Supair have published an important Strike Safety Notice about Strike ultralight pod harnesses bearing the "A1" index and produced before May 2017. Strike owners should read this and take action immediately:

"The Strike is a particularly light and high performance product for Hike & Fly competitions.

In the event of a reserve parachute extraction, it is possible for the rescue’s risers, or the opening shock, to damage the harness.

We do not recommend taking a SIV course with this harness.

In the scenario of a very rapid descent, and/or a strong centrifugal force developing, it is possible for the harness’s left or right lateral walls to tear along the legs. Only the models bearing the "A1" index, and produced before May 2017 are concerned.

Concerning these harness labelled "A1": we recommend you to send the harnesses back to us to have the lateral walls reinforced. Read about the return protocol by following the link below.

All these damages are not structural but will render the harness useless.

SUPAIR is committed to mend the lateral walls, and try to repair (without warranty) the reserve parachute issue if possible."

Download the Supair Strike Safety Notice here (PDF)

Text taken from the safety notice (the PDF also contains images):

Safety Warning

Subject: STRIKE Harness. Tear in leg strap side panels.

Priority status: Medium

Problem description: It is possible that tears could appear in the side panels when high G force is applied.

Concerned products: STRIKE index A1 (Production up to April 2017 included).

Open the back storage compartment. The production index is on the small label.

Facts/ Ascertainment: Some tears occurred in the side panel during hard spiral dives or other manoeuvres with high G force. The tears do not compromise the structure of the harness but may destabilise the pilot in the harness during and after the manoeuvre and the harness might become uncomfortable to fly.

Supair Strike safety notice - concerned products

Procedure to follow:

Check if your harness has an A1 index or was produced before May 2017.

If YES: Please contact Supair by email so they can advise on how to reinforce the harness: [email protected]

If NO: Handle your harness gently, and have great flights!

Persons able to perform the harness inspection: User, Dealer or Manufacturer.

Persons able to conduct the repairs: User (except if professional repair is necessary), Dealer or Manufacturer.

Urgency: The inspection must be done immediately.

Document recipients: Users, Dealers, Schools, Clubs, Associations.