Syride SYS'One V3

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SYS'One V3 ultralight micro vario with sound and LED lights.


  • SYS'One V3 micro vario
  • CR2450 cell coin Lithium battery
  • Wrist strap (for wrist mounting)
  • Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strips
  • User manual
  • Syride stickers
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty

Note: Colours may vary.

SYS'One V3: micro vario with sound & light

Great for lightweight simplicity or a convenient backup vario. Essential for hiking or trips. The visual vario is useful for paramotor pilots, hard of hearing and silent flights.


  • 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.4cm
  • The length of a little finger


  • Less than 20 grams


  • Ultra-fast response (10cm)
  • Thermal-sniffer feature*

*The thermal sniffer makes a special "bip" sound when your sink rate is between -0.1m/s and +0.1m/s, indicating there might be some lift nearby.


  • Can be worn on the wrist (wrist strap included), or mounted on the helmet, harness, risers or cockpit (flight deck)
  • Keyboard for volume and thresholds setup
  • Visual vario with LED lights

Syride SYS'One V3 attached to included wrist strap

Note: Colours may vary.

Technical details

Function Vario with sound and LED lights
Size 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.4cm
Weight 19 gr including battery
Rising threshold from +0.1 m/s to +0.5m/s
Falling threshold from -0.5 m/s to -2.5m/s
Thermal sniffer activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Volume 3 levels plus 'OFF' position
Autonomy 290h
Battery Cell coin CR2450 included
Wrist mount wrist strap included
Helmet mount self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strips included
Warranty 10 years

SYS'One 3D view

Note: Colours may vary.

Syride Tools (including manual)

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Syride questions & support

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  1. Read the user manual.
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