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SYS'One V3 ultralight micro vario with sound and LED lights.


  • SYS'One V3 micro vario
  • CR2450 cell coin Lithium battery
  • Wrist strap (for wrist mounting)
  • Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strips
  • User manual
  • Syride stickers
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty

Note: Colours may vary.

SYS'One V3: micro vario with sound & light

Great for lightweight simplicity or a convenient backup vario. Essential for hiking or trips. The visual vario is useful for paramotor pilots, hard of hearing and silent flights.


  • 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.4cm
  • The length of a little finger


  • Less than 20 grams


  • Ultra-fast response (10cm)
  • Thermal-sniffer feature*

*The thermal sniffer makes a special "bip" sound when your sink rate is between -0.1m/s and +0.1m/s, indicating there might be some lift nearby.


  • Can be worn on the wrist (wrist strap included), or mounted on the helmet, harness, risers or cockpit (flight deck)
  • Keyboard for volume and thresholds setup
  • Visual vario with LED lights

Syride SYS'One V3 attached to included wrist strap

Note: Colours may vary.

Technical details

Function Vario with sound and LED lights
Size 5.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.4cm
Weight 19 gr including battery
Rising threshold from +0.1 m/s to +0.5m/s
Falling threshold from -0.5 m/s to -2.5m/s
Thermal sniffer activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Volume 3 levels plus 'OFF' position
Autonomy 290h
Battery Cell coin CR2450 included
Wrist mount wrist strap included
Helmet mount self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strips included
Warranty 10 years

SYS'One 3D view

Note: Colours may vary.


Syride questions & support

For any questions about Syride products:

  1. Read the user manual.
  2. Contact Syride support directly.

Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding, Paramotoring, Hang Gliding
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model

Syride SYS'One V3 Reviews

Great value mini vario for general use on 26/07/2020
  • Star Rating
The Syride SYS'One V3 is small, light, well-built, easy to use, easy to mount almost anywhere and lasts a very long time. It cheeps (and flashes) cheerfully when you go up, and sighs wistfully when you go down.

The sensitivity is pretty good, especially when you consider it's relatively low cost mini vario. It's better than some--even some more expensive options--but not as good as the top, most expensive varios. As for the sound, everyone has a different preference. Beauty (or beast) is in the ear of the beholder. I think it's cute so quite like it.

The battery life is excellent, lasting most pilots years. It's cheap, quick and easy to replace. Being battery powered, it keeps working in shady conditions - unlike solar powered varios, which tend to lose power after a while.

The visual vario via the LED lights is useful unique feature for paramotor pilots and those who are hard of hearing. It's also nice for those serene sunset flights when you want the option to fly in silence (without beeping) but still have an indication of the lift.

The SYS'One V3 is a great value mini vario for general use, soaring and thermaling. It's also ideal for keeping things light and simple, for hike and fly, and as a backup vario. That Syride include a 10 year manufacturer's warranty with it indicates they're confident it's built to last!
Tiny, light, easy, clever, sensitive, long lasting and versatile on 26/07/2020
  • Star Rating
It’s tiny. It beeps when you go up, it wails when you go down. There’s not much more to say about the SYS’One from Syride, and that’s probably how most users would want it – the user manual fits a single page.

It is indeed tiny; it would literally fit into a matchbox. Its weight is negligible.

With two squidgy loops along its sides, you can easily tie it anywhere on your harness, or you can use the hook and loop fastener strap that comes with it to fix it around your arm, your leg, or almost anything else.

One thing I particularly like is that switching it on takes a good long press, so there’s little danger of it starting to beep as you lug your pack about – something some other mini varios are unfortunately prone to.

The SYS’One V3 is not strictly an audio-only vario. It has a flashing light to show it’s switched on, and another two that flash at varying rates to show how fast you’re climbing or sinking. This would no doubt be handy for paramotorists, or deaf pilots. It also means you can turn off the sound to fly in silence, with just a glance at the lights now and then when you feel that you’re in marginal lift or sink.

Using it together with both my old vario and Syride’s combined vario and basic GPS, the SYS’GPS, I found the little SYS’One V3 even more sensitive than the other two. The lift and sink thresholds can easily be set to where you want them.

With solar powered mini-varios it’s nice, of course, not to have to worry about batteries at all [however they are known to stop working in shady conditions, often when you need the vario most]. Syride say the tiny CR2450 battery lasts for 290 hours with the SYS’One, so even used as a main vario, most pilots won’t need to change it more than once every few years – and that takes about 30 seconds [and it keeps working working in shady conditions].

Who might want one? The SYS’One is of course a great option for hike-and-fliers, and an ideal backup vario to keep you in the air if your main instrument packs up. However, its sensitivity means that I’d consider using its sound as my main lift indicator, with everything else on silent.

Review published courtesy of SkyWings magazine.

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