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EVO LITE is the harness made to safely progress towards longer and more ambitious flights. It's easy to use, aerodynamic and light. The optional speedbag will keep the pilot warm in colder temperatures and is fully adapted to the harness, enabling a progression toward performance flying in all safety and comfort.

Technical data






  Pilot size (cm) 160 /175 165 /185 175 /195 195 /205
  Pilot weight (mini – maxi) (kg) 50 – 75 60 – 90 70 – 100 80 – 120
  Harness weight STANDARD VERSION (g) 3600 3750 3900 4050
A Backrest height (cm) 56 65 70 75
B Reclined seating height (cm) 37 38 39 40
C Seat length (cm) 44 47 49 51
D Seat width (cm) 33 35 37 39
E Carabiners height (cm) 44 44 44 44
F Distance between carabiners (cm) 39 – 50 39 – 50 39 – 50 39 – 50

Supair EVO LITE measurements diagram


  • Carbon Seat Plate Standard
  • 30mm Alloy Twist-Lock Karabiners (Zicral)
  • Bump'Air 17 XC
  • Reserve Handle E2 (harness-reserve parachute handle)

Speed system and reserve system connectors e.g. reserve bridles, maillons, O-rings, maillon cover are not included.

Optional extras

  • Speed system
  • Reserve bridles
  • Supair Retractable Foot Rest (foot stirrup)
  • Supair EVO LITE Speedbag

EVO LITE: easy to use, aerodynamic and light

The EVO LITE comes from the EVO XC 3. It is lighter, and has the similar classic ABS (Anti Balancing System) with the leg and chest strap buckles in addition to the Safe-T strap. The three key point guiding this new development are:

  • To lighten the harness in comparison to the EVO XC 3: 900 grams lighter
  • Keep a high level of passive safety
  • Three point fastening with the ABS (Anti Balancing System) included

Complete safety with BUMPAIR 17 XC, Anti Balance System (ABS), leg straps with Safe-T system and a well located/easy to access reserve parachute pocket.

During takeoff, the transition from running to sitting is obvious and natural. The harness geometry and adjustments enable greater adaptation to body contours and on-board flight postures. The backrest can be straightened up or reclined, especially when using a foot-rest or a speed-bag. The seat extension enables adjustment support at the front of the plate. An adjustment permits to adjust the seat depth to the pilot’s morphology and posture.



A – Bump'Air 17 XC
B – Reserve Parachute Pocket (right side)
C – Storage Pocket



  • Local sites, cross (XC)
  • Seating posture : Upright/Semi-inclined (with foot-rest)


  • Volume adjustable reserve parachute pocket under the seat with right sided handle and deployment sequence
  • 25 mm self-locking buckles (light)
  • Safe-T-Bar strap system
  • Anti Balance System
  • 30mm self-locking carabiners

Gear / comfort

  • Speed-bar/accelerator pulleys
  • Speed-bar/Accelerator guiding sleeve alongside the seating area
  • Pre-equipped for foot-rest (short retractable 20-mm foot-rest)
  • Elastic speedbar keeper
  • Pre-equipped to accept the hydration pack
  • Pre-equipped to receive a radio
  • Pre-equipped to accept a Speedbag (option)
  • Wraparound side skirts


  • Large dorsal storage pocket
  • Stretch fabric left storage side pockete


  • Shoulder straps length adjustment
  • Chest strap width adjustment
  • Backrest adjustment
  • Leg straps length adjustment
  • Seat extension tilt adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment


  • Fabric :
    • Polyester 100D RIPSTOP
    • Polyester 210D RIPSTOP
  • Straps :
    • Polyester 25mm and 28mm (1250 daN)
    • Polyamide 15 mm, 20 mm, 25mm et 40mm


  • Norme LTF
  • Norme EN

Supair EVO LITE reviews

"It's a comfortable harness that is easy to adjust and holds the pilot well. It offers a good feeling of security without being restrictive. It has a reasonably balanced feeling. The Supair EVO LITE is a good choice for your first harness, allowing you to have your legs free but when you want to you can add the pod and step up to full cross country mode. It's a great all-round harness: affordable, light, nicely finished and well-made, with good impact protection." - Flybubble (full review)


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Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model