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Superseded by the Supair STRIKE 2.

The STRIKE came out of our X-ALPS design. It is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions. Its great inboard comfort makes it much more versatile than its light weight would let one assume.


Model Status: Past model



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Technical data





Pilot size (cm) 155-170 170-180   175-190 
Pilot weight (min-max) (kg) 50-80 65-85 75-100
Harness weight1 (g) 2120 2140 2240
A - Back length (cm) 58 58  65
B - Back inclination adjustment (cm) 28 28  35
C - Seat length (cm) 40 40 45
D - Seat width (cm) 33 33 33
E - Carabiners height (cm) 43 43 43
F - Carabiners distance (cm) 38-47 38-47 38-47
G - Speedbag length (cm) 93 100 107
Reserve pocket volume (L) 4.5 4.5 4.5

1 Harness weight + carabiners + speedbar (g)

Supair STRIKE sizes & measurements diagram

Harness weights according to configuration





Naked harness 1240 1260 1360
Carbon fiber foot plate (120 g) 1360 1380 1480
F-STK handle (20 g) 1380 1400 1500 
Speed system (40 g) 1420 1440 1540
Connect (20 g)  1440 1460 1560
BUMPAIR 16 STK (390 gr, LTF certified) 1830 1850 1950
Mini seat plate (120 g)  1950 1970 2070

Ultralight option2





Bump ultralight (225 g)2  1665 1685 1785 
Mini seatplate (120 g) 1785 1805 1905

No certification.


This product is delivered with:

  • Supair Connect (softlinks to connect the harness to the wing risers)3
  • Mini carbon fibre seat plate
  • Reserve handle O
  • Carbon fibre foot-plate (size S, M, L 25×33 cm)
  • Light speedbag two stage speed-system/accelerator
  • User manual (CD)

If you prefer different harness-to-wing connectors (karabinersmaillons or softlinks) then let us know when you place your order with us.

Optional extras

  • Supair Reserve Bridles - Solo Dyneema
  • Supair Trek Light 350G ultralight rucksack
  • Supair Trek Backpack (75L, 90L or 110L)
  • Harness-to-wing connectors (karabiners, maillons or softlinks)

PACKAGE PRICE: Buy a Supair STRIKE harness AND Supair Trek Light 350G rucksack OR Supair Trek Backpack together and get a package price (add them both to your Basket).



STRIKE: hike & fly competition harness

  • Intuitive & precise piloting with removable mini-seat plate
  • Delivered harness weight: 2060 g (size M, with BUMPAIR 16 STK)
  • Sizes: S, M and L

The STRIKE can be used without the mini-seatplate and without the removable pocket. The easily removable BUMPAIR can be carried separately or may not be used at all in flight.

The structural design of the split-leg harness with a removable mini-seat plate brings clean and precise steering sensations. The piloting and comfort perceptions are very close to those of the DELIGHT2.

Supair STRIKE lightweight paragliding pod harness

Landing in the mountains or in turbulent zones, the STRIKE is easy to pilot with bent legs or out of the Speedbag. During takeoff, running is made easy (light Split-Leg harness), the transition to sitting inside the Speedbag is obvious. In flight, the adjustments and geometry of the harness can be adapted to the morphology and flight posture of each pilot. A seated reclined posture provides excellent body support.

Important safety factor with a 16 cm BUMPAIR certified LTF. Split-Leg auto-stable design (ABS type). The STRIKE is stable with feature greatly appreciated by X-ALPS pilots! The right leg must step through the closed right leg strap: it is a permanently closed safety system!




Upgrades STRIKE 2018

We have made a few improvements on the STRIKE for the 2018 season to have it LTF certified by adding a compact and lightweight BUMPAIR back protector.

What has changed:

  • The harness container was redesigned to accommodate a BUMPAIR 16 STK, 390g. The harness was certified LTF. Less than 40G during tests.
  • The total weight of the LTF Certified STRIKE 2018 in size M is 2060gr (the previous version with the BUMP 14 STK was 2140gr and not LTF certified).
  • The storage pockets are larger:
    • the container pocket under the seat is now 9 liters (previously 5 liters).
    • the rear storage pocket is now 26.5 liters (previously 12.5 liters).
  • The removable "stuff pocket" is replaced by a radio (or camera pocket) integrated to the speedbag.
  • The chest and leg strap fastening system prevent confusion between them.
  • The look of the harness remains unchanged but the riser zipper changes to green and new Supair logos.
  • The speed system pulleys are assembled without the possibility of making a mistake. The cord still runs through the pulley.
  • The riser sleeve is reinforced at the reserve parachute pocket level.
  • Be aware, degradation remains possible during reserve parachute extraction on this ultralight harness.
  • Fastening of the cockpit to the chest trap was improved.

Supair STRIKE Hike & Fly Competition Harness


  • Hike & Fly competition
  • Upright to semi-reclined posture
  • For skilled and advanced pilots


  • Front mounted rescue container and riser parachute connections to the shoulders
  • Auto-stable split-leg seat
  • Closed right step-in leg loop strap
  • Connect (soft loops made from Dyneema)
  • Dyneema parachute risers

Gear / comfort

  • Removable carbon fibre mini-seat plate
  • Integrated speedbag
  • Integrated speed-system/accelerator
  • Instrument support atop the reserve parachute container
  • Double-stage light speed-system/accelerator designed for the speedbag
  • Pre-equipped for hydration/drinks system (hydration system not included)
  • 20 mm diameter Zelden pulleys


  • Dorsal storage pocket
  • Speedbag lateral pocket
  • Ballast pocket under and front of the seat
  • Removable stuff pocket inside the speedbag


  • Shoulder strap adjustments
  • Chest strap adjustments
  • Backrest adjustments with additional lumbar support
  • Speedbag length adjustments


  • Nylon 210D Ripstop
  • Nylon 100D
  • Strap Dyneema


  • Standard EN 1651: 1999
  • LTF

Supair STRIKE details

3D View


Does comfort and the piloting qualities change?
No, the comfort level and the piloting qualities of the STRIKE remain unchanged.

Does the previous back protector design fit in the new harness version?
No, the STRIKE 2018 (Index A5) accepts the new BUMP 16 STK only.

Does the new BUMP 16 STK protection fit in the previous STRIKE designs (Index A1 to A4)?

What are the differences between the previous version certified LTF with the BUBBLE BUMP and this version also certified LTF with the BUMP 16 STK?
The previous version was significantly more bulky. In fact, the BUBBLE BUMP is larger than the BUMPAIR and non-compressible. In addition, the compartment under the seat is blocked by the BUBBLE BUMP, which is not the case on the model 2018.

Supair STRIKE: light, comfortable, aerodynamic

Supair STRIKE harness reviews

"It’s ideal for adventure pilots, those who regularly walk up peaks or hike out of the wilderness. If this is your first foray into lightweight gear, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you pick this up. The detailing is surprisingly functional, without the compromises usually seen in light gear. It would be appropriate for regular XC flying, although it will have a shorter lifespan than standard harnesses. Depending on the rules for your hike-and-fly race, you might be able to take the optional lighter back foam, but for most flying I wouldn’t want to reduce the protection. It’s slightly heavier than some competitors in the ‘ultralight race’ category, but it offers a safer flying position, better reserve solution, more versatility and better comfort."

- Greg Hamerton, Flybubble (full review)

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