Skywalk Venom (PAST MODEL)


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Status: Past model

Condition: New

Turn up the fun! The VENOM beautifully rounds out the skywalk Motorglider palette.

Turn up the fun! The VENOM beautifully rounds out the skywalk Motorglider palette..

It was developed for sport pilots looking for high speed potential and direct handling. The VENOM powerfully proves that speed and high stability do not solely belong to the domain of reflex gliders.

Several pilots and flight schools have already tested the VENOM, the conclusion:

  • the Jet Flap Technology makes for an extremely big speed window

  • the Performance-Profile is very efficient, the VENOM needs only a little push and is gasoline efficient

  • the small surface area is extremely stable

  • the very well-placed brake helps to optimise handling and the pilot gets good feedback from the canopy

  • the extraordinarily good glide ratio has made new records possible

  • the launch performance is very forgiving for a performance glider

  • the straightforward extreme flying performance


Technical Data

56 Cells
25,0 Area (sqm)
21,45 Area (projected)
11,84 Span
9,50 Wingspan proj.
5,6 Aspect Ratio
4,21 Aspect Ratio proj.
6,1 Weight of Glider (kgs)
75-130 Take off weight (kg)
55 Speed max. km/h
- DHV Class
ja Motor Certified

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Additional Information

Condition New
LTF Certification LTF 2
Model Status Past model

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