Gin Genie Lite 3

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The Genie Lite 3 is the epitome of a modern XC harness – although compact, it does not compromise on essential qualities. It offers the ultimate combination of comfort, safety, stability and durability. Featuring a 9cm Neo-Koroyd protector and Triplex seat plate, it weighs 4.8 kg in size M.

Technical data

Size XS S M L
Pilot height (cm) <165 160-175 170-185 185-200
Weight of harness (kg) - 4.4 4.8 5.0

The height information in the table is for guidance only.

Size guide

Package includes

  • Harness
  • Detachable cocoon
  • Flight deck
  • Carabiners
  • Speed System


Genie Lite 3: the epitome of an XC harness

The Genie Lite 3 is suitable for most pilots who want to fly with a cocoon harness. It’s accessible and easy enough for leisure pilots, yet the features and performance will satisfy even the most dedicated XC pilots.

  • Stable harness geometry for ease and accessibility
  • Supportive structure offers supreme comfort
  • State of the art patented Neo/Koroyd back protection
  • Very compact compared to the level of XC harness features

Supreme comfort even on long flights

The Genie Lite 3 has a substantial support structure. The 3 layer base structure, back protector and the triplex seat plate all work together synergistically for superior comfort and control. 

Accessible and easy-to-fly

The harness geometry was designed for maximum stability with the latest generation of paragliders, It's easy to fly even for leisure pilots whilst still providing intelligible information about the air. The stability can also be fine-tuned in-flight. The new fast-trimming system enhances performance by making it easy to switch between a more sensitive thermal-sniffing trimming and a more roll-stable trimming for glides. 

The very best protection

The patented Neo/Koroyd 9cm back protector uses technology from the aeronautics and aerospace industries. It is designed for maximum protection against the severest impacts and offers coverage of most of the back. The anti-forget system ensures the cocoon cannot be closed without connecting the leg straps. 

"No Compromises" Cockpit

The large instrument panel has space for all your instruments and devices. The viewing angle is optimal and with windshield keeps the sun off your instruments and improves the aerodynamics. A pocket offers 5L of storage and a double-bladed hook knife is provided.

"Go Further" Aerodynamics

The efficiency of the Neo/Koroyd back protection means that we have been able to gain performance by reducing the cross-sectional area and thus the drag. The 3D-modelled areocone also significantly reduces drag.

Compact and Light

The low cross-sectional area also makes the harness compact and the new aerocone was optimised for lightness. The lack of stiff material means it's quick to inflate and easy to pack. 

Designer notes

GIN designer Gin Seok Song tells the story of the development of the Genie Lite 3.

“Our goal was to make a compact and comfortable XC harness that’s accessible and easy to fly even for leisure pilots. The harness geometry offers a lot of stability and control with the latest generation of paragliders, whilst still providing good feedback on what the air is doing. It’s also possible to tune the geometry in-flight so you can switch between a more sensitive “thermal-sniffing” trimming and a more roll-stable trimming for glides.

The Neo/Koyroyd protector means we could reduce the cross-sectional area significantly. This improves performance by reducing the drag, and also makes the harness easy to pack and compact to carry. In addition, the 3D-modelled aerocone also increases performance whilst adding very little weight. We also worked a lot on the cockpit to ensure the optimum viewing angle and smooth integration into the body of the harness. The entire structure supports the pilot really well on long flights and is built for many years of enjoyment!”



  • 9cm Neo-Koroyd protector for more complete back protection
  • Under-seat rescue container with easy deployment system
  • Triplex seat plate
  • ABS geometry with fast-trimming system and anti-forget features
  • Flight deck with a large instrument panel, windshield and 5L storage
  • Easy-packing aerocone section
  • Double-bladed hook knife can even cut webbing
  • G-chute pocket (for "Anti-G" style drag parachute)
  • Large back pocket with pouches and routing for a hydration system (e.g. Camelbak) and radio, plus a zipper pocket for secure storage of small items
  • Zipped side pocket (right-hand side)
  • Under-seat pocket (4L)
  • Integrated speed system with 2 step speed bar and Harken pulleys
  • An outlet for catheter system (pee tube)
  • 4.8 kg size M

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