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The Delight 3 is a light cross country harness designed for pilots who want high comfort and piloting precision with excellent passive safety and low weight. Its design was based on the successful Delight 2 with substantial improvements to back support, overall safety and features.

Supair Delight 3 light paragliding XC harness

Delight 3

Light, optimized passive safety & steering precision

  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Weight: 3700 g in M size (harness, dorsal protection, bump, carbon fiber plates, pod)
  • Lightness & steering precision
  • Carbon fibre foot & seat plates available in 2 sizes
  • High quality finish

The Delight 3 is more geared toward cross country and high performance flying than it predecessors. Its internal structure is stiffer with a better lumbar support, and in line with precise piloting characteristics.

Delight 3 - light, optimized passive safety & steering precision

Fastening the harness is done via two (Cobra) self-locking carabiners: simplicity, safety, handling ease (locking only one buckle still allows the pilot to be secured).

During takeoff, the running phase is made easy (light Split-Leg harness), the transition from running to sitting, and Speedbag entry are instinctive. The Split-Leg design with a mini removable seat plate offers clean and precise piloting sensations.

High passive safety: A new BUMPAIR 16STK provides excellent crash test results. The Split-Leg self-leveling sitting design brings excellent overall harness stability. Fastening the harness via self-locking carabiners is easy and secure. A security leash is also integrated to the harness.

Delight 3 is more geared toward cross country and high performance flying than it predecessors.

The reserve parachute pocket is completely enclosed using a zipper. The two pins locking mechanism is fully enclosed, thus preventing an unintentional catch and release/opening of the reserve parachute container. The harness profile is smooth and without protrusions.


Safety | Supair Delight 3

A – Dorsal storage pocket
B – Reserve parachute pocket
C – Bumpair 16 STK
D – Dorsal protection (Plastazote)


Delight 3 details


  • XC flying & competition
  • 3/4 reclined sitting posture
  • For active and experienced pilots


  • Bumpair 16 cm STK
  • Dorsal reserve parachute pocket with right rescue deployment handle
  • Self-leveling leg split-leg system
  • Reserve parachute hooking safety system
  • 30 mm Self-locking carabiners
  • 25 mm aluminum self-locking (Cobra) buckles


  • Mini carbon fiber removable seat plate
  • Removable Speedbag
  • Speedbag foot-rest (carbon fiber plate)
  • 3 lt. integrated Speedbag instrument cockpit with two lanyards
  • Self-centering double stage speed-bar
  • 29 mm Harken pulleys
  • Velcro® and shoulder sleeves (mic attachment, mini variometer)
  • Pre-equipped for a hydration system (Hydro)


  • Large dorsal storage pocket
  • Lateral zipped pockets on the Speedbag
  • Inner side radio pocket
  • Under the seat storage/ballast pocket


  • Safe-T strap
  • Speedbag length and incline adjustments
  • Shoulder straps length adjustment
  • Chest strap width adjustment (stability)
  • Backrest tilt adjustment with additional lumbar support


  • Nylon 210D Ripstop
  • Nylon 210D Honeycomb


  • LTF
  • EN

Supair Delight 3 build quality



Pilot size (cm) 150-170  165-185   180-195   > 195
Pilot weight (min – max) (kg) 60-80 65-85 75-105 90-115
Harness weight (delivered) (g) TBA* 3700* TBA* TBA*
Back length (cm) (A) TBA 65 TBA TBA
Back inclination length (cm) (B) TBA 37 TBA TBA
Seat length (cm) (C) TBA 45 TBA TBA
Seat width (cm) (D) TBA 35 TBA TBA
Height of carabiners (cm) (E) TBA 45 TBA TBA
Distance between carabiners (cm) (F) TBA 38-45 TBA TBA
Speedbag length (cm) (G) TBA 88 TBA TBA

*includes harness, dorsal protection, bump, carbon fiber plates, pod

Reserve parachute compatibility

Model / SizeSML

Supair SHINE


Volume 3.08L
Max load 85kg


Volume 3.54L
Max load 105kg


Volume 3.9L
Max load 125kg

Supair FLUID


Volume 2,9L
Max load 85kg


Volume 3,48L
Max load 100kg


Volume 4,1L
Max load 125kg

Supair START



Volume 3.7L
Max load 100kg


Volume 4.35L
Max load 125kg

Product make-up

This harness is delivered with the following accessories:

  • 2 self-locking SUPAIR 30 mm Zicral carabiners
  • 40 mm dorsal protection
  • Speedbag accelerator 2B STD
  • Mini carbon fiber seat plate 30*22
  • Speedbag carbon fiber foot-plate
  • User manual (CD)
  • SUPAIR solo Dyneema reserve parachute bridles
  • 1 threaded aluminum  Grivel “Plum”

Options (delivered with the harness)

  • Safety lanyard
  • Dyneema riser


  • Reserve parachute handle with rescue pod

Supair Delight 3 in flight


3D view

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