Naviter Oudie N Free Flight (without FANET+)

Available as soon as possible
Available as soon as possible
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4-8 weeks

Oudie N – the game changer, version without FANET+. Every pilot knows how important it is to have the right flight plan and up-to-date weather information. Oudie N brings live data and seamless integration with SeeYou to your cockpit, so you can focus on what’s important to keep you flying for longer and further.

Note: This device is designed for free-flight - paragliding, paramotoring and hang gliding - not gliding / sailplaning. Learn more about the Oudie N and how it works in the full product description below.

Note: This device is not eligible for the UK CAA EC rebate scheme.

Flybubble note: If you're considering ordering the Oudie N Free Flight we recommend the Oudie N Free Flight with FANET+ (our chosen main XC flight instrument) which brings signficant functionality, safety and performance advantages and is eligible for the UK CAA EC rebate scheme (whilst the scheme is still available).

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