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The SAVAGE was conceived by Supair to explore new frontiers. A light glider to move far and fast, whether at 15 m/s stepping on the bar or 3 m/s pushing on your hiking poles.

Technical data

Cells 67 67 67 67
Flat surface area (m²) 22,5 24,5 26,0 27,5
Span (m) 12,09 12,62 13,00 13,37
Chord (m) 2,32 2,42 2,49 2,56
Flat aspect ratio 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5
Projected surface area (m²) 18,88 20,57 21,82 23,08
Projected span (m) 9,37 9,78 10,07 10,36
Projected aspect ratio 4,65 4,65 4,65 4,65
Weight (kg) 3,60 3,80 4,00 4,30
Flying weight range (kg) 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115
Certification EN/LTF pending C C C
Risers 3+1 3+1 3+1 3+1


Colour schemes: Polar, Fire, Earth

Colour schemes: Polar, Fire, Earth | Supair SAVAGE


  • SAVAGE wing
  • Inner bag / Compression strap
  • Compact Case
  • Trek 130 Backpack
  • User’s manual (USB)
  • Repair kit

Supair SAVAGE paraglider: explore new frontiers

SAVAGE: explore new frontiers

  • Category: EN C / Sports
  • Weight: 4 kg, size M

Whether you endeavour to cross the Alps northwards, fly over the flats of South africa, go on a himalayan vol-biv or start in competitive XC, the Savage is up to the task.

Fast and safe, it has been picked by Supair’s R&D department pilots as their personal glider for 2020.

We received the first prototype at our head office in Annecy during fall 2018. The glide ratio was already good between 40 and 50km/h and the control very direct but we found the glider too demanding in active air at the time.

So we spent the next 6 months setting up the canopy curve and brake distribution to get the ideal control over the glider. We finally went for a setting that enables a high-efficiency turn while maintaining a fair margin to the stall point. The effort on the brake line is increasing and reaches its maximum right before the stall point. The “catch” is efficient to stop surges.

Then, we dedicated 2019 to maximise the glider’s performance while staying within the EN C certification criteria. After more than one hundred flying hours on all the different sizes, sometimes in unlikely places and rough conditions, we finally found the good setting.

Early 2020, the SAVAGE is ready. It is very stable around the pitch and roll axis at speed and enables the pilot to soar the ridge with efficiency. A usable low-speed range is available to land in altitude. Taking off again is a breeze. On the SAVAGE we put a good effort in making sure that all sizes through the range (from XS to ML) offer similar performance levels.

Supair SAVAGE sports paraglider (EN C)

NOTE: While being fairly accessible, the SAVAGE remains a sport glider. It is EN C certified according to EN-926-2 norm on classigying paragliders.

Practically it means that :

  1. To fly the SAVAGE in active air you must adopt active piloting techniques. We recommand this gliders for pilots flying at least 50 hours a year and having SIV experience.
  2. At speed, to control the glider and prevent surges, you must use the bars mounted on the C-risers. The brake handles stay in your hands.
  3. If you pull the brake handles in the abyss of your harness, you will certainly experience a stall. So take the appropriate time to get to know the glider.
  4. If you register for an SIV course with the SAVAGE, progress slowly towards accelerated collapses. They require more piloting than a progression glider.

Supair SAVAGE technical features video



  • Advanced pilots
  • Foot launch or tow launch


  • Ultralightweight risers
  • Sharknose airfoil
  • Low-friction Ronstan pulleys
  • Low-friction rings
  • Smart mini-ribs
  • Big-ears kit
  • Wingtip cleaning system

Wing materials

  • Outer surface: Porcher Sport Skytex 32 g/m² & Skytex 27 g/m2
  • Inner surface: Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m²
  • Walls: Porcher Sport Skytex 32 & 27 hard finish
  • Reinforcements: Porcher Sport SR 170


  • Upper and intermediate lines: Edelrid
  • Lower lines: Edelrid & Liros


  • EN-926-1 and 2 and LTF91/09 – EN class C certified*

*Size XS certification pending.

Supair SAVAGE sports class paraglider


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Pilot feedback

The SAVAGE is a sport-glider, with high shape stability at speed. For me performance and handling are very similar to the WILD's. I gladly use it for vol biv or hike-&-fly competition or any kind of adventure where you need to fly fast without overthinking your piloting.

- Martin Rebord

The SAVAGE is fast, precise and handy, usable over the whole speed range. Thanks to the light fabrics, inflation is a breeze and the amplitude of the dynamic reactions in active air are limited. This is, in my opinion, the ideal tool and it looks good as well, what else could we ask for?

- Joel Favre

A pleasant wing which requires a little piloting but in total comfort! Easy takeoff even in strong winds. A very effective ability to bite into the thermal and to center it. Fast and good gliding in transitions. And so light to carry for hike and fly!

A very nice machine, a great achievement Supair!

I can't wait to fly it more!!!

- Lionel Pascale

I am thrilled with this wing!

I have tried other C class gliders but none as fun as this.

- Moreno Dainese

Outstanding glider! Love my Savage. Best wing so far.

- Martin Wechselberger

Very nice glider. I love my Savage.

- Pascal Wernli

Very nice wing.

- Richard Philippot

Got the chance to test Supair's new lightweight EN-C wing, the Savage. Did some nice flights in soft thermal conditions, soaring and tested a few maneuvers (asymmetric / frontal collapse, stall, ears, spiral, (asymmetric) wingovers).

Nice and comfortable wing for long XC flights, volbiv. Simple launch prep. and behaviour. Light brake pressure. Great risers and speed system. Easy handling in maneuvers.

- Ben Proebster

See Ben Proebster's informative first impressions video review of the Supair SAVAGE below.

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model

Supair SAVAGE Reviews

A well-mannered, sexy beast that's an absolute pleasure to fly! on 31/07/2020
  • Star Rating
The Savage is surprisingly easy to launch and handle for its aspect ratio, and very enjoyable to fly. I really liked its predecessor, the Taska, which had very nice handling and an excellent climb rate, but was a little slow for the class. The Savage feels like an excellent evolution of the Taska, with similar pilot demands, perhaps a little more, and noticeably more performance, especially speed and glide! The climb rate is excellent too! In summary Savage is a very well-mannered, sexy lightweight sports class beast, with excellent performance for the class, and an absolute pleasure to fly. I really, really like it at lot!
Lovely to fly, pitch-perfect feedback, excellent performance on 31/07/2020
  • Star Rating
Having now given the Savage a pretty good test in varied conditions, I can confirm that it's lovely to fly with sweet handling, pitch-perfect feedback and excellent sink/climb rate. It's a solid wing with top performance, a very sorted feeling and easy launch. It's also great for sniffing out weak lift or biting into strong climbs.

Pilot demands are relatively low for the class, high C. It's light and compact, fantastic for hike and fly adventures, with excellent build quality. Supair have smacked the ball right in the middle of the bat and clean out of the park on this one!

The new 'BC connector' system is very effective and nice to handle. The 'mini bars' on the rear risers are nicely optimised and good to handle, where some rather clunky and either too large or small. The risers are light yet easy to handle. Like all details of the Savage, they are very well designed and manufactured.

After many years of testing freeflight gear, we can tell when a lot of care has gone into making something just right. That can certainly be said for this new very fine freeflight creation!

If you're looking for a light EN C wing with excellent performance that's easy to launch and a delight to fly, the Savage should be very high on your list.

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