Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P

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Witness the birth of the first single-surface, lightweight (3.3kg) certified tandem wing. Enjoy and share your hike & fly and vol-biv adventures under the same wing.


Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN B

LTF Certification: LTF B



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Technical data

Size 31
SPAN FLAT m 13.06
MAIN 3/3/4/3

* The total weight of the wing may differ ±2% due to variations in the weight of the fabric supplied by the manufacturers.


Standard colours: Sapphire, Paradise

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the colour reference with your order. Include a screenshot if you can. Full payment required upfront to confirm your order after which it cannot be cancelled.

Package includes

  • Glider
  • Inner bag
  • Light spreader bars
  • Compression straps
  • Repair Kit
  • Risers covers

Optional extras

  • Kargo 45 backpack


One of the lightest tandem wings in the world
Weighing only 3.3 kg and with an extremely small packing volume, this single-surface wing has the capacity to carry up to 190 kg and to take you on incomparable adventures.
Unique shared experiences

Joint take offs, incredible flights and gentle but absolutely controlled landings.

New roads, new challenges 
Innovation is not just going one step further, but exploring new directions. Discover the wing that marks a milestone in the world of paragliding.

From 3.3 kg. 


  • Hike & fly and vol-biv
    Share your mountain and alpine adventures with a wing that will allow you to take off in countless places, with unprecedented user-friendliness and a high level passive safety.


Light as a feather

Extremely light weight and small volume (3.3 kg) due to the use of semi-light material on the upper surface, 12 mm thin risers, unsheathed Aramid lines and an IKS 1000 attachment system between line and riser. 
An instant inflation that translates into an easy and agile take off thanks to the absence of an undersurface.

Excellent manoeuvrability and performance

A solid and very compact wing.

Extremely safe

Precise and very safe landing, thanks to the excellent trim system that allows an exceptional speed retention for a smoother roundout.

A canopy designed with consideration of better tension and compactness of the wing, thus avoiding vibrations.

The IKS (Interlock System) attachment system ensures maximum safety for both pilot and passenger.

A low and stable aspect ratio of 5.5 (typical of the EN B class).

Extremely durable

Use of semi-light and highly durable materials (Porcher 32 g, Porcher 38 g, Aramid and Kevlar webbing).

Nitinol rods have been used in the profile to increase its robustness, and give it more uniformity and flexibility.


"I have done several flights in different conditions with passengers weighing between 30 to 75kg and was impressed with the launch by foot and ski! I really like this glider, it gives me a new horizon in tandem flying! Especially the weight of the canopy makes the ascent of the Jungfrau peak at 4158m easier! In the air, the handling and simplicity makes the wing a lot of fun. The performance is good for thermalling and the glide ratio is perfect! Thanks for building this wing!"

Chrigel Maurer, former world-champion and four times winner of the Red Bull X-Alps, had fun with Niviuk’s Bi Skin 2 P

"Had my first flight on the Bi Skin 2 P today. It was only a top to bottom, but I was really impressed. Pack volume and weight are tiny. Well-built with lots of attention to detail. It looks like every aspect of this wing has been thought through. Effortless launch in zero wind. Really sweet handling in the air: light, direct, and buttery smooth. Enough performance to throw around, but still very damped exits from wingovers and spirals - nice for the passenger! Decent glide. Good flare authority for landing. Basically, I loved it. I feel that it's a great wing for normal recreational tandem use and of course it opens up so many adventure possibilities. I can't wait to fly it again!"

Tom Payne, former Red Bull X-Alps competitor and British Team member shares his impressions of the Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P ultralight tandem wing: 

"The lightness and compact design are really impressive: a 3.3 kg tandem which, once folded, can fit into a 30L backpack... we have never seen anything like it!" The review focussed especially on the take-off phase which it describes as "exceptional". They added: "Julien Irilli took off from the top of the Grandes Jorasses and also reported that even at more than 4000 meters altitude and with a slight tailwind, Bi Skin 2 P takes off perfectly". In the air and flying alongside dozens of other wings, Philippe Lami writes that "the wing-loading is surprising and once in the air, Sabine and I were again impressed. We didn't lose out to the other wings. The Bi Skin 2 P climbs, penetrates, advances and pushes really well, just like the other wings around us. The turn is direct and precise, with a sweet, soft and light handling, close to that of a single seater: a pleasure". He adds that Bi Skin 2 P is not just a glider for top-to-bottoms, but "in thermals it climbs in a truly effective way". As for landing, in this case with the trimmers completely open, "the speed translates into a moderate but noticeable roundout, and our touchdown was very gentle". Finally, the publication emphasises the user-friendliness of this revolutionary EN B tandem and adds the views of Julien Irilli, who explains that "3.3 kg is a true revolution for high-altitude mountaineering", and praises its very fast acceleration, the sensitivity of its handling in the air and the lightness when piloting it. 

-Parapente Mag review, Full review (French, PDF).

"We were able to do a few flights on a tandem Bi Skin 2 P with different all up weights and noticed that, in fact, the trimmers allowed very gentle landings. At the bottom of the weight range, it isn’t even necessary to activate them, even in nil wind! With an all up weight in the top part of the range, the load take up is average, but it’s compensated for by the time that you save during the inflation: the distance to run, therefore, remains fairly short". About the flight behaviour they said: "In thermals, it often holds up just as well as a ‘full’ tandem with two surfaces. In weak conditions, the Bi Skin 2 P can even be better because, with its impressive handling, it lets you play with the thermic bubbles almost as if you were on a solo wing. When you use the brakes, with very little effort, it starts to turn immediately in a small radius, by advantageously mixing the yaw with a light roll. It’s very nice! On the other hand, if you want to lean it further, the force in the controls increases a lot before the wing increases the roll. All this is very efficient and very safe. It isn’t just in the air that this tandem is surprising and has great performance, but also on the ground. The inflation is impressive: the wing really does come up all by itself. Once it’s overhead, there’s another surprise: even in a light breeze, the wing floats above your head and waits patiently for the signal to take off". Their conclusion: "This tandem is a real revolution. It’s no doubt a real work of art and it appears to be simply made, but in reality is very high-performance and sophisticated. For private tandem pilots who want to climb mountains on foot with the minimum amount of weight for the maximum amount of pleasure, the Bi Skin 2 P opens up new horizons".

-Voler Info-Free Aero magazine had the chance to test the lightest tandem in the world and they are extremely enthusiastic. Full review: English | French (PDF)

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EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model