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The Cires is a classic round Pull Down Apex (PDA) emergency reserve parachute, but with a higher overall quality and performance level. Safety, lightweight and practical.

Technical Data


M (110)

L (135)

Bi (Tandem)

Weight Range
(Certified, Kg)
80-110 105-135 170-215
Sink Rate
Max. Load
5.01 4.61 5.0-5.2
Surface Area
32.9 40.2 60.1
System Weight
1.7 2.1 3.3
Opening time
(EN test, sec.) 
3-4 3-4 3-4
Certification EN 12491
LTF 91/09
EN 12491
LTF 91/09
EN 12491
LTF 91/09

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Cires: functional safety

  • Certified: EN-12491 / LTF 91-09
  • Three sizes: M, L and Bi (Tandem)
  • Weight ranges from 80-215 Kg

At Niviuk we believe that a reserve parachute is an essential piece of gear to guarantee pilot safety, and hence selecting the best model is as important as choosing the rest of the equipment. Having all these elements together working in sync allow the pilot to fly with peace of mind.

Our alliance with Vital Parachutes (expert rescue parachutes manufacturer) was key in being able to offer pilots a great safety option meeting our quality standards and expectations.

Its special and more noticeable circular shape reduces the oscillation angles from 5 to 15º and keeps the descent rate to 5 m/s at maximum load, thus making it more stable and promoting safer landings.

The weight/performance ratio is also one of its strengths. The high quality light materials used to build it considerably reduce the overall weight of the rescue without reducing its surface area, resulting in more air resistance and a better skink rate. For example, the M size (1.7 kg) has a load capacity up to 110 kg and an excellent 5 m/s descent rate.


Certification test reports:

Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding, Paramotoring
Model Status Current model
Reserve Certification EN 12491, LTF 91/09
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

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