears are effective and easy to use, and they've added a new big-ears locking system.

BGD know commercial pilots need tandems that last well so BGD has made the DUAL 2 robust and strong, with durable cloth throughout and all-sheathed Kevlar lines. The trimmers have easy-grab plastic balls and easy to replace webbing.

BGD recommend the 38m² - medium size to pilots who weigh less than 75kg, naked.


Cord Cut Billow (CCB)

Cord Cut Billow technology has been developed to improve the form friction, glider stability and overall performance of BGD paragliders. Two seams run chord-wise across the top panels of the leading edge to accommodate the panel ballooning that happens when the wing is inflated. Up to five centimetres of excess material is created on the sides of an inflated flat panel bending over a wing profile. Cord Cut Billow technology absorbs the material with a 3D panel resulting in fewer ripples and improved rib profile shape and stability.

Essential Big Ears Blockers

Big ears are now more efficient and easier than ever. Pilots can enjoy hands-free big ears thanks to BGDs new locking cleat on the back of the risers giving pilot more control while descending. 

Replaceable Trimmers

Committed to building products that last, BGD only uses durable high-tech fabrics and sheathed kevlar lines on the DUAL 2. In addition, BGD have created a replaceable trimmer system for the DUAL 2 to maximise longevity.

Effortless Two-Step Launch

Professional pilots need a glider that is easy to launch. This tandem features a superior high lift profile designed to give the wing smooth inflation with an eager lift at take-off.

Progressive Stability

Progressive stability has been designed into all BGD gliders to help pilots feel turbulence and avoid it. This makes for safer and more comfortable flying. 

Smooth Relaxed Feel

It's all about giving the best flying experience to your passenger!

Single Plastic Shark Nose

A continuous single plastic shark nose forces the leading edge open, giving clear improvements in stability and inflation.

Eyes wide-open safety

Gliders that talk are safer. Safer gliders make pilots perform better. Better performing pilots fly further. Further flying pilots are happier pilots. Eyes Wide-open Saftey produces happier pilots.


Remember that feeling, the first time your feet leave the ground and you are soaring, feet in the clouds, viewing the world from a different perspective? If you could bottle that feeling and share it around … that’s what the DUAL 2 is for – sharing the joy of flight!

A clean take-off is absolutely critical to a safe and successful tandem flight. The DUAL 2 takes the load quickly and the short-run required is a huge step forward for passenger safety. BGD has made the Dual 2 in three sizes: the 42m², 40m² and the 38m² covering all-up weights 100-220kg.

Designer's notes

With this project I wanted to make a tandem that is ridiculously easy to launch as not all passengers are willing runners, but I didn’t want to sacrifice that light and sensitive handling that was so highly praised in the original DUAL. To achieve this BGD designed a whole new single plastic shark nose just for this wing. In the air the handling is a delight and thermalling is outstanding. The whole team are very happy with the outcome. It’s a pleasure to fly, and a dream to launch: two steps and away!

- Bruce, Bruce Goldsmith Desgins


Bottom surface Dominico D20 36g/m²
Nose reinforcing Plastic wire 2,0mm and 2,5mm
Internal structure  Porcher Skytex Hard 40g/m²
Top lines Liros DC
Middle lines Liros TSL
Lower lines Liros TSL
Risers 20mm Kevlar/Nylon webbing
Top surface Porcher Skytex 38g/m²
Pulleys Riley


More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model