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EVO LITE is the harness made to safely progress towards longer, more ambitious flights.

Technical data







Pilot size (cm) 160 /175 165 /185 175 /195 195 /205
Pilot weight (mini – maxi) (kg) 50 – 75 60 – 90 70 – 100 80 – 120
Harness weight STANDARD VERSION (g) 3600 3750 3900 4050
A Backrest height (cm) 56 65 70 75
B Reclined seating height (cm) 37 38 39 40
C Seat length (cm) 44 47 49 51
D Seat width (cm) 33 35 37 39
E Carabiners height (cm) 44 44 44 44
F Distance between carabiners (cm) 39 – 50 39 – 50 39 – 50 39 – 50


This harness is delivered with the following items:

  • Carbon Seat Plate Standard
  • 30mm Alloy Twist-Lock Karabiners (Zicral)
  • Bump'Air 17 XC
  • Reserve Handle E2 (harness-reserve parachute handle)

Options (see related)

  • Supair Retractable Foot Rest (foot stirrup)
  • Supair speed systems
  • Supair reserve bridles
  • Speedbag EVO LITE
  • Speedbag Evo XC 3

Supair EVO LITE standard paragliding harness

EVO LITE: easy to use, efficient and light

The optional speedbag is fully-adapted to the harness, enabling a progression toward performance flying in safety and comfort – stay warm in lower temperatures!

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Weight: 3700 g (M)
  • Bump'Air 17 XC for passive safety

Supair EVO LITE paragliding harness

Light, with optional speedbag

The EVO LITE comes from the EVO XC 3. It is lighter, and has the similar classic ABS (Anti Balancing System) with the leg and chest strap buckles in addition to the Safe-T strap. The three key point guiding this new development are:

  • To lighten the harness in comparison to the EVO XC 3: 900 grams lighter
  • Keep a high level of passive safety
  • Three point fastening with the ABS (Anti Balancing System) included

Supair EVO LITE harness for paragliding

Complete safety with BUMPAIR 17 XC, Anti Balance System (ABS), leg straps with Safe-T system and a well located/easy to access reserve parachute pocket.

During takeoff, the transition from running to sitting is obvious and natural. The harness geometry and adjustments enable greater adaptation to body contours and on-board flight postures. The backrest can be straightened up or reclined, especially when using a foot-rest or a speed-bag. The seat extension enables adjustment support at the front of the plate. An adjustment permits to adjust the seat depth to the pilot’s morphology and posture.



A – Bump'Air 17 XC
B – Reserve Parachute Pocket (right side)
C – Storage Pocket



  • Local sites, cross (XC)
  • Seating posture : Upright/Semi-inclined (with foot-rest)


  • Volume adjustable reserve parachute pocket under the seat with right sided handle and deployment sequence
  • 25 mm self-locking buckles (light)
  • Safe-T-Bar strap system
  • Anti Balance System
  • 30mm self-locking carabiners

Supair EVO LITE paragliding harness in flight

Gear / comfort

  • Speed-bar/accelerator pulleys
  • Speed-bar/Accelerator guiding sleeve alongside the seating area
  • Pre-equipped for foot-rest (short retractable 20-mm foot-rest)
  • Elastic speedbar keeper
  • Pre-equipped to accept the hydration pack
  • Pre-equipped to receive a radio
  • Pre-equipped to accept a Speedbag (option)
  • Wraparound side skirts


  • Large dorsal storage pocket
  • Stretch fabric left storage side pockete

Supair EVO LITE paragliding harness in flight


  • Shoulder straps length adjustment
  • Chest strap width adjustment
  • Backrest adjustment
  • Leg straps length adjustment
  • Seat extension tilt adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment


  • Fabric :
    • Polyester 100D RIPSTOP
    • Polyester 210D RIPSTOP
  • Straps :
    • Polyester 25mm and 28mm (1250 daN)
    • Polyamide 15 mm, 20 mm, 25mm et 40mm


  • Norme LTF
  • Norme EN

Supair EVO LITE paragliding harness in flight

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    Additional Information

    Condition New
    Activity Paragliding
    Model Status Current model
    Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

    Supair EVO LITE Reviews

    Changing harness to Supair Evo Lite on 18/10/2020
    • Star Rating
    This is my second purchase from Flybubble and again they didn't disappoint, with top customer service.

    I've been using another well-known brand of harness, but it never felt comfortable. It felt like sitting on a garden swing in flight, and was not at all comfortable walking round the hill or ground handling. even though it as the correct size and adjusted correctly. I saw the Flybubble review on the Supair Evo Lite and booked a slot for a test fit at their offices to see what I thought.

    It sounds cheesy but the minute I sat in the Evo Lite I knew I had to change harness, the difference was incredible! I felt like I was sitting in the harness, rather than on it; an extremely comfortable and a well-thought-out design. Stephen at Flybubble then did the adjustments on the harness with me, and fitted my reserve on the spot.

    Once again Flybubble customer service was 100%, everything explained and differences demonstrated. They really go out of the way to make sure you get the best experience and professional advice with buying new equipment. They do not up-sell, but listen to you, and what you want to do, and tailor the advice to your requirements.

    After purchasing the harness I then decided that I might as well buy a new rucksack; they knew exactly what size I would require and showed me the full range. I walked out with a new harness, fully explained, fitted with my reserve, all ready to fly.

    I have now flown the Evo Lite a few times and it was money well spent for the product and service. The comfort is there and I now feel attached to the wing and do not slide around in the harness. It also has the option of expanding it in the future with a pod bag and stirrup, so has a good upgrade path for me in the future.

    Once again thanks Flybubble, particularly Stephen who did the setup on my harness.

    Buying good quality equipment is only half of the purchasing process; having it professionally setup and explained is just as important to get the most out of it.

    Thanks Flybubble, I will be back.
    Supair EVO LITE harness & Flybubble MATCH service review on 26/07/2019
    • Star Rating
    After a 12 year flying career, followed by a 13 year break, deciding to rekindle the sport I once loved was a massive decision for me. I still had my old harness, vario and helmet, and had acquired a modern reserve, but needed to buy a new wing. I had really lost touch with advances in modern equipment, and realised I needed a friendly knowledgeable hand to guide me back in. After watching hours of Flybubble videos I was inspired to book an appointment to benefit from their experience in helping me purchase the right wing. After understanding my experience Nancy recommended a fantastically priced 2nd-hand but virtually new GIN ATLAS. When I collected the wing, Stephen was extremely gentle and patient in explaining everything, and sorted me out with new karabiner’s, reserve bridles and a handle to fit my old harness, plus recommended a nice new helmet. The following month I decided to upgrade my old harness, and after watching Gregs reviews, I booked in my second appointment for the harness match service.

    Sadly, on my appointment day Stephen was unwell, and Nancy bless her went above and beyond to rearrange her personal time to facilitate me. Nancy was excellent in suggesting a few suitable harness models to match my previous experience, and desired type of flying. After sitting in several, the harness which felt totally right for my body shape, budget and requirements was the excellent Supair EVO LITE. Supair are a very long established manufacturer which is evident in the practical and ergonomic design features seen in this harness. The Evo Lite is modern, lightweight, and made from very durable materials. All materials are of high quality and the stitching is brilliant. The buckles are super slim and securely click together with a satisfying easy motion. Many other smaller buckles are covered with neoprene to keep them sleek and hidden. There are plenty of adjustments in all axes, and with proper adjustment this harness felt extremely comfortable, I was sat in it for well over an hour and I felt content with nothing digging into me - it was a shame to step out of it! The seat board is shape formed carbon fibre, and there is elastic fitted within the rear of the harness to retract the speed-bar when not in use. The 17cm foam offers plenty of back protection and the side panels and outer shell ensures you feel protected 'within' without fear of slipping out. Both the large rear, and single side pockets are plenty big enough to store your gear, and there is a well positioned hole to pass your drinking water tube through from the rear. The large reserve container is positioned under the seat and contains a little flap that can be folded down and fixed to make the cavity a reduced size for smaller reserves. The reserve container flaps are handily numbered in order to aid when repacking, and the handle is sturdy, with pins covered to deflect any stray lines from getting caught. Besides this harness being extremely comfortable and within my budget, other reasons I chose this was because Nancy explained I could also fit an additional foot stirrup to rest my feet, and/or fit an additional pod to cover my legs making the whole harness more comfortable and aerodynamic as future upgrade options if and when I desired.

    Nancy's knowledge and passion shines through whilst she comprehensively talked through the equipment explaining all its functions and adjustments. We even did a simulated reserve deployment where I pulled the reserve and Nancy caught it before it unraveled, I thought this was a valuable action to practice. It was clear she had a deep understanding of this harness having used the Supair EVO Lite herself whilst test flying the newer GIN ATLAS 2. Nancy even purchased back the new bridles and karabiner’s I had recently previously purchased but not used on my old harness to ensure I wasn’t left with kit I didn’t need; this was a bonus as it also helped reduce the final price. Nancy also recommended for my reserve to be professionally repacked, and arranged for both the harness and reserve to be repacked and posted back ready for me to fly the following weekend. I really cannot wait to get out and fly in it now ;-)

    I cannot thank Stephen and Nancy enough for their knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and accommodating service, that was exactly what I needed. Also, a massive thanks to Greg for his continued production of awesome, instructive, yet calm, and reassuring, humorous and passionate ‘from-the-heart’ videos which are truly-great educational, and inspirational tools for helping you decide which is the right gear for you. Flybubble video archives hold a wealth of unique personal opinions and knowledge from their long and admirable experience which every pilot can learn from to improve their understanding and skills. I feel I now have the right equipment to match my experience, and the best supportive guidance to get me back into flying.

    Thank you so much Flybubble team!

    I will continue to learn, and certainly come back when I need your help again. :-)

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