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Status: Past model

Condition: New

Lightweight cross-country harness for site and mountain flying. "Hammock" style harness with removable carbon mini seatplate enabling efficient piloting with good feedback.

Technical data






Pilot size (cm) 155175 170185 180195 185200
Pilot weight (mini–maxi) (kg) 60–80 65–85 70–100 70–100
Harness weight² (g) 3500 3640 3840 3850
Back length (cm) (A) 57 60 64 64
Back angle adjustment (cm) (B) 37 38 39 39
Seat length (cm) (C) 38 42 45 45
Seat width (cm) (D) 33 33 33 33
Carabiners height (cm) (E) 45 45 45 45
Carabiners distance (cm) (F) 37–55 37–55 37–55 37–55
Speedbag length (cm) (G) 93 100 106 113

Supair Delight 2 | Sizes & Specs diagram

¹ Flybubble note: Delight 2 size XL is Delight 2 size L with size XL speedbag.

² Harness weight (+ carabiners + speedbar)


  • LTF certified BUMP'AIR 15 protector D2  (SFBU011).
  • Carbon mini seatplate (MPPL021)
  • Carbon fiber footplate (MPPL010)
  • 2 Twist-lock Zicral SUPAIR Karabiner 30 mm
  • Removable cockpit instrument panel
  • Sup'Air Speed System Double LIGHT
  • Reserve handle D2
  • WEDGE 13: wedge for the bottom of the reserve compartment

Delight 2: lightweight performance

The DELIGHT2 is even more versatile than the initial DELIGHT due to its new geometry and removable mini seat plate, enabling efficient piloting with good feedback. This lightweight harness is ideally suited for a wide variety of flying; from local soaring to cross-country flying in the flatlands to adventure flying in the mountains and competitions.

The speedbag of the DELIGHT² is removable. A new cockpit design provides excellent instrument visibility. A new right-sided rear reserve container for easy reserve parachute access and extraction.

Running on take-off is made easy due to the light weight and leg straps position. Transitioning from running to seating is naturally instinctive and followed by an easy Speedbag entry.

Inflight support, comfort and sensations are typically similar to those found in normal XC harness designed for longer flights.

Upon landing, the seated posture is stable and efficient once your feet are out of the Speedbag.

High safety level with a rear reserve parachute container; a backrest outfitted with a BUMP'AIR 15 cm medium density foam protection , a "Safe-T" leg strap, and Anti-Balance System (ABS : stabilizer system).


  • Lightweight performance
  • Removable mini plate
  • Removable speedbag
  • Weight 3640 g (size M)
  • Colours: black/green



  • Local flying, cross-country and competition.
  • 3/4 reclined seating posture. 
  • For regularly flying experienced pilots only.


  • Specific Bumpair 15 cm
  • Rear reserve parachute pocket slightly offset right, with deployment handle located on the same side.
  • Self-stabilizing leg-strap system.
  • 30 mm Self-Locking Biners.
  • Self-locking light 25mm aluminum buckles.

Gear / comfort

  • Removable carbon mini seatplate.
  • Removable speedbag.
  • Speedbag carbon fiber footplate.
  • Speedbag integrated cockpit with removable instrument support plate.
  • Double stage speed-bar with adjustment system.
  • High quality Harken pulleys.
  • Special slider to optimized speed-bar function.
  • Pre-equipped for a hydro-system (not included).


  • Rear storage pocket.
  • Left sided radio pocket located inside the Speedbag.


  • Safe-T strap with light quick release buckles.
  • SpeedBag incline and length adjustments.
  • Shoulder straps adjustments. 
  • Chest strap adjustment.
  • Backrest adjustment with lumbar support.


  • Special Ripstop Dyneema® fabric.
  • Nylon 210D Ripstop.


  • EN 1651
  • LTF


Compared to the DELIGHT, the DELIGHT2 is a more rounded harness with better features, sturdier and more multifunctional. It was primarily designed for local flights sites rather than for hiking and flying.

Compared to the SKYPPER, the DELIGHT2 is lighter, slimmer, and less bulky whilst enabling the same styles of flying. Its lighter weight makes it even more versatile.

Compared to the XP2 with speedbag, the DELIGHT2 is substantially lighter and slimmer with a better streamlined profile.

Compared to a XA 13, the DELIGHT2 is definitely more accessible to the average pilot, with a stronger build and more adapted to local drive-to flying sites.


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Supair Delight 2 paragliding harness reviews

Read our Supair Delight 2 review and watch the accompanying review video below.

Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Past model

Supair Delight 2 (PAST MODEL) Reviews

Really nice harnesses on 08/11/2016
  • Star Rating
I moved up to the Delight 2 from the Kortell Karma 2. It was is first pod harness and I bought it after approximately 180 hours flying. I've now flown another 50 hours on it and it has been brilliant. The transition to the pod was easy, and I've not had any problems getting in and out. It feels solid and comfortable in the air (even after six hour flights) and all the pockets and the cockpit are in the right places. It is so much warmer to fly in a pod! The speedbar is not as easy to reach and control as it was on my seated harnesses, but it is still fine and I've not used any other pods for comparison.

The harness fitting at flybubble was superb. There was a great selection to try and Nancy took plenty of time to find and size up the right one. Essential when it is your first pod harness and you don't really know what they are 'supposed' to feel like. Highly recommended.
Great harness. Really light and very comfortable. on 19/07/2016
  • Star Rating
Great harness. Good transition from conventional harness, felt great on first flight.
Really light and very comfortable, easy to get into and proper speed bar.
Very well constructed and designed and an excellent price.
Nancy at Flybubble was very helpful, excellent service.
The excellent SupAir Delight 2 on 29/08/2015
  • Star Rating
The harness is amazingly light but beautifully made. Extremely comfortable both with and without the seat plate, you feel well supported with excellent feedback from the wing. It is easy to hook the pod with your legs after take off. Speed bar use is very good with Harken Pulleys giving minimal friction. The instrument panel angle is perfect. However if you are over a "certain age", you will need glasses with a bit of magnification in the bottom of the lens to read them comfortably, as the panel is quite close to you! Overall, as it says on the tin, "A Delight"!
Nancy and Carlo at Flybubble provide a superb service making sure you get the correct gear and fitting it all up for your size and weight - 10/10.

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